mere ashique ab tum hi ho… tanya & paras love story! (part 4)

Recap: pratap tells tanya that paras loves her that is why he is upset, tanya apoligizes to paras for speaking harshly and asks him they can only be friends.

3 days later…

Tanya is in her room thinking about paras loves confession, she looks at the sandals he gifted her. ” paras pyaar kaha se agyaa i cant even face you propley now” she thinks about their good times bar he is very sweet… a very good friend.

Ragini: tani who ru talking to??

Tanya: oh nothing di go sleep


Saathiya sets:

Everyine be practising their lines…

devoleena: paras didnt come today naa il call him and ask.

tanya thinks its good in a way i can focous on work propley..

paras walks in.

devoleena: paras where were you kal se you been lost whats up

paras: kuch nai gopa bas lifes stressing… eoh i need to speak to rashmi mam about something she is coming today naa about that meeting…

lovey: yaa she is in abit why do you think we are all being innocent.

paras: guys woh im.. leaving the show..

all get shocked… tanya coughs on her sandwich with shockness

pratap: bro chill dont let owt get to you you belong here

devoleena: haan paras you cant just leave like that

paras: look things change i just want to try something new and be around new people please resoect my decision…

tanya: is it because of that argument im really sorry ok but..

paras: no its not that i just.. he walks out

tanya thinks because of me he is ruining his career i have to stop him

she texts him ” plz plz paras dont ruin your career because of me ik yiu have feelings for me but just because i said no doesnt mean you should ruin your life”

paras texts back ” this is the only way to tani i need to mive on and to that i shouldnt see you but i cant forget them feelings for you i really love you alot”

Tanya starts to cry…

Sonam: tanya whats up stop crying

tanya: im fine… i just need some fresh air

tanya goes out for a walk,paras is on the same way…

she is walking when a guy whistles at her she ignores them and walks fast they be behind her one of them say” kitni khoobsurat larki ho tum tanya ji” tanya panics ” dekhiyi theres guards around here i shout theyl come just go

they come more close…

paras is walking on the same lane and sees her from a distance TANYA!! He dashes to her…

paras: oi! Move now and leave her alone ari imagine someone did that to your ister or your wife kya karti essi hasti go away now..

They run away!

Tanya hugs paras thank you

ab tum hi ho ab tum hi ho
zindagi ab tum hi ho chen abhi mera
dard abhi mere ashique ab tum hi ho…
Plays in the background.

paras: tum teek ho

tanya: yes im ok if you didnt come i dont know what they would…

paras: its ok he gets her water chal lets go back to the sets

tanya: please dont leave the show paras why you ruininy you career because of me plz..

paras: look i just want to try something new ok

tanya: and forget me naa.. why cant we just be friends

paras: we are friends and will always be but tanya thoes feelings i got for you what about them..

tanya gets a call from sonam, ” tanya rashmi mam has arrived come quick

tanya: ok, paras woh rashmi mam has arrived lets go nd please dont tell anybody about what happened ok.

paras: ok dont worry i wont they both head back


Meeting ends…

paras: rashmi ji actually i just wanted to talk to you about my contract..

rashmi: yes tell me?

Paras: mam i want to end my contract soon i want to try something new please.

rashmi: ok but paras why do you want to leave such a big oppunity to get you where you want to be.

paras: plz mam i just want to do domething new and be away from here.

rashmi: ok fine your contract ends in 2 years so you can do another 3 months or a year

paras: il do another 3 months

rashmi: i respect your decsion paras and good luck you will have to fill some formalites tommorow meet me in my area at 5 pm ok

paras: ok thank you

precap: Tanya is shown thinking about how paras saved her from the goons and is smiling looking at his photo on the other hand tanya mum falls in the supermarket paras and his mum are shown there( btwtanya mum and paras mum are friends) paras helps her up.

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  1. Shakaib

    Day by day..its gettinmore interesting..!!

  2. Jasminerahul

    shocking that Paras decided to quit d show.Taya is so guilty.paras saving tanya n tanya hugging n thanking him was nice.their conversation was paras will b there 4 3 more months.hope he never quits

  3. Mansi

    Interesting?….Loved Paras saving Tanya n Tanya hugging him??….Oh no Paras wants to quit n RS told him to do more 3/4 months n he agreed…Tanya thinking of Paras n smiling?precap is cool?

    1. Iqrakhan11

      Hi mansi thanks alot, im actulally new to dis i wanted to ask tht r my updates intresting or shall i add more to it…

      1. Mansi

        Ur welcomes?it’s very very interesting??

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