Mere angne mein “riya supported by Raghav”

After knowing dadiji truth, riya tell her dad(anupam),….
Anupam say, “only your sasur is a good man in that house,.and her to ignore all this and start a new”
Riya say”ok”

Shanti sadan,
Raghav doubt that shanti and sarla are saying lie. So, he decided to go and meet riya and his dad and talk about the divorce.

Sharmila house,
Pari comes vyom room and trying to seduce her
In the mean time, nimmi record all this in her phone and tries to blackmail her
Nimmi feel jealous when pari goes near vyom & she enter the room slap pari there and “what are you doing in my husband room.”
Pari shouts “nimrata, i came here to ask for dinners to vyom”
Nimmi says “pari di, i am wife of vyom i got her dinner with me, now you please go” or in your words getouts”

Next morning
Raghav reach riya house and door bell
Riya open the door… And get teares in her eyes
And says”please come inside papaji”
Raghav come inside
Anupam ask him “why he is here? ”
Raghav says “dekheye anupamji., hum aapke beti kuch puchne aye hain”
Riya “papa, please.!”
Raghav say “riya beta, have you really want divorce from shivam, or anyone forced you” (seeing anupam side)
Riya say “papaji i never think to divorce shivam
But i want to prove my innocence”
Riya continue ” someone has trap me thinking of shanti”
Raghav say “if you want to prove yourself, i will support you,”
Riya says “really”
Raghav says ” you will come shanti sadan and prove yourself innocence and realise the person who trap you”
Raghav says “all the best”

Sharmila house
Nimrata in kitchen with pari
Pari order nimmi to make fresh orange juices
Nimmi say “i am not preeti di who will afraid of yours, make you juices yourselfs”
Pari says “shirt upes”
Nimmi says “i am not wearing shirt”

Mohit house
Preeti married mohit after realising the truth of misunderstanding between them
Preeti comes with tea for mohit and says”good morning ”
Mohit says”good morning sweetheart “….

Shanti sadan
Shanti talking with her husband ” throw out riya from mere angne mein permanently ”
Now none can bring in this house…..
Episode freez on shanti smiling face in shanti sadan and riya exciting face in anulam house

Riya (normal dress) reach shanti sadan with full form with raghav
Shanti sleep on door and say,”you will this girl inside after making me dead”
Raghav take up shanti and says ” its legal requirements to riya to live with shivam for six month period ”
Raghav says to riya”riya beta you have six months to find out culprit and prove your innocence”

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  1. ?? this is how the story must move forward…writers make a note and stop the dramebaaz track you are running..

  2. Too much drama in this serial.

  3. mohpree woww.shiviya,vyomita nice track love it.

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