mere ashique ab tum hi ho… tanya & paras love story! (part 3) Climax!

Recap: Tanya Paras And Pratap go out for friendship day tanya. Tanya tells paras about kunal paras is shocked.

tanya’s mum: tani beta dont go to shoot todat all night you was ill ab tum kesi ho.

tanya: maa im fine. Seriously il go to shoot today if i feel ill there then il come home ok dont worry.

tanya mum looks at her “see how time passes so fast look at you grown up working sach mein tanya tum mera sapna mere liye poora kari ho”.

Tanya: ok my emotinal maa you know why because i love you and i always want you to be happy and i love acting maa isliee toh iv reached so far one day il be the great tanya sharma on the silver screen she laughs… they both have a sweet mother and daughter time.

tanya’s mum: bar beta dont you think we should start looking for a rishta for you next year you will be 24 ab dekhna chayi na

tanya: maa.. no im so young not yet i want to work still..

tanya’s mum: toh you can still even if you are in your sasural..

tanya: maa remember when i was 17 and i told you whoever you will find for me il marry them im still keeping that promise.. but shaadi not yet maa..

tanyas mum: ok fine.. but get ready quick you will get late for shoot.

after a while,

Sence shifts to saathiya sets…

* break.

devoleena: tanya have you heard about kunal

tanya: yaa gopa and i really dont care btw ehats that girls name?

Lovey: i think it sanaya she went to the same uni as kunal.

tanya: oh. Anyway let me go apoligise to paras i think in anger i said alot to him.

devoleena: why what happened?

Tanya: its a long story..

Tanya goes to his room and knocks” paras ru there

Paras: darwaasa kola hai..

tanya: paras ru ok since i told you about kunal you seemed diff to me..

paras: why wouldnt i be ok i.. tanya just go

tanya: im not going to first tell me whats up you look upset im sorry if i spoke harshly yesterday..

paras: tujhe samaj mein nai ataa when i say get out plz just blo*dy leave

tanya gets shocked ” ok fine!

She leaves in anger

devoleena lot come what happened tum dono why you fighting…

Tanya: tell that stupid paras he just screamed at me for nothing i thought we were best friends…

pratap goes to tanya whilst the rest go to paras.

tanya: iv never seen paras that annoyed and he wont even tell me whats wrong..

pratap: how can he?

Tanya: what do you mean.

pratap: look tanya ik he wouldnt want me to tell you but he really loves you thats why he is upset.

tanya laughs ru joking me..

pratap: im serious he does.

tanya: what… he but why didnt… tanya gets tears isli he behaving like this with me…

later in day,

tanya sees paras…


Paras: im sorry i shouldv not spoken like that.

tanya looks at him

Tanya: paras look at me… pratap told me that..

paras: he told you what!

Tanya: that you like me is it true.

paras: he nods look i never told you because i didnt want to ruin our friendship but yaa i do tanya and shayaad il never be able to forget them feelings for you.

Tanya looks at him in tears..” but.. paras i just… i mean love idk im sorry… look can we just stay as friends..

paras: yep i think you are right… come il drop you off home.

tanya: no its fine.. il go

paras: ok take care…

hmm bye..

Precap: tanya is in her room thinking about paras love confession, paras comes on sets and asks rashmi mam that he wants to end his contract quick all look on shocked!!!

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  1. Jasminerahul

    tanya mother scene was nice.finally Tanya came to know about paras’ love for her.she wants to just friends with him?

  2. Shakaib

    Mind blowing!!!! Please update soon.

  3. Mansi

    Tanya got to know Paras love for her through Pratap n she only wants to have friendship with him….Precap is shocking…Update soon?

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