Mere Angne Mein Fan Fiction (Part 2)


This is the 2nd part to my story post-marriage. The reason I haven’t uploaded in awhile is because I was thinking of what to write and post, so this is it. I’m keeping most characters same, but a but of there personalities will have a little bit of change in them.

The episode starts with Riya taking off her jewellery and Nimmi and Preeti helping her unpack. Nimmi says to Preeti It looms like Shivam bhaiya is nervous for his first night and they both giggle while Riya blushes and says Stop teasing me now, it’s enough and starts laughing with them. In Sarla’s house Ashok walks in and says Where is Pari, she was missing in half the wedding and I can’t see her now either and Sarla quickly snaps back yelling Stop being a spy and let Pari live. Rani says I seen her with a boy and she was going towards the exit as well and taunts Sarla on Pari’s upbringing. Then Pari is seen coming back to Railway Coloney in a white car with a new phone. Amit tells Sarla that he is very tired and is going to sleep and Rani thinks this is the best chance to get close to Amit. She adds some pills to Amit’s milk and gives it to him. Sarla goes downstairs and tells Pari off and sends her to her room and goes to bed while Sonal is in her bedroom. Rani watches Amit as he drinks all the milk and sees him getting dizzy and falling asleep straight away. She quickly gets dressed to go to sleep and sleeps with Amit on his double bed. In the next scene you see Shanti calling Kaushalya and asking if Bullet Raja’s room is decorated for BahuRiya and him for tonight, and Kaushlaya starts getting shy and saying yes. Riya is now ready and is sitting on the bed while Shivam gets pushed by Nimmi and Preeti. He sees Riya on the bed and is leaning against the wall and is staring at her. He closes the door behind him and starts walking towards her, while Riya starts blushing. He sits on the bed and puts her hair behind her hair and starts caressing her face. Nimmi tells Preeti that they should watch from the window and Preeti stutters and says No, we shouldn’t do that, it’s rude. Nimmi convinces Preeti and they watch Shivam getting close to Riya and start silently laughing.

Precap: Amit wakes up and sees Rani beside him and starts to scream. Rani wakes up and everyone come outside of their rooms to see what happened.

Credit to: Zazzy

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