Mere Angne Mein 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam telling Riya about Dadda ji. He says he is Raghav’s Tau ji, who stays in village, Raghav wanted to get him here, but Dadda ji loves his village, he comes here once in a year to see us. She says I don’t know who burnt the bed. He says we have to forget all this and get a new bed for Dadda ji. Riya says Dadda ji can sleep in our room, we will avoid this big expense. He says you go and get tea for Dadda ji. Dadda ji laughs on Shanti’s sanyaas.

He asks Preeti to see what all he got, and asks Shanti to stay and see the pure ghee, pickles. Dadda ji gives Riya some earrings saying my wife has sent this, we could not come, as Shanti did not call us. Shanti says I called Jethani ji. He says I m joking, we were on yatra that time. Riya takes his blessings. Dadda

ji says I know you are modern, but such clothes do not suit you, wear sarees. Riya goes. Dadda ji asks Nimmi about her western clothes, and sends her to change and wear salwar suit. He asks Shanti what is all this, did she not teach anyone the traditions.

He scolds Shanti and tells how Shanti did not train someone’s bahu, and ruined the house. He says you took sanyaas, not anyone else, first do your duties and then take sanyaas. Shanti thinks he has got after me. He says I know you are scolding me in heart, don’t complain now, where are Raghav and Shivam. Shivam comes and talks to Nimmi, and enjoys that Dadda ji is scolding Shanti. Nimmi takes Shanti, and Shanti scares her angrily. Dadda ji scolds Shanti.

Pari comes home and argues with Rani. Amit wakes up and asks them to stop arguing. He takes Rani’s side and Rani asks him to sleep in her room, no one will disturb his sleep. Amit goes. Rani smiles and says my dream got true today. Raghav and Shivam take care of Dadda ji. Raghav says I will be with you. Dadda ji asks him to massage well, and checks his hand. He says you all got so weak, your body has no power, start exercise. Kaushalya gives tea to Dadda ji. He asks why did you get tea, did Raghav not teach you, whenever I come, Shanti goes arrangements for my food and tea. Kaushalya says forgive me and goes. Dadda ji says its my insult. Raghav apologizes. Pari taunts Rani on her rich lifestyle. Rani and Pari argue and Sarla comes to them. Pari asks Sarla to change Rani. Sarla says we don’t get maid for free, let her do the work. Sarla asks Pari for some treat in five star hotel. Pari makes Rani jealous and says I will make Sarla have English breakfast. Sarla and Pari insult Rani. Rani stops Pari from having the tea made by her. Sarla says leave it, and asks Pari to take her to hotel. They leave. Rani thinks there is something fishy that Sarla and Pari went out, don’t know what is their plan.

Dadda ji asks Raghav to do as he says. Raghav asks Kaushalya to call Shanti, don’t do Dadda ji’s work, he is getting angry. She apologizes. Raghav says Shanti will do all work, and calls Shanti. Dadda ji says Shanti you know well you have to cook food for me. Shanti says I took sanyaas. He says you go to jungle if you want to do Sanyaas dharm. He calls her lazy and scolds her. Nimmi and Preeti leave. He asks her about the bed, how did it burn, it was dad’s last sign. Shanti says I did not know, I went to ask bhiksha out and saw it. He asks what, who will do house duties, was this door open… Raghav says yes, when we all came down, door was open. Dadda ji says then someone did this, you got married at age of 12, you used to be with runny nose, we taught you everything. Nimmi records all this and laughs. Raghav goes to get water for Dadda ji.

Dadda ji says you mean I should have water now. Shanti thinks I burnt the bed and nothing happened, and this old man has come. Raghav goes to kitchen and laughs. He asks Kaushalya not to get in between Dadda ji and Shanti. She asks him to explain Dadda ji. He says I can’t explain, let them solve, I m having fun seeing Shanti getting scolding, its Dadda ji’s love. Riya comes wearing saree. Dadda ji calls Raghav and says that was my ancestor’s bed, I want same bed before I leave, I want it urgently. Raghav asks Shivam to give order, it will come in one day. Riya says Dadda ji, if we say its urgent order, he will charge much. Shivam asks Riya not to speak. Shanti smiles.

