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The Episode starts with Shanti talking to Kaushalya about Riya. Anupam asks Riya to take elder’s permission and come to meet him. He asks her to adjust well. Kaushalya comes and cares for Shanti. Shanti is annoyed. Shanti recalls how Kaushalya is changing by Riya’s effect and thinks to do something to control Kaushalya and Riya. Bunty comes and meets Riya. She says she has many ways to win hearts of inlaws on the internet. Anupam asks Riya to just obey elders. Bunty tells Riya that internet will help her.

Sarla is glad to be back home and looks around. Rani and Amit keep furniture back. Sarla asks Sonal to study well. Shanti calls Sarla. She hears her voice and ends call. Sonal sees Shanti’s number and calls again. Shanti says wrong number, I m not anyone’s Nani. She ends call.

Shanti says this month looks a year, this month have to pass soon. Riya tells Kaushalya that she got all the ration thinking it ended. Kaushalya says you should have asked me. Riya says sorry. Shanti looks on and gets angry. She asks Kaushalya to take vegs and ration out of the door. She asks Kaushalya to ask why did she tell her to go out. Kaushalya asks why. Shanti says sell all this to get money, Riya should know money does not come easy. Kaushalya says fine, and goes. Shanti calls her a great fool and says she told her to explain Riya. She asks Kaushalya to store vegs and ration well. She scolds Riya and asks will she sell off Shanti Sadan for food. She asks Riya to ask Kaushalya how to run kitchen. Riya says sorry. Kaushalya says I also did not know anything, but Amma ji taught me. Shanti asks Kaushalya to teach Riya. Riya thinks a mistake again, I will make things fine and start with kitchen.

Rani waits in balcony. Sarla asks whom is she staring. Rani says I m waiting for Amit, I made his fav food. Sarla scolds her. Prabha comes in her balcony and argues with Sarla. She taunts Sarla that she is staying in her brother’s home. Sarla asks Rani to come. Riya asks Nimmi to help her in cleaning the rags. Nimmi says it was cleaned sometime before, why again, I m busy, I will help later, and Preeti is also busy in helping me. Riya says fine and goes. Preeti asks Nimmi why did you refuse her. Nimmi says Kaushalya will scold Riya, our rule is to be quiet and see drama.

Raghav is informed that his work is shifted to some another express today. Shanti feels cold and asks Kaushalya to make khichdi. Kaushalya says she will make khichdi and goes to kitchen. Riya drops something. Shanti and Kaushalya go and see. Nimmi hears the sound and says drama started, lets go and see. Shanti scolds Riya as the glass broke with the vegetables. She says this costly glass set broke with vegetables.

She says new vegetables will be needed. Kaushalya says I will get it. Shanti asks Nimmi to come with her. Riya says glass did not go in vegs, I will clean it if its so. Shanti says if I eat vegs, and if glass piece cuts my intestine, then hospital expenses. She scolds Riya. She says I will pay for this loss by staying hungry tonight. Riya says I will clean vegs. Shanti says if Raghav eats glass pieces then will you take responsibility of his life, just spare me. Riya says sorry. Shanti asks her not to say sorry, wait for Shivam and explain him. She asks Kaushalya to clean the kitchen. Riya says wait, I did mistake and I will rectify it. Shanti thinks Riya can rectify before leaving Shanti Sadan.

Sujeev asks Pari how is she. Pari says I m fine, I don’t want to get injections. He says fine, happy now and kisses her hand. She gets away and says I think I should rest. He makes her rest and goes to end work. He gets a call from Amit. Amit asks him to meet today. Sujeev says not possible today, Pari is unwell, you come here. Amit says no, take care of Pari, I will come later. Sharmili looks at Pari and thinks she will deal with her in her way.

Sarla buys vegs. Shanti and Nimmi come there to buy vegs. Shanti and Sarla get emotional seeing each other. Shanti walks ahead and buys vegs. Sarla gets sad. Shanti praises Raghav. Nimmi asks Shanti to talk to Bua. Shanti avoids Sarla and asks Nimmi not to talk to strangers. Sarla cries. Shanti and Nimmi leave. Rani calls a lady and asks her to arrange a tall and handsome guy. The lady asks why, are you fed up of your husband. Rani says no, just do as I say. The lady says fine, I will send someone.

Riya cleans the kitchen and says now everything is set. Shanti comes home and goes to her room. Kaushalya asks Nimmi what happened to Shanti. Shivam comes home and looks on. Nimmi says Bua met there, Shanti avoided her. Shivam asks Nimmi why did she not unite them. Riya says yes, Shivam would have made them hug. Nimmi says we are on Kaushalya’s side. Shivam argues with Nimmi. Kaushalya asks Shivam to go to room, she will explain Nimmi.

Shanti sees Sarla’s pic and cries recalling her. Pari is worried about the doctor coming. Shanti asks Kaushalya about knife as she is cooking for Raghav. She scolds Riya for rearranging things. Riya looks for the required utensils and Shanti shouts as onion burnt. She asks Kaushalya to manage. Kaushalya asks Riya why did she not inform her about rearranging kitchen. Shivam gets a call and is shocked. He comes downstairs and switches on tv. They all ask what happened.

They see the news of Godavari express falling in the river. Shivam says Papa… Shanti says no, he is in another train. Shivam says no, I got call at last minute that Raghav was shifted to this train. Kaushalya faints. They all worry for Kaushalya. Shivam calls railway office and asks about Raghav. The man says we don’t know anything yet, we will inform you. Riya asks Shanti to drink water, Raghav will be fine. Riya says we will go to accident spot Shivam and find out. The reporter says many passengers are missing, and names senior guard Raghav among them. They all get shocked and cry. Shanti says name is in missing, nothing happened to him. Shanti cries. Shivam asks her not to take stress. Kaushalya wakes up and says I slept for long. Raghav will come and ask for ginger tea. They all worry. Kaushalya goes to make tea. Shanti asks Riya to be away, and says you got Grahan on our house. She blames Riya for all this. Riya says I will go and get him. Shanti says you won’t go, else Raghav will die. She asks Shivam not to take Riya and cries.

Shanti tells Kaushalya that Raghav is missing. Kaushalya breaks down and cries. Shanti hugs her and consoles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shanti at least ab to sudhar ja Tu bad deeds ki waja se tere Dono bache bhog rahe hain

  2. Shanti is so wicked and kaushalya is so stupid….she is not even worth calling a wife, daughter in law and mother.Riya is also a big fool, before marriage she used to fight for justice and now she is a wet cat???? She just says sorry and cries everytime…..fed up of this drama

  3. The whole serial is prolong it all stupid things are projected..when sarla is exposed why it was not shown that her son lost 5 lacs in gambling…even ashok character is unrealistic..riya an educated daughter in law is also depicted as a fool so is nimmi and shivam.
    It should have been named fools paradise instead.

  4. very true riya is also a fool if she behaves like that then there is no point of watching this drama

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