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Mere Angne Mein 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam showing sindoor. He says he can fill it in Nirmala’s maang. Ashok and Sarla ask him to put all sindoor and taunt Nirmala. Nirmala says I m not like that to marry anyone. Sarla scolds her. Riya asks Shivam to go and scold Ashok. Shivam goes and scolds Ashok. He tells Ashok to corner and says I m Shivam. Ashok says no. Shivam says yes and argues. Nirmala asks Shivam to leave, Ashok is his husband. Shivam asks him to understand. Nirmala says you are raising hand on my husband, I will not bear this. Sarla shouts on Nirmala and says we will not bear you.

Shivam gives his house address and asks Nirmala to come, my house, car and money are for you. Pari asks for one more card, even your cousin will be fine, I can marry you, leave Nirmala. Shivam gives her chocolate.

Riya laughs. Shivam and Riya leave. Sarla asks Pari to stop it. Pari says see our state, he is rich. Sarla tells Ashok that she liked his angry avatar, were you planning this with Riya. He asks what planning, I was just asking Riya’s welfare. She says why did you stop Chamanlal from taking Nirmala. He says I tried, but Nirmala did not agree. Sarla asks him to take her in the plan.

Shivam tells Riya that all plan failed. Riya says I m in tension, if Nirmala does not come tomorrow, Dadi will kill me. He says yes, I m also in tension, Kaushalya and Nimmi will also get angry. She hopes everything gets fine.

Ashok asks what happened, did I go against you. Sarla says so you all are not planning against me. Ashok says no, they are our family, does anyone plan against in family, Nirmala came here because of you, I m just bearing her. Nirmala thinks Ashok regards me a problem, I was fighting for her. Amit asks Nirmala for the card, I think he has much money, I will meet him. Ashok says if you go near him, I will break your legs, do some work. Amit says I will take sanyas. Pari acts sweet to Nirmala and asks for the card, my life will get set. Nirmala scolds her. Pari also scolds her. Sarla smiles. Nirmala refuses to give card.

Sarla asks Pari why did she ask card. Pari says I want to know Nirmala’s planning. Sarla asks her to keep an eye on Nirmala, I feel they are planning against me.

Its morning, Nandu does exercises. Riya asks his help, and says we are planning to make her out of Ashok’s life, you have to take disguise and come. He says I can easily do that, tell me. She requests him to hide this from Preeti, I m doing this for Sarla, you know Preeti is close to Sarla, Dadi stopped me from telling Sarla. Nandu agrees. He apologizes for talking in high tone. She says no need to apologize, you did right that time, even I would have reacted same way, I did not feel bad, come we will discuss about the plan.

Shanti, Kaushalya and Nimmi come to the house and like it a lot. They go inside to meet Riya. Riya says Nirmala will be coming now. Shivam hugs her and says I love you. She asks what happened. He says I m in tension, if Nirmala does not agree then…. Shanti smiles seeing the house. They see Shivam and Riya in disguise. Shanti asks how can two men hug. Nimmi says he is Riya’s uncle. Shanti asks them did they not find a nice woman, if we did not know you, we would explain you difference between man and woman. Kaushalya says I m getting dizzy, we will go and work. Shanti says I feel like knowing his face, did we meet before. Shivam laughs and says no, I m not that what you are thinking. Riya stops Shivam and says she does not know anything. Riya asks Shanti not to worry, Sir ji is in tension, you take clothes and get ready.

She says its big house and servants have to look good. She gives them clothes. Shivam thanks Riya. Nandu is disguise comes to Sarla’s house. He meets Ashok and says I have come to write names for ration card, say all names except Nirmala. Ashok asks who are you. Nandu says I m Nandu. Sarla and Rani come. Nandu asks Ashok to say names. Ashok tells family member’s names. He does not say Nirmala’s name.

Nirmala asks who will tell about me, I m Ashok’s second wife. Ashok says no, she is not my wife. Nandu asks then whose wife is she. Ashok says ask her. Nandu asks why are you staying here. Ashok says she is maid, she works here. Nirmala asks what, am I maid. Sarla smiles. Ashok says yes, Nirmala used to work at my stall and now in my house. She says I left money for you, you called me maid. He asks her to go and marry that rich man. She says I will not go anywhere. He says fine, stay as maid. Sarla thinks how did Ashok get too angry. Nandu goes. Nirmala cries and goes. Shanti and Nimmi laugh and compliment each other after wearing the maid clothes. They see someone…..

Nirmala sees the beautiful house. Shivam says i got the marriage mandap made, just say yes once. Nirmala smiles.

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