Mere Angne Mein 9th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 9th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya thinking of Vyom’s death and worried for Nimmi. Nimmi cries. Shivam tries to cheer her up and asks her to come for movie. Nimmi cries and hugs him. He reminds the old days and Shashikala as they named Shanti. He asks her to keep smiling, you have to stay here with all of us. Nimmi goes to do some work. Shivam asks Kaushalya to always be with Nimmi. Riya asks Shivam about Nimmi. He says she is fine. She says I have to talk to Shanti about Nimmi. He asks her not to interfere in this matter, leave Shanti’s tension to me, I will talk to her, just go and help Nimmi.

Riya goes to Shanti and talks about Nimmi. She asks why can’t we send Nimmi for job. Shanti says Nimmi can do any work at home, but don’t think of sending Preeti and Nimmi out for jobs, Nimmi

will be safe at home. Riya says we can’t stop living because of people. Shanti asks am I hanging her at home, she is living here too, you don’t take tension.

Rani and Sarla see Pari going makeup. Rani taunts Pari for applying nail polish when Vyom died recently. Sarla asks why won’t Pari do this. Pari says my husband is alive. Sarla asks Pari to visit Shanti, she can talk to everyone there, why will she sit at home. Pari thinks Shanti is ATM and I have to go there and show some respect to her.

Shanti calls Nimmi and gets shocked seeing Nimmi coming home from outside. She asks Nimmi where did she go. Kaushalya says I have sent her to temple, her heart will get calm. Shanti takes Kaushalya with her. She shows the nameboard. Kaushalya says Shanti Sadan is written there. Shanti then asks all of them to live as she wants.

Kaushalya, Riya and Shivam talk to Nimmi. Shivam compliments Nimmi and makes her busy in talk. He pats on her and says I m not beating her. Nimmi pats him back and they smile. Nimmi runs after Shivam to beat him. Sarla comes there. Nimmi collides with her. Sarla asks her where is she running. She tells her to mourn and think of her family, does she have no shame. Nimmi apologizes. Riya asks Sarla why did she make Nimmi recall her sorrows. Sarla asks shall we become jokers and make her laugh. She asks about Shanti. Kaushalya says she went to Mishra’s house. Sarla says I have out gangajal and purified home, as its 13 days now, did anyone do that ritual here. Kaushalya says yes, we did it. Sarla asks her to inform Shanti that she had come and leaves.

Pari goes to Sarla’s room and steals some earrings, to sell and get money. Rani comes and asks what are you doing in Sarla’s room. Pari says its my mummy’s room, I can come and go anytime. Rani says but you can’t steal anything. Pari says you maybe thief, I just took this to wear. Rani asks her to give earrings, else I will tell Sarla. Pari keeps that back. Sarla comes home. Pari says I can’t stay here without good clothes and jewelries.

Rani tells Sarla that I have seen Pari stealing your earrings. Sarla gets shocked. Pari says I was just taking it to wear. Sarla asks Pari to understand that this is my house and no one can touch my things, no bahu and no daughter. Pari asks Sarla to give her some money. Sarla says I don’t have money. Pari and Sarla argue. Rani laughs. Sarla gets some call and goes to talk. She says I can’t participate in competition. Nirmala asks Rani did she not do her work. Rani says I did not do work yet, don’t you have patience, this mad Pari is my biggest problem, she brought a storm in my life. Sarla says I know, its big prize money of 10000rs, I will talk to Shanti and let you know. Nirmala thinks marriage should happen before anything happens.

Ashok comes home. Rani comments on his state, he is lonely even when he has everything, no one cares for him. He says this is my family, its fine, I don’t feel bad. Rani says but I think you should have someone who spends time with you. Ashok says I don’t feel so. Rani asks him to think well and goes.

Pari gets her clothes and gives to Sarla. She asks for money. Sarla refuses. Pari says everyone became my enemies. A lady asks Shanti to participate. Shanti says no. Nimmi asks Shanti to take part. Shanti agrees and says I will take part and win too. Nimmi smiles. Shanti asks them to start practice. Kaushalya says I want to say something, shall we take Nimmi with us, she will encourage us.

Kaushalya and Shanti practice by tying their foot and fall down. Kaushalya says I can’t do this. She cries and thinks to make Shanti win somehow.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kousalya injured her legs so Ria participate with Shanthi and win the prize. But Ria gets upset by watching shanthi give away all her winning money to Sarala, If Ria with the help of Nimmi and Shivam took over Shanthi Sadan from Shanthi and manage the money along with them it will be good. Or else Shanthi will give all their hard earned money to Sarala and Pari.

  2. This show is so far fetched. … so many lies. . So many liars…. and yet the lies are never exposed.
    Expose Pari
    Expose Sarla
    Expose Shanti
    And end the show. …

  3. nice episode I like nimmi and Shivam scene

  4. No hurry to end the show,thats middle class life. Life goes on everyone knows about everyone still no one exposes noone.Life goes on.

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