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Mere Angne Mein 9th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla telling Shanta about some Baba she gives Mohini, the person gets hypnotized and loses memory. Shanti says we will try, maybe Riya forgets everything, take care of Amit. Sarla says don’t worry, I will make Riya forget and not come back home, you keep puja at home. She asks her not to let Preeti go out. Shanti says don’t worry, I m here. Shanti wishes this Mohini affects Riya.

Riya asks Shivam to drop her to taxi stand. He says I have to meet some client. Riya takes blessings from elders. Sarla asks Amit to have food. Rajendra calls Sarla and says Riya did not come till now. She asks him to make Riya sit in his taxi and fit camera, take good pics. Rani feeds curd and sugar to Amit, and asks shall I come along to take training. Sarla scolds her and asks Amit

to leave. Sarla and Rani argue. Amit says I will go alone. Sarla tells Amit that she will come along. Amit says we will go one by one, no one will doubt. He leaves. Sarla says I have to go to meet family for Preeti’s proposal. Rani gets doubtful.

Shivam waits for client. Madhu comes and greets him. Riya gets jealous as Madhu flirts with him. Riya asks Shivam will you take this girl with you. He says yes, like you do. She says I m your wife, send her in taxi. He says I can’t change plan. Riya introduces herself and says I m his wife, he is married, ask anything else. Shivam sends Riya to taxi stand. Riya asks him to take care and be away from Madhu.

Shanti keeps puja for house peace and wishes Riya leaves from Shanti Sadan. She recalls Riya’s words and thinks Riya should forget coming here. Shivam forgets Riya, Preeti gets married in good house, another girl come in Shivam’s life, who is like Kaushalya, its all necessary only then I will get peace. They do aarti and pray.

Amit and Rani attend the training in Allahabad. Amit says where did I get stuck, and sleeps. The man asks him to wake up and calls him to explain everyone. Amit goes and does not say anything proper. The man scolds him. Amit leaves. Riya stops him and asks him to take training seriously, else how will he manage agency. He says I m clever, I will manage and holds her. Rajendra and Sarla take the pics. A man stops Sarla from taking pics, which is not allowed. Sarla argues with him.

Shivam calls Riya and says I m missing you, shall I come there. She says focus on training. He says I m afraid of that Amit. She says I will manage, and asks about Madhu. She asks him to maintain distance. He says I love you Riya. She says I love you.

Rani comes to Shanti Sadan and prays. She asks Shanti why did she not call her. Shanti says I will send invitation for you next time. Rani says I made halwa and got this for Sarla. Kaushalya says she is not here. Shanti says she had mannat that she will thank Lord. Rani says she said she is going to see guy for Preeti. Rani thinks she knows what Shanti and Sarla are planning, and wishes Amit stays fine.

Shanti calls Sarla and asks whats happening there. Sarla says I m trying, I will remove Riya from your life. Bansi damages the taxi and Rajendra argues. Sarla asks them to do the work till morning. She calls Amit and says I did half work and now you have to manage, I m leaving.

Prabha tells Bindu that Nirmala is clever, Ashok gifted her a saree. Bindu says what, I will see Ashok. Prabha says it already became big issue, Sarla insulted Nirmala a lot. Shanti wishes Sarla does work well. Shanti tells Kaushalya that she will celebrate swing’s birthday tomorrow.. Kaushalya cleans the swing. Shanti blames Riya for everything, and brings a man to repair her swing.

He says I will repair it once power comes. Shanti sees the neighborhood having lights and asks Kaushalya did she pay electricity bill or not. Kaushalya says I did not get any bill. She asks Nimmi and Preeti to find the bill. Preeti gets the bill. Nimmi asks how did you get this. Preeti says I forgot about this being worried for Mohit’s mater. Nimmi gives bill to Kaushalya. Shanti scolds her. Kaushalya says this month its 15000rs bill. Shanti gets angry on them.

Kaushalya says I have all records, how did such big amount came. Shanti says power won’t come till we pay bill. Nimmi goes to terrace and sees neighbors taking their electricity line.

Nimmi shows the wires to Shanti to everyone. Shanti says I will not leave Chobey and takes a stick. Nimmi says they are goons type of people, we should call electricity board people. Shanti says I m not afraid. She goes with them to the goons and ask where is their boss, they are stealing electricity. The goon says we will take electricity, you old woman leave from here. Nimmi says I will call Shivam. Shanti says she will beat them. Nandu goes to beat them and gets beaten them. Nimmi takes video to show police. Police comes and arrests them.

Preeti sees Nandu hurt and leaves. Shanti scolds the goons. Everyone clap for Shanti. Shanti goes home and takes money to pay bill. She asks Nimmi to pay bill and gives money. She cuts down things in ration to save money. Preeti asks Nimmi to go alone, she can’t face anyone outside. Shanti asks how can her granddaughter be coward, its all over, now move on. She asks Nimmi to scolds people if they say anything to Preeti.

Shanti sends them. She goes to check ration in storeroom. She sees Nandu doing aid and asks him to not become self doctor. She asks him to go to doctor, else what will she answer his dad. Mohit calls Preeti. He taunts Nandu for getting beaten up, as he has also beaten Mohit. Nandu says you came home drunk, do you know Preeti had to bear problems. Mohit says I agree, but make me meet Preeti once. Nandu says no, Preeti and her family are already seeing problems. Mohit says I love Preeti. Nandu says this is not love, Preeti has gone out to pay electricity bill. Mohit asks him to come. Nandu says no means no. Mohit argues and asks who are you, I m giving you respect and you are getting on my head, I will forget you were my friend. Nandu asks him not to meet Preeti, it won’t be good. Mohit scolds him and leaves. Preeti tells Nimmi that Mohit is calling her, we will leave from here soon. Mohit comes there.

Sarla scolds Riya for being after Amit. Nimmi shows Riya and Amit’s pics. Sarla asks Riya to give Agnipariksha and prove herself right.

Update Credit to: Amena

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