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Mere Angne Mein 9th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandu asking Preeti to agree to him, as he will not bear cheat this time. Preeti apologizes to him and promises she will not do anything wrong this time. He says fine, go and freshen up. She goes. He thinks to test her and then forgive her, he understood that Preeti is not so simple as she looks. Nimmi takes Shivam’s side and tells Shanti that Shivam has fought with men. Shanti asks Shivam not to go out, just go for finding job. Nimmi asks him if his wounds are of something else. Shivam asks her to be quiet, whats her problem. He hides about boxing and goes. Preeti acts sweet to Nandu. Nandu asks her to sleep. He thinks to keep an eye on her.

Amit is getting ready as Amita. Lallan comes in the room. He flirts with Amita. Amit gets tensed and covers her face as

he did not wear the wig and did not do makeup. Amit tries to avoid Lallan. Lallan asks why do you look changed,. Amit asks him not to stare at her. Babloo sees them and laughs. Amit makes stories. Lallan asks Amit not to hide lovely face and show him. Amit gets away. Lallan proposes Amita. Amit gets shocked and asks him to give her some time. Lallan asks her to say it straight.

Amit says I m doubting your intentions. Lallan says no, my character is good, I understand what you mean, but everyone is devil here, they will trouble Babloo, so I can’t leave him.

Babloo makes the milk fall. Sarla scolds him. Lallan scolds Sarla and asks will you beat Babloo in my presence. Sarla apologizes. She says Babloo made milk fall, so I scolded her. Babloo asks Lallan to cut Sarla’s hand for beating him. Lallan asks Sarla who is she to punish Babloo. She says I m Dadi. Lallan scares her. Amit comes in between as Amita and takes knife from Lallan. Amit says you have no humanity, and scolds Lallan asking what is he teaching Babloo, he will also do bad things seeing Lallan. Babloo asks Lallan not to go on Amita’s words and protect him. Lallan says I can’t leave Babloo alone here. Kaushalya comes and asks Sarla whats happening. Sarla apologizes to Lallan and asks him to be quiet. Sarla asks Kaushalya to come with her.

Amit asks Lallan to teach manners to Babloo. Lallan agrees and asks Babloo to be like kid and talk well with elders. He sends Babloo to play. Lallan asks Amit to turn to him once. Amit falls in his arms. Lallan looks at Amita. Kaushalya asks do they stay here. Sarla acts rude and asks why did you come here, Nimmi scolded me and went. Kaushalya says I came to apologize. Sarla says I will not forgive you. Kaushalya says there is no one with me, don’t do this, I did not make my kids against you, my values are not like that, I fold hands, come home. She cries.

Kaushalya says Preeti’s vidaai happened, and you are upset here. Sarla says fine, don’t cry, I will come home, I have forgiven you, I did not know Lucky is Nandu, you all blamed me. Kaushalya asks her to forget it now. Sarla says fine, is Preeti happy, tell me. Kaushalya says Shanti did not let me meet Preeti. Nandu spoke to Nimmi on phone and said he has taken Preeti out. Sarla thinks they should not be happy, I have to see that clerk. Kaushalya says I will make your fav food, come home. Sarla asks Pari to come along, we will go there and have food.

Shanti asks Nimmi where is Kaushalya. She sees breakfast and tea kept there. She argues with Nimmi. Nimmi says mummy went to Sarla. Shivam comes and says I m doing exercise to make body fit. Shanti says you have to keep mind fit. She sees the money falling from his pocket. She asks how did you get money. Shivam gets tensed. She asks how did he get new notes.

Preeti complains to Pari about Nandu. Preeti comes running to Shanti Sadan and gets shocked seeing…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What sarla and pari are doing is not good they do evil and get away with it for hw long will she be doing so pls Let’s the story line be more interesting than agony everytime

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