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Mere Angne Mein 9th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti telling Chanda that she has heard everything. Chanda says no, you got old. Shanti says I can hear even a needle dropping sound. Chanda cries and apologizes for lying. She says I was talking. Shanti asks with whom? Chanda says I was talking to my mum, I was upset and now my heart got light. Shanti says this is good connection, why did you lie. Chanda says I thought you will find me mad. Shanti says no, people talk to parents and husband, its fine, don’t cry now. Shanti goes. Chanda makes a face.

Riya coems to room and checks something. She finds Shivam’s diary. Preeti talks to her friend and says I hate that clerk a lot. Riya hides seeing her and goes. Pari asks Vyom whats the drama, why are you after Nimmi, you did not get her by your wish, she became your

wife forcibly. He says even you are same. She says I love you, I m not lying, understand my problem. He asks her not to cry, you will be just mine. She hugs him. Nimmi sees them. Vyom sees Nimmi and gets shocked. He asks Pari what happened. Pari starts acting and says I m fainting. He takes her to her room. Riya gets a rose in Shivam’s diary and recalls the moment. She reads the diary and smiles.

Pari says I have headaches in my stomachs. Nimmi says I will call Sharmili. Vyom asks is mummy doctor, go and get water. He sends Pari. He asks Pari not to do this thing again, we will be seen out of the house. She says I m okay with it, you have to become mine completely, you have to marry me. He says its not possible. He gets a call from a friend. His friend asks him why did he not invite him in marriage. Vyom invites him on dinner. He tells Nimmi to make good dinner, his friends are coming. She asks why are you saying angrily, I will make what I can cook, else order food. He says you will make food at home. Nimmi gives water to Pari and scolds her. She asks is this any new drama. Pari scolds her. Nimmi goes.

Riya meets Bunty. Bunty asks did you think well. Riya says yes, I can risk my relation with Shivam, to make Shivam and Kaushalya’s relation fine. Bunty’s brother Vicky comes. Riya asks her to give this letter to Nandu, then inform me. Vicky goes. Riya tells Bunty that she has work and goes.

Shanti smiles seeing Chanda and says you managed home well after Kaushalya went, where is Riya, stay away from her. Chanda acts sweet. Shanti says Chanda is Kaushalya’s shadow. Chanda smiles and goes. Ashok comes home. Nirmala sees him. Ashok asks for water. Nirmala asks Rani to give tea to Ashok. Rani is annoyed with her. Rani gives water and tea to Ashok. Nirmala says I will make tomatoes and make pickle. He asks why will you go, I will get from market. She goes and hears Ashok and Rani talking. Ashok asks for Sarla. Rani says Sarla went to Ujjain. Ashok says its good, Sarla and Amit’s sins will be washed. Rani cries and says Nirmala wants to marry Amit. Ashok asks are you mad, don’t be with Sarla. Rani says Nirmala told me that she is going to marry. Ashok says I know Nirmala well, she can’t do this. Rani says Sarla is also happy. Ashok asks what, this is thing to get scared.

Riya waits for rickshaw. A man teases her. She scolds the man. Shivam comes there. Riya says my husband has come. The man leaves. Shivam asks her to sit. She asks by what right, you told in morning that we signed divorce papers, I have no right. He says this is not place to say nonsense, by what right are you staying in my house, wipe this sindoor. She holds his hand and stops him. She says I don’t have answers, and takes rickshaw. She goes.

Shanti asks whose phone is ringing. Chanda hides her phone and thinks I have to make the phone silent, I have to hurry now. Shivam and Riya reach home. They hear ladies gossiping about Kaushalya leaving home. The ladies ask Shivam. Riya says Kaushalya went to meet her brother. The lady says you always lie. Shivam tells Riya that you are cleanly lying now. She says life taught everything, even lying.

Shanti gets shocked seeing Shivam and Riya. She scolds Shivam for roaming with Riya. He asks Shanti to listen, there is not anything like you think, Riya was not with me. Shanti asks him not to lie, I don’t need to swear, you think what you want. Riya smiles. Chanda thinks I will go and do my work. She attends her boyfriend’s call and asks him not to call her, she will call him when she gets time.

Shivam asks Chanda for his diary. Riya thinks where to keep this diary. Shanti stops her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Shivam should be given this punishment ??

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    Tab PATHA Chalega SARLA KO

  5. What is Shanti upto. They give her to much importance. Understand she is a senior member of the household but she needs to behave like one. Sarla also has one more daughter to marry who is not seen anymore. All this has happened because of Priti and she is turning tables.

  6. Shanthi shud name evrythng (Shanthi sadan) on Chanda’s name and then Chanda will kick her out and that will be fun to see

  7. Drag drag the storylines stupid writers then they wonder why trp,s are low like Diyarbakir aur bhatti. Whatever riya tries does not work for

  8. Shivam must realise Riya’s love towards him

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