Mere Angne Mein 8th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 8th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya telling Nimmi that they have to stop Maasi from checking the gift. Maasi asks them to come and have food. Preeti thinks I have to inform Pari, when did not do right. She calls Pari and asks why did you do this. Pari thinks is she saying about Riya’s lipstick which I took. She says I have just gone to Riya’s room. Preeti says I m not saying that, why did you put plastic ring in the gift. Pari asks did Kaushalya see it. Preeti says no, but they will tell this to Shanti. Pari asks her to keep eye on them, and not let them say to anyone, I love you. She ends call and says I hate you foolish girl for giving such news.

Riya asks Nimmi to come. She asks Maasi to open gift once her daughter comes, I will click her pic. Maasi says I m dying to see the pic. Riya

says listen, let your daughter check this, I will capture her feelings and it will be lifetime memory. Maasi says no, I can’t say, I will see now. A boy calls Maasi. Maasi says I will take this box to Pinky, she will check this. Preeti casually sees them. Riya and Nimmi wish to pack Pari and throw her. Preeti argues. Riya asks her did she not see what Pari did, what will happen, what will Maasi think of Kaushalya’s respect, you don’t help and just say wrong things. Kaushalya is on the way and says I will tell Nimmi I m coming. Nirmala come that way and Kaushalya does not see her.

Maasi asks Pinky to get ready, Kaushalya has sent this special gift for you. Pinky starts opening the box. Riya and Nimmi go to her. Riya compliments Pinky.

Ashok sees Nirmala coming and tells Sarla that its because of you, where shall I hide. She asks him to hide in Raghav’s room. Ashok rushes upstairs. Nirmala comes and scolds Sarla, asking where is my husband. Sarla argues and says Ashok is not here, I can’t get him, look around, can you see him here, get out. Nirmala says don’t lie, I know he is here. Sarla gets broomstick and runs after Nirmala, asking her to leave. Nirmala shouts to neighbors. Sarla says I had pity on you and got you married to Ashok, you are threatening me.

Riya talks to Pinky to make her busy in talk. Pinky says another box inside, it looks special. Maasi says I think it will have gold ring, Kaushalya’s heart is big. Riya asks Pinky to get ready, its your engagement. Pinky says the guy called and said he will come late. She checks the boxes. Riya and Nimmi worry. Nirmala says I will find Ashok. Ashok thinks where to hide, and hides under the bed. Preeti smiles seeing Pinky checking the gift. Riya starts sneezing and says its big abshagun, don’t open this. Pinky says I don’t believe so, I thought you are modern.

Riya thinks what to do now. Nimmi and Riya think to faint. A girl comes and tells Pinky that her blouse got burnt. Pinky leaves the box and cries seeing the burnt blouse. Maasi says I will get another blouse. Riya asks Nimmi to tell them that she will make it fine. Nimmi says I will make this fine. Riya tells Pinky that Nimmi is good designer, she will fix this. The man asks them to come fast, groom’s family has come. Nimmi asks for sewing machine, else thread and needle, with old zari saree patch. Riya asks Pinky not to worry, its small problem. Nimmi says yes, trust me.

Maasi gets a call and asks what, food is not arranged, all guests have come, get the food. The man says its traffic jam, how should I get food. Parlor lady calls Maasi and says sorry my relative died and I can’t come. Maasi says everything is happening today, Pinky’s relation will break and cries. Riya says we will solve your problem. Kaushalya comes and asks what happened, did you do anything Nimmi. Nimmi says no, and tells the problems.

Sarla tells Nirmala that Ashok is not here, you leave. ashok sneezes. Nirmala says I heard Ashok. Sarla says no, just go, else I will ask Amit to lock the house. Nirmala thinks to take Ashok anyway, I will keep an eye on this house. She goes.

The guy’s Bua comes and gets angry seeing no arrangements done. She calls them small city people and taunts. Riya asks Bua not to increase problems. Bua says I will tell truth to my brother, don’t say we broke relation. Riya requests them to give half an hour. Bua says fine, just half an hour, else we all will leave. Preeti asks Riya what will she do now. Maasi cries and says how will we get good proposal for Pinky. Riya says stop crying, we will solve this step by step.

Riya asks Nimmi to stitch blouse, Kaushalya will cook food, will call Pari to go makeup, and Rani and Amit to help. Maasi asks the guy’s mom not to leave.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I am recommending to put serial in some kids channel by converting to it won’t waste…..i don’t know weather the story writer have any sense to create such stupid,senseless can’t say story dilemma with good actors.starplus kindly replace this show with another one…becose this writer don’t have any idea…what he is writing and where it’s heading. He should be written for some twinkle

  2. Very well said,stupid story and they are dragging it without any sens.

  3. Please stop commenting on this serial. The writers will not listen no matter what you say. By not commenting on it, I think, is the best way to send our feelings to the writers and producers of this serial.

  4. Nw nimmi will stitch the blouse, kaushalya will make food for all the guests..pari will do make up n Amit Rani will help them n above all our very own Riya will guide them..So this will b the gift to bride frm Riya n family.. Faltu bakwass.. Nonsense.. If u guys dnt hv story then better make everything fine n end this crap

  5. The strategy seems to be create panic then no action Like Nirmala coming to shanti nIketan and she could not see Kaushalaya as her cell phone dropped -Hight of the stupidity. Even chanda mama/champak story are better than this .

    The intent was Nirmala to go to SN and told everyone that she got married to Ashok but no one was there and Ashok was hiding what a nonsense – someone who paid 7-8 Lac can never be so stupid…

    Actually I treat this as comedy serial where biggest comedian is writer of the serial:)

  6. After all, stupid Ria believe greedy Pari_Amit&Rani company. Why don’t Ria do the make up. Btw brides mom had her make up and all decked up beautifully. Why don’t she do it to her daughter. Crap

  7. hummmm! Riya, Nimmi, Raghav, Kushalya, Shivam and ofcourse Shanti are such actors and this serial is running them down……

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