FanFic Mere Angne Mein (Chapter 1)


Residence – Shanti Sadan,Mugalsarai.

Let me introduce you to our family.
Amma ji is seen sitting on her jhoola while listening radio and calling out for Kaushalya.
Kaushalya is seen running to her and giving her orange juice.Raghav is going on his duty in his uniform.Namita and Preeti are sleeping and Shivam is working out on terrace.
Sarla comes to shanti sadan to meet her amma.

She is crying as she needs money for her daily needs.Amma ji says she cant help her as her pension amount is over so it would be better to ask kusiya for money as she has full command over financial matters.Sarla starts bickering about kaushalya;how she has full control over everything in this and you are just a mere spectator.Amma ji says even i cant do anything as she manages everything so well.Sarla instigates her against kaushalya how she and her daughter in law rule over the house.They dethroned you and you are watching silently.
Amma ji says its the silence of storm;just wait and watch.
Kaushalya is standing infront of them and both are shocked;sarla starts getting hiccups.

Precap-Riya is coming back to her sasural from her maayka.

Credit to: Vartika

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  1. Why does this say Part 4? By reading it, it looks like Part 1. My MAM fan fiction is on Part 4??

    Msg from Team: Fixed.

  2. this fic is really nice pls do continue this…… and keep more rhagav kushiya, shivam riya romance if possible !!!!

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