mere ashique ab tum hi ho… tanya & paras love story! (part 2)

Recap- Tanya sees kunal insta post that him and some girl are a couple she gets heart broken.

Tanya gets ready she is really upset ” i have to pretend like im happy nobody should know”.

Tanya’s mum: Tanyaa pratap lot have come hurry up

tanya comes down

tanya: happy friendships day guys…

paras: happy friendship day tani they wear each other a friendship band so does pratap

pratap: ok lets set off its quiet late

Tanya: oh paras woh joh water park hai na uske peechi ek shopping mall bhi hai im going to go there first ok you two

They reach to icecream shop..

pratap: guys il be back im just going to the toilet

Paras&tanya: ok

there bes an akward silence

paras: oh tanya uss ghari ka kya hua did you buy that car then..

tanya: nai. I didnt

paras: whats up you look upset

Tanya: im fine… tanya gets tears she tries controlling them but cant

paras: what happened tanya why you crying.. he sits her in the car bolo kya hua…

tanya: paras actually yesterday.. kunal took us out but had to go somewhere in a rush aur.. look i really liked him

paras gets shocked! R you serious…

tanya: yeh idk how but i do but yesterday i found out he is already going out with a girl.

Paras: aur tum roh ri ho kyu its ok… tani look your beautiful youv got everything in you youl find someone way better stop crying now

he gives her a side hug.. he thinks now i can never tell her.

thanks alot and your right il find someone better. She looks at him ari tujhe kya hua

paras: kuch nai aur tell us ok if anything is wrong mein aur pratap hoon na.

tanya: i know my two best friends are the best thanks for making me understand paras..

paras: its ok yi pratap kaha hai..

Pratap comes back sorry there was such a long cue lets go

they go and get their fav icecream and take pictures and selfies..

they set off to go to the water park they have a great time there splashing water on each other

tanya: ok guys lets go to that mall before it closes

” common”

They go to the mall tanya starts looking at sandals

pratap: tumni bataya ussi.

paras: nai woh..

tanya: yi nice hai

paras: haan they are nice

she is about to pay when

paras: tanya wait il pay ok take it as a friendship day gift

tanya: nai yaar you dont il pay its ok

paras: comon tanya im paying. He pays

tanya: thanks.

paras: ok bro lets do this whatever tanya gets we will pay for it so buy what you want.

Tanya: ok fine but then il treat you with the dinner then ok.

tanya starts getting things like dresses, jeans, skirts etc…

after a while…

paras: ok guys im starving lets go and eat.
They go and eat tanya thinks how kunal treated her once with one of the dishes she is eating.

pratap: oh tujhe kya hua..

tanya: kuch nai im fine

paras: bro kunal rejected her…

tanya gets angry

tanya: wth man thats why i dont trust you two you tell others stuff he never rejected me ok i saw it on his instagram…

they both look on shocked ” ok chill sab dekhri hai”

Paras gets annoyed…

Paras: why you so emotinal over it anyway hes dating someone else anyway if you told him it would of been worse tanya.

pratap: ok you two calm down people are here…

Tanya: lets go home plz im… tanya runs to the toilet and pukes up

they both get worried and knock on the door..

Paras: tanya you ok.

pratap: tanii

tanya comes out. Iv just puked up badly..

paras: r you sure you are ok

tanya: yes. She is annoyed with him

they go home

they tell her mum to take care of her because she had been sick.

Precap: on the sets of saathiya paras gets annoyed at tanya, they both have an argument tanya is shown telling pratap what is paras’s problem since he has found out about kunal he is diffrent. Pratap is shown telling her that he loces her thats why he is angry. TANYA IS SHOCKED..

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  1. Iqrakhan11

    Guys on the precap it says loves by accident i typed loces.

  2. Jasminerahul

    tanya sharing everything with paras…paras consoling her was nice.all paras tanyamoments was nice.precap is very interesting.

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  4. Iqrakhan11

    Thank you guys next update is going to be amazing where tanya will find out paras loves her.

  5. Mansi

    Loved Tanya n Paras scene a lottt….But who Kunal loves in this??….Precap is cool

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