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Mere Angne Mein 8th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti getting up being angry on Nimmi. Kaushalya asks Shanti to rest, and asks Nimmi to stop it. The doctor asks what happened. Nimmi tells about 5 lakhs money. The doctor asks Shanti to take bed rest. Shanti jokes. Nimmi taunts Shanti. Kaushalya asks doctor for some solution. Sarla says Shanti will herself think. Rani says but Shanti is in shock. Sarla says I will also go in shock. Shanti asks doctor not to come till few months now. He leaves.

Riya and Bua come home with Anupam. Riya says she will not talk to Anupam. He asks why. Riya asks why did he hide about 5 lakhs. He says come, I will say. She asks him to say. He says he did this for her happiness. Riya says you did wrong, so you have hidden it. Suman comes and welcomes her.Suman does aarti. Bua asks why

did he not bring her plate and argues. Bunty talks to Riya. Riya says Shanti is very nice. Bunty teases her. Bua says Bunty said right about Shanti.

Shanti scolds Kaushalya and asks her to massage the legs. Sarla acts like fainting and Rani holds her. Sarla says I don’t want your pity. Shanti says Sarla might have got worried for me. Shanti asks Kaushalya to get the money back, and scolds that Riya has worn necklace and went. A lady comes and asks Kaushalya to give her saree for dry cleaning. Shanti scolds Kaushalya seeing this. The lady asks Shanti not to scold Kaushalya, Raghav has told her to come and take the sarees from Kaushalya. Shanti argues with the lady. The lady answers her well.

The lady asks Kaushalya to get the sarees and asks Shanti to give money. Shanti says she will beat her with stick. The lady warns her of police and taunts that everyone earns in her house. Shanti gets angry and says you are dancing on my head, when I m ill, take clothes and leave. Rani tells Sarla that Amit is not there. Sarla asks where did Amit go. Kaushalya brings the sarees and gives the lady. Shanti asks who will pay for this dry cleaning. A purse falls from the sarees. Shanti asks Kaushalya and Sarla to get more sarees. She gives 5rs as shagun to the lady. The lady gives money to Rani as nek and returns 5 rs to Shagun. Shanti scolds her.

Sarla says its late, and asks Kaushalya to pack tiffin for her. Rani says I will pack tiffin and goes. Shanti gets thirsty and goes to get water. She sees the purse fallen there and goes to see it. She gets money in it and gets glad that Kaushalya has come under her hands again. She recalls Renu has given the money to Kaushalya.

Pari and Vyom are on the way. She says he cares for her, he could not see her crying, and asks will he talk to his family about her. He says yes, promise. She gets glad and says I love you. They smile. Rani packs the tiffin. Sarla asks her to pack everything. She likes free sweets, she means she likes homemade sweets, badam halwa and everything. She asks where did Amit go. Rani says maybe he has gone out. Sarla calls her tubelight and goes.

Shanti smiles and comes to her room. She says now Kaushalya will not know about money. Sarla comes to her and says she will leave now. Shanti tells her that Kaushalya shows new colors, she has hidden 20000rs, money knows where is the right place and came to me. Sarla says Kaushalya is bonding with Riya and Anupam, you have to change plans. Shanti laughs and says she will manage. Sarla says Raghav is loving Shivam a lot, you have to manage home well. Shanti says don’t worry, come on right time to tie rakhi. Sarla says I have lost 5 lakhs, I don’t like this 20000rs. Shanti says sometimes we have to move back to jump high.

Sarla says fine, I will go now and come later. Shanti blesses her and sits. Sarla asks Rani to come with her. Rani says I will greet Nani and come. She touches Shanti’s feet. Shant blesses her and asks her to go. Sarla and Rani leave. Shanti counts the money and smiles. She says its same 20000rs and hides it.

Rani and Sarla are on the way. Rani thinks Sarla is hungry and talks to her. Sarla is angry as Rani was sticking to Kaushalya. Rani gets tensed and acts sweet. Riya gets bored at home. Bunty comes and teases her that she is getting bored and missing Shivam right. Riya laughs. Anupam asks Bunty to go, Suman is calling. Anupam and Riya have a talk. He asks is there everything fine. Riya says inlaws are very good. Anupam says Bua scared me about Shanti and laughs. Riya says I was also scared initially, as wedding happened in strange situation, I was worried that Shivam’s family will not accept me, then everything went fine, they gave me love, don’t worry.

She asks him about the house changed after she went. Sahil says yes, this house is ground for Suman and Bua’s fights, and asks Anupam to send them back. Anupam says house does not look lonely by their fights. Bua hears them. Riya says Anupam is hiding many things. Suman comes and asks Bua why is she spying. Riya and Anupam come there. Riya asks them not to fight. Bua and Suman argue. Riya says she is hungry and wants good. Bua goes. Riya asks Suman not to worry and take rest. Suman says I know Riya does not like food made by me. Riya says no, I will have food by your hand tomorrow. Anupam and Sahil smile.

Sarla and Rani come home. Sarla asks Rani to go and buy vegs, and gives her 10rs. She says you add the nek you got, get fresh vegs. Rani gets annoyed, as its her wedding night today and Sarla has sent her to buy vegs. She buys some vegs. Rani sees some flowers and smiles. She sees Pari and Vyom hugging in the car and gets shocked. She asks Pari from where is she coming. Pari taunts her. Rani scolds her reminding about police. Sarla asks them to come home and fight. Pari cries and asks Sarla to see Rani is scolding her. She asks Sarla to kick Rani out. Sarla says she will make Rani her maid.

She tells Pari that Rani called police here, even Raghav came so she is bearing Rani. She scolds Rani and asks her not to get after Pari. Rani says I was asking Pari, she was with a guy and hugging him. Sarla looks at Pari. Rani asks what does his mean, you tell me, I don’t want my family to lose name and respect, that’s why I was asking. Sarla gets angry. Pari thinks Shanti and Sarla did drama in Amit’s marriage and can bring hurdle in my love story also. Sarla asks Pari to answer.

Pari says Rani is lying, and asks Rani not to tell anything. Pari lies that he is client’s son. Prabha and neighbors see the fight and laugh. Sarla supports Pari and gets angry on Rani. Pari says she will see Rani. Sarla asks Prabha to not see their house and taunts Prabha for sending Rani to woo Amit. Rani says she will open Sarla’s eyes now. Nimmi tells Preeti that Shanti is upto some drama now, as she is very silent. Preeti says now marriage is over, so it will look lonely. Shanti calls Nimmi and asks her to sit with her. She looks at her and smiles. Nimmi thinks whats fishy that she is calling me by love.

Shivam sees Riya’s room’s window. The police patrols and catches him. He asks Shivam to come with them to police station. He gets worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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