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Mere Angne Mein 9th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam saying he has to go to Patna for office work. Kaushalya says he has become good businessman and goes to do his packing. They all get happy. Sarla and Shanti talk to Anupam and say about rituals. She says girls’ family has to touch guy’s family’s feet and give the girl. Shanti asks him is that his wife’s pic. Anupam says yes, she was lawyer, and ethical lady, she did not let big man get free in dowry case. Shanti and Sarla worry. Sarla laughs and Anupam says my mum and my wife were like mum and daughter. Shanti says we also don’t differentiate between daughter and bahu. He asks which ritual to do. Sarla says no need, its all fine and sees his wife’s pic.

He says tell me, I will do. Sarla says then its his wife. He does the rituals and touches Shanti’s

feet, giving her 1000rs, and also touches Sarla’s feet giving money. Riya comes there and Sarla says she does not like dowry. Shanti and Sarla shoo off bad sight but the same money. Anupam says he will also do, and Sarla shows 500rs. He also gives 500rs note and Sarla says she will give it to poor people. She does tilak to Riya and gives nek to Riya. Sahil takes the pics. Sarla says congrats, now your daughter is mine. Anupam says Riya wants to continue job after marriage. Sarla says fine, she can do. He says he will do marriage grand. Sarla says she will talk to pandit and get mahurat, now my son will not wait, I mean he is shy and I have to see date and everything. She leaves.

Sahil and Anupam tease Riya that they will be free. Riya says she is close to them in same city, and hugs him. Anupam asks is she happy. She smiles. She calls Shivam and gets his number busy. She sends pics to Shivam. Shivam ends his call and sees the pics. He downloads it and it gets slow. Preeti and Nimm come fighting and bump into him. His phone falls in water bucket and he holds his head.

Prashant calls Riya and asks did she resign. She says yes, its my job, and its my personal thing, I will talk later. She ends call. Kaushalya and everyone worry as Shivam’s phone is not working. Nimmi asks him to use Preeti’s phone. Preeti says but I have office. Nimmi gives her phone and says she will repair Shivam’s phone. Shivam takes tiffin and leaves. Bunty comes to Riya and says their plan worked. Anupam asks what plan. Bunty says nothing. Bunty says she has come to give panipuri party. Shanti and Sarla come back home and are happy.

Shanti asks her about the swing ad, and scolds Nimmi. Nimmi gets tensed and Shanti asks Sonal to check her laptop. Nimmi thinks Shivam deleted the post. Sonal checks the website and says there is nothing here. Shanti says how can this happen, and asks her to check well.

Nimmi tells Shanti that she did not do anything. Shanti says I understand everything, call Shivam. Kaushalya says she has good news for her, Shivam got his job back. Shanti says its good news, what to do, shall I be happy that swing is selling or be happy that he got job back. Sarla says she will go home. Shanti asks Kaushalya to give pickles and food to Sarla. Sarla says she has asked pandit about Raghav slapping Amit, so pandit asked Raghav to give any gold thing to Amit, so bring Raghav to our home, I will give my old chain, so he can give this, how much burden to put on him, as he will bear Amit’s marriage burden too. Sonal says she will go and teach Nimmi.

Shanti says Sarla’s children are good. Sarla asks for the fruits basket. Kaushalya brings it and gives Sarla. Sarla leaves. Riya and Bunty have food at home. Riya says now marriage is fixed, he might be shy. Bunty says she is tensed. Riya asks why. Bunty says don’t feel bad, but she left job and proposed him, if Shivam says no then. Riya coughs and asks is she mad. Bunty says sorry. Riya eats sweets and Bunty asks does she want to say anything. Riya says no, and worries. She says he will call, he might be busy.

Amit tells the man that he will repay his money and asks him not to bother. He ends the call. Sarla calls him and says congrats, she has fixed the marriage. Amit gets glad, and says she is a great mum. He calls Riya. Riya thinks its Shivam. Bunty says he is your to be Devar. Amit talks to her and he asks can they meet today. She says today? Bunty asks why? Amit says he wanted to meet her, he is at café, if she can come. Riya says fine, I will come. Bunty saks why is Amit calling her. Riya says she will just come, and is sure that Shivam will call her, she will make him romantic.

Riya asks Bunty to call Shivam. Bunty says no, it will look awkward. Riya insists and requests. Shanti sees some jewelry sets and asks the jeweler that Raghav will decide which one to buy. Kaushalya and her daughters look on. Shanti asks the man to say any good guy in his sight for her grand daughters. She bargains with the man. She buys a gold chain to Sarla and hides it. Kaushalya likes a set and Shanti chooses it for Sarla. Kaushalya gets sad and leaves.

Sarla gets a necklace from a tiffin and Ashok sees it. She asks is this gold one. Sarla says my mum has given me, she has to talk to pandit for mahurat of Amit’s marriage, she has fixed the marriage. Ashok says she did not tell this to him, he is Amit’s dad. She argues. He says she does not trust him, he will do Amit’s marriage grand. Shanti calls Sarla to come with Sonal and Pari, they will sing and dance as its marriage house. Sarla happily agrees and smiles.

Amit is excited to meet Riya and can’t wait more. He applies some perfume. The goons come there and take the perfume. Amit says he will pay money in evening.
The goons take him to side and beat him. Riya comes there with Bunty. They think to find why did Amit call them. They see someone getting beaten up and does not see Amit’s face. Amit sees Riya and hides his face. Bunty says maybe they are beating any good man. Riya says she will call police. She calls police and asks them to come, few men are beating someone. Bunty says we will go later and inform Amit. Riya calls him and says he is not taking the call. She says she will drop message.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to play dhol and sings. Shanti sing and Sarla and girls join him. Shanti says she used to sing well before and now she got old. They get happy and Sarla taunts Kaushalya. Some ladies join them. Raghav comes home and sees women dancing and happiness at home. Shanti says she has good news, Amit’s marriage is fixed. Raghav laughs. Nimmi says Shivam got his job back, he said bullet bike will not go and items will be here. They ask Shanti to sing for Raghav too. Raghav says Shanti sings so well. Shanti asks Raghav to dance and then she will sing, and teases Kaushalya. They all laugh. They all insist and Raghav dances with them, while Shanti sings. They make Shanti dance along and laugh happily.

Shivam says he will pay for the items. Raghav gets glad. Riya meets Shivam at café and he holds her hand. Sarla looks on and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. I’m so happy that there romance has started, hopefully she gets married to Shivam soon and realises not to marry Amit.

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  3. Nice episode

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