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Episode started with shanti swing in jhula and think how she can throw riya out. Finally she got a planned to throw her out.
In the meantime riya come out goes to shanti and says “toh batiye dadiji aap humko is ghar se kaise sirkharoge? ” with same hand expression.

Dadi says “chup kar ja warna sawal puchte puchte hi sarkajayegi upper”

Nandu too hate riya as preeti not get married with him.
Nandu comes and says “bhabhi, aap kyun dadiji se aise baat kar rahe ho”
Riya says “dekh nanduji yeh humare ghar ki problem so please you stay out of it.”

Mohit house

Preeti wake up and tries to stand up but mohit pull her to him
And says “I Love you preeti”
Preeti says “i know”
Song played “mai jo ji raha hu wajah tum ho”

Mohit mom shout preeti o preeti
Preeti says yes mummy ji

Sharmila house
Vyom changing his dress so he was only in towel
Nimmi comes and turn back and says sorry sorry
Vyom says tum knock karke ni aa sakti ho
Nimmi says go to vyom and says mere room hai so why i knock it and suddenly she fall and vyom saved her
A song played “janam janam janam”
Pari look from outside and cries.
Pari shout nimrata o nimrata kahan gayi kamchor.
Nimmi and vyom eye contact break.

Shanti sadan.

Riya get chhakkar and fall on floor then shivam see her and pick her then she start vomiting.
And fall unconscious.
Shivam take her on his hand and song played kabi jo badal barse.

Shivam drop to his room. Raghav call doctor.
Shanti says its all her drama.
Raghav make her quite.
Doctor come and check her. And congrat the family and especially to shivam. Shivam suddenly hug her and an eye contact set. But after seeing his sister pic on wall he got angry and leave. Kaushalya and raghav are too happy both bless her. Shanti get annoyed.
Shanti comes downstairs to his husband’s photo and says riya ka baccha ish ghar m ni ayega. Ab uska yeh baccha usko ish ghar se bhar nikalega.
Episode end freezing shanti.

Rani too got pregant. Sarla says your must come first in this world. Otherwise sara pyar usse riya ke bacche ko mil jayega.

Credit to: Chetan

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  1. Nyc plz continue show more shivya scènes

  2. nice ff

  3. grt job

  4. I loved it but don’t to it on mere angne mein because some stupid people ask if it’s gonna happen in the actual one that’s just so stupid don’t u

  5. when will next part come?

  6. next part plzzzz

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