Mere Angne Mein 9th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 9th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok and Raghav asking Shanti to forgive Sarla. Shanti says fine, if you all say, I will forgive Sarla, but there is a condition, Sarla should make Nirmala leave before Dussehra, she has 9 days of Navratri. Sarla says fine, I will make her leave. Shanti asks Sarla to apologize to Raghav and Ashok. Sarla apologizes to Raghav and Ashok. They forgive her. Nimmi asks Sarla to apologize to Kaushalya also. Shanti asks Nimmi not to become inspector. Sarla says I will apologize to Kaushalya and holds her feet. Kaushalya holds her and says you are my younger sister, stay happy and keep Ashok happy.

Nirmala tells Rani that their life is same, we both are alone. Rani says no, there is much difference, I m Amit’s only wife and you are Ashok’s second wife. Nirmala says but

even Amit does not see you. Rani says I know he just sees me. Nirmala laughs and says you are mistaken. Rani says then sautan would have come. Nirmala says maybe he did not get anyone, Amit wanted to marry Riya, but Riya refused, so he had to marry you, the day he gets someone like Riya, your story will end. Rani gets angry and goes. Nirmala goes to see. A boy sends video to Rani asking her to go away from her dad. Nirmala laughs. Rani scolds Nirmala.

Rani says Amit can’t do this, I m his legal wife. Nirmala says your marriage is just one year old, I think your marriage is washed out in Ganga, no one will believe it. Rani worries.

Sarla cries and says you left me alone Amma, I got so lonely, if you really died, what would have happened with me. Shanti looks at her. Nimmi taunts on her. Riya asks Nimmi to be quiet. Sarla tells Shanti that she could not eat anything. Shanti asks Kaushalya to make halwa for Sarla. She asks Sarla to come in morning and have food in bhajan kirtan. Nimmi says we will keep a party. Shanti says we are Indians, everyone has Ram and Sita. Shivam smiles seeing them. Nimmi says we will celebrate as Raghav got the job. Riya agrees. Shanti says Riya and Nimmi are saying same things. She allows them to do party. She asks Ashok to have food. Ashok says he will leave. Shanti says I will send tiffin. Ashok says no, I want to have food made by Sarla. Sarla says send desi ghee halwa for me. Sarla leaves with Ashok. Shanti smiles.

Rani says I won’t let this happen. Nirmala says if this is true then…. If you are with me, I can help you, think about it. She goes.

Rani recalls the message and worries. She calls Amit and says why is it not connecting, I have to find out. She calls Amit again. Amit is on the way and answers. She asks where are you. He jokes and asks why do you care. She says I m your wife, come home right away. He asks what did I do that you are threatening me. She argues and tells about the boy’s video, he was saying I m coming between you and your wife. Amit gets shocked and says this boy is troubling me. He says someone is planning against me, he met me in market and gave me rose calling me Papa, I will come home and talk to you, no need to make any decision.

Raghav says Amma, I will just thank the people who people me on time. Shanti says yes, but first resign from your job. He asks which job. Kaushalya says he got job by difficulty. Shanti says I m not saying about railway job, but saree shop work. Everyone get shocked and look at Raghav. Shanti says I keep four eyes on everyone. Raghav says I had to work to make family have food, how did Amma get to know. Shanti says I knew this, I did not talk before as you would feel bad. Kaushalya and Shanti cry. Kaushalya tells Raghav that I m proud of you. Raghav smiles. Shanti says this is called responsibility, the one who is at senior post, he has worked in saree shop to do his duty. Shivam feels bad. Raghav says leave it, Shivam has big dreams and won’t understand me.

Riya says I m also proud of you Papa, we will try to become like you. Nimmi also tells the same to Raghav. Preeti says me too. Raghav says everyone is saying same. Shanti says I m also proud of Raghav, stop it now. Rani checks at the door and finds vegetable basket with a note. She reads the boy’s message to make fav dishes of his Papa. Amit comes and asks who is sending greeting to you. She runs after him and throws vegs.

He asks what happened. She cries and scolds him. She asks who is that boy, why is he sending the note to me. He says I don’t know about him, I had 5 girlfriends, and they all got married, I don’t have any affair. She asks is means you had an affair before, I will give you divorce, I will not bear sautan, I will kill you and sautan. He says I know what you can do, make my fav food. He tells the same dishes. She gets shocked, and cries. He asks what happened. She says the boy wrote same dishes. Sarla and Ashok come home and ask what happened.

She asks did Shivam get halwa for me. Rani says no, and cries. Sarla tells the same dishes as her fav ones. Rani cries. Sarla asks what happened to Rani. Rani says Sarla is also asking for same dishes, the boy knows the family’s likes. Sarla asks what are you saying, what is going on. They look at Amit.

Sarla tells Nirmala that she will make her leave the house. Nirmala says you will be leaving and thinks I will have divorce papers and then kick out Sarla from the house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Does Amit really have a son by someone else or is it nirmala’s plotting?

  2. Not fair that sarla gets forgiveness so easily. If anyone else would have done so she Shanti would have not stopped taunting. Hope the truth comes out that it was sarla who jeopardise Raghav’s job.

  3. Magic, no one mentioned that sarla lied to the officer, Riya and Ashok hid this, but Ashok and Raghav got their jobs back.

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