guys i am a new writter after seeing many ff i feel to write one of them.. i am a big fan of mere angne mein and swaragini for swasan so my ff is something like that!!!!


characters :

swara sanskar maheshwari – loving wife lives away from family with her bhabi

riya shivam maheshwari – lovely bhabi and lives away for some reason

sanskar maheshwari – best hubby,lives away from wife because of dadi

shivam maheshwari – loves every1 stays away from wife and blames dadi

shanti devi maheshwari – arrogant lady hates riya and swara

raghav maheshwari – obeys mom

kausalya maheshwari – scared lady


new peeps :

vivaan sanskar maheshwari – lovely son of swasan stays with swara and doesnt know about sansakr (teen boy)

tanya shivam maheshwari – stays with riya loves her bor doesnt know about dad (1 year younger than vivaan)

story is when dadi throws riya out because of the wedding drama twist in tale they arent shrivastav but maheshwari and swara leaves with riya (swasan are also part of family) and decide to leave for london


i am new here so please excuse for mistakesplease comment and share ur view for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Credit to: SwaSan RiShi

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  2. nice concept

  3. sorry soo much confusing.At first don’t mixed 2 serial or plzz name the character according 2 the serial.Sometimes also my favourite but Nowadays I didn’t watch this serial from 1 month.

  4. I’m not watch swaragini nowdays

  5. Mere angne mein routine drama
    Riya: wants do good for family
    Dadi:changes the situation n makes hurdles to riya…(riya don’t no wat happening)
    Preeti: another sarala
    Nimmi: sometimes happy but sad…slowly adjusting…
    Sarla:supporting mummy for sarla sadan n money..doing tricks to kick out riya
    Kushiya:very influenced by shanti Devi
    Dadi: in front of family members modern bahuriya is wrong ..kick out her…

    Raghav:bahuriya is always correct… She is good n intelligent girl for our house
    Shivam: yes!!!! I trust her…I love her…
    Sarla n Dadi: again plans to kick out riya….

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