Dadda ji looks at Riya. He scolds Riya and asks her to stay as bahu. He asks Shanti did she teach this to Riya. Shanti says no, I can’t even dream to do this. Dadda ji says I know what you can dream. He scolds Shivam and Raghav also. Everyone laugh. Raghav says I explained Amma a lot to not take sanyaas. Dadda ji says call pandit, I don’t want disturbance, I will do a tula daan. He gives this responsibility to Shanti. Shanti says fine, it will be as you say. She gets some idea and smiles. Riya asks Shivam whats tula daan. He says I don’t know, but don’t say anything infront of Dadda ji. Preeti teases Shivam. Nimmi laughs seeing Shanti’s state.

She taunts Shanti. Shanti gets angry and Nimmi reminds that sanyaasi don’t get angry. Shanti says I can do anything by my wish and sends her. Nandu comes to Preeti’s room. He sees Preeti did not check bangles and keeps the box open. Preeti comes and he hides again. Preeti sees the bangles and says who kept this here, did Mohit come here again. She looks outside and he hides. Nimmi comes and says I m getting fun. Preeti shows the bangles and says how can anyone come in our room and keep the bangles. They both get thinking. Preeti says Mohit might have done this, I m scared. Nandu thinks till when will Preeti name Mohit. Nimmi says no, I don’t think so, no one has seen it, I think Shivam gave this gift, he told us that he got gifts for us, wear bangles and show. Preeti wears bangles. Nandu goes and prays.

Shanti cuts onions and cries. Kaushalya goes to help. Shanti says no, I will do. Dadda ji calls out asking Shanti not to make anyone else cook, just grind traditional way and cook well, else I will find out. He asks her what is throwing, did she forget work in kitchen. Shanti says I know everything and gets angry. Kaushalya asks Riya to make list soon. Shanti says elders trouble a lot…

Pari tells Sarla that she will get Sharmili and then make her meet Preeti. Sarla says whats the hurry. Pari says just think, if Preeti comes in my house, money will rains. Sarla says no, I m not doing this for money. Pari says I m not stupids, you won’t do anything for free even for me. Pari asks Sarla to show some pics of girls to Mama. Sarla agrees. Pari says Mama is very smart, get good pics. Dadda ji tells Shivam and everyone that I come here to eat good food made by Shanti. Raghav comes and says I spoke to carpenter, he is asking for 7000rs. Dadda ji asks him to give order, Shanti should have bed. Raghav asks Riya to give money fast.

Dadda ji asks did Shanti give money management to Riya as well, she is young, how will she manage. He asks Shanti why did she not give duties to Kaushalya, Riya does not know things, she has no experience like Kaushalya. Shanti washes utensils and says I felt… Dadda ji says leave it, you always made Kaushalya dance, its your mistake, see how Riya will make you both dance. Shanti thinks its good that Dadda ji is scolding Riya. Dadda ji says now Raghav is asking money from his bahu. Shanti says everyone was thinking this and I gave duties to Riya. Dadda ji asks Riya about wheat, if they have to get much wheat at home, how will they have it. Shanti signs Kaushalya not to tell Riya. Everyone look at Riya. Shanti thinks just Dadda ji will scold Riya and smiles.

Sarla smiles, as Dadda ji scolds Riya. Everyone worry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice comedy happened all the scenes in which dadda ji is taunting shanti.

  2. Dadda ji u r rockzz…

  3. raghav got married at age 12??

    1. No Shanti

  4. Why this old dadaji has came he is scolding shanti it’s ok but why he is scolding Riya

  5. Nice comedy .I like all the scenes in which daddaji is taunting shanti.

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