Mere Angne Mein Fan Fiction (Part 3)


I just want to let you know that I will only be posting on weekends as I am usually busy in the week and I also don’t want to spam you all with too many parts so that’s why I’ve limited it.

The episode starts with Shanti calling Nimmi and Nimmi and Preeti both getting startled ad going downstairs. Shanti tells Nimmi to get her a glass of water and tells Preeti to help Kaushalya in the kitchen or the next day. Shivam and Riya start getting close…..Kabhi Jo Badal Barse….. The next day is shown and Riya wakes up quietly and sees Shivam is still asleep, and so quickly rushes off to go for a shower. On the other hand Amut wakes up and sees Rani and screams. Rani wakes up and everyone comes out to see what happened. Rani signs him not to tell anyone and so he says that he seen a lizard and Sarla starts shouting Where?! And jumps on Amit’s bed. Ashok tries getting her down but she doesn’t. Amit takes Rani to the side and asks her what she was doing and she says that she was sleeping. Amit says that I’ve told you in the past that I don’t like you so don’t try anything smart, ok?! He walks back angrily.

Precap: Amit is holding an old picture and has a flashback of him and Rani at a golgappa stand having a competition a few years ago.

Credit to: Zazzy

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