mere ashique ab tum hi ho… tanya & paras love story! (part 1)

Precap: tanya, vishal paras and pratap reach saathiya sets, tanya does a sence where she has to run to dharam but she accidently nearly falls paras saves her…

Afew days later,

Tanya bes really exicted because kunal her and tanya sister are going to go out she thinks she can tell him today about her feelings “but if he doesnt like me in that way fir..” nai tanya think positive mein kya soch ri hoon

Paras house

paras is seen talking to pratap

paras: bro agar meini tanya ko bata bhi diya aur usni mana kardiya fir kya karoonga its better if we stay as friends

pratap: bro tum naa darbokh ho why you hiding your feekings you like tanya just tell her if she says no then just erm… idea! Agar usni nai kaha na move to another country simple

paras laughs bro seriously .. im asking for advice here kya karoo

Pratap: dont worry kal friendship day hai na aur ham hamisha tanya ko lekar uss ice cream ki dukaan pi jati hai na just tell her then il pretend to go somwhere aur you just tell her then..

paras: ok bro safe.. talk later maa bola ri hai bye.

Tanya house.

Kunal comes to pick both sisters up

kunal: Common!

They go and reach to a fun fair place

kunal: achaa hai na itl be a laugh

tanya: yes you are right aur whesi bhi im not scared of highets.. tanya thinks where has he brought us im so scared of rides..

(● tanya sisters is called ragini in this because idk her real sisters name.)

ragini: seriously tanya tum toh rides se itni dartee ho..

tanya: nai toh im not seriously that fear went di ages ago she eyes her.

kunal gets a call ” kya yhh dw im coming straight there take care and dont worry ok!!

Tanya: kya hua!

Kunal: guys im so sorry but il have to go woh.. er mera dost teek nai hai hes at hospital er can you both go yourselfs home please..

Ragini: yes dw bro ham chali jayingi you go …

tanya gets upset ” yh ham chali jayingi..”

Later in day.

Tanya gets a phone call

tanya: yi kon.. oh paras hi you ok

paras: yes im fine tanya mujhe tujhe batana tha kal tum mein aur pratap uss ice cream ki dukaan pi jayingi ok friendship day kiliye

tanya: haan oh i forgot yes ham jayingi aur you too are treating me ok! Wel have a blast

paras: yes we will.. and ham uss water park that opened last week we will go there too

tanya: yes what a good idea seriously pal… ok we will go

tanya goes on her insta and gets shocked to see kunal update ” we r an offical couple love you…” yi kya she gets tears i.. thought ki … tanya bes heartbroken!

Next day tanya gets up late becoz she couldnt sleep all night yi… 11 missed calls oh haan i need to go with paras lot … she thinks about kunal.. anyway i never told him so il have to try and forget him.. there is no use..

precap: tanya and paras be stood alone waiting for pratap, tanya is shown crying and paras is shown telling her that she is beautiful and anyone can fall for her…

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  1. Jasminerahul

    so tanya loves kunal but heartbroken knowing that he doesnt luv her.waiting 4 paras tanya date.will he b able to confess his lov?lovely precap

  2. Precap is good

  3. Riana


  4. If you don’t mind can you write all in english because I don’t speak Hindi and its really hard to understand by the way you fan fiction is the beast love it

  5. Shakaib

    Mind blowing????

  6. Mansi

    Lovely update??precap is cool?

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