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Mere Angne Mein 8th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti calling Anupam. He asks about Riya. She says she came late yesterday and Kaushalya cried, I told I will get scooty for Riya, but we have spent a lot in marriage, talk to Kaushalya. Kaushalya tells Anupam not to worry. Anupam says I told Riya to take scooty and she did not agree. Kaushalya says yes, Raghav will not like this, don’t send scooty. Shanti scolds Kaushalya and says call him again, its your right to ask for scooty. Kaushalya says we will buy scooty on installments. Anupam says explain Raghav, I will send scooty by Sahil. Kaushalya says fine. Shanti gets glad.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to call Shivam, else she will go Vridhashram. Nimmi makes list and Shanti asks her to get rickshaw, they will go and buy material. Kaushalya asks Shanti what to answer

Raghav. Shanti asks her to manage and leaves. Prashant greets Riya and asks how is she. She says I m fine. He gifts her and asks can’t she accept gift from a friend. She refuses to accept it. Shivam comes and accepts gift, asking him to get more. Riya checks the book, on Post Marriage problems on personal and professional levels. Shivam gets angry and asks how dare he. He returns it to Prashant and says you will need this after your marriage. He tries talking to Riya. Riya goes for the meeting. Shivam worries as he has to talk to Riya.

Pari takes money and hears Sujeet and Vyom. Sujeet gives plenty of money to Vyom for donation and leaves. Mata ji signs Vyom to give less money. The beggar takes his blanket and scolds Pari. He runs with her purse. She cries and leaves. Rani asks Sarla about lunch. Sarla scolds her and is tensed. She calls Shanti and asks her to bargain for payment and then keep Cd, they will see it together. Shanti says fine, I m not interested, you come. Sarla ends call and smiles. Pari is upset as she lost the purse and money. Mama and Mata ji argue over money. The pandit ji comes and greets them. He sees the money notes and Mata ji fools him.

Pandit says he got good proposal for her son. Mata ji scolds him. She thinks pandit should not find any other girl. She signs Mama and they start acting. Mama acts like dog and troubles pandit. Pandit ji runs. The man gives the cd to Kaushalya and says I have to add songs, see the Cd once, I made it really good. He says Sarla is not understanding and shows CD. She goes to get juice for him. The man gets call and goes. Kaushalya misses to see Pari stealing cash. She sees Shivam. The mans says Shivam should have not saved Sarla. She gives him money and he says he will send CD soon.

The pandit calls Shanti and tells him everything about Singh family. He says he forgot the pic at their home. Shanti asks him to take another pic. Mata ji and Mama start seeing the pics. She sees Pari’s pic and gets shocked. She thinks she has liked Pari for Sujeet, why is her pic in market. She says pandit is useful. Mama says leave it, we liked her already. Mama says if pandit will show this pic, it means her parents are finding guy for her, we can lose her.

Sujeet takes pics and says he will not marry. He gets angry and asks her to be away. Vyom stops him. Sujeet burns the pics. Mama goes to a room where a lady is locked. Sarla and men come to the videographer’s shop as dacoits and say they have come to take cash and cds. She does not get cd and ask Bansi to take CD later. Vyom comes to meet Pari. She asks why did he come. He says he will take her out. She says I can’t leave parlor. He asks her to ask her staff to manage and did she go to temple. She says no, maybe you have seen someone else. They leave. Amit looks at Ashok who is treated like waiter by his friends.

Ashok’s senior comes and scolds Ashok. Amit says Ashok has given us this place on rent. Amit says he will give some money. Ashok says its not my mistake, I did not give this place. The senior says this guy is your son, you both are running this bar. Amit’s friends look at him. Ashok asks for some time. The man asks him to prove his innocence in one week and leaves.

Sujeet shoots few things and Mata ji gets shocked. He says Vyom is not taking my call. She thinks till when she has to bear this mad son, he has POA so she is bearing him, and calls out Makdi Mama. He asks her to keep apple on her head and call Vyom now, if Vyom does not take call, he will shoot. Sahil gets scooty and says Anupam has sent this Riya’s scooty. Shanti says Raghav will not like it. Sahil says its Riya’s scooty and gives the keys. She acts sweet to him and sends Sahil by rickshaw, saying Anupam will pay fare for her travel too. Sahil leaves.

Nimmi tells Kaushalya about cheap material and argues with Shanti. Raghav comes and asks what happened. Nimmi tells about order and she wants good material to do good work. Shanti says its good material. Nimmi says this is very cheap, Dadi bought 500rs material, this will not help. Raghav asks Nimmi to show. Kaushalya stops Nimmi. Nimmi shows the cloth to Raghav. Raghav really finds the material of cheap value and says this won’t work Amma.

Raghav says Amma does now know fashion, Nimmi should have gone alone. Shanti gets angry and says she has got good clothes for them all their life. Raghav says times have changed. Nimmi says Bunty have me 15000 advance and Dadi got 500rs material. Raghav asks her to buy material and asks Shanti to give 10000rs to Nimmi. Shanti gives 10000 rs to Nimmi. Nimmi thanks Raghav and goes.

Kaushalya says videographer came and asked for 5000rs, so I gave him, he said he will give tomorrow. Shanti asks why did she give money. Raghav says its fine, give her money. Shanti gives 4500rs to Kaushalya. Kaushalya asks for more 500rs.Shanti gives for Kaushalya’s sake. Sarla comes and Kaushalya and Shanti laugh seeing her. They show mirror to Sarla and ask what drama she did. Sarla sees the cloth over her head and makes excuse.

Sarla asks