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This is my take on how the show should’ve gone after the wedding of ShivYa, hope you all like it and tell me down below for any further suggestions or corrections. I’m sorry if you feel I’m dragging it to much in the first episode but I just want all the ceremonies out of the way but I wanted to start from literally after the wedding so that’s why…

Riya and Shivam reach home with the rest of the baraat. Shanti tells Nimmi to call Amit and tell him to come to Shanti Sadan while Sarla stands there nervously looking on. Kaushalya goes inside and gets the vermillion water and just then Amit is arriving on his way back. When Amit reaches he looks upset and angry but plays along with the rituals so that he can leave again. Riya and Rani step into the vermillion water platter and place there hands in it as well and leave there imprints on the wall and walk inside leaving a trail behind them.

Shanti tells the band people to start playing the music again outside while the newly wed couples walk in. Shanti tells Kaushalya to go and get juice for everyone and jokingly taunts her about not knowing anything about hospitality. Kaushalya goes to the kitchen and Nimmi and Preeti help her in handing it out to everyone.

For the ring ceremony Riya finds the ring the first time and Rani finds the ring as well. The second time round Rani again finds it and Shivam also does as well. Then final time Riya finds the ring and Amit finds the ring which tells us that Riya and Rani will be more dominant between there own separate husbands.

Precap: Riya is sitting on the bed and Shivam is staring at her leaning against the door. He walks towards her and Riya starts blushing.

Credit to: Zazzy

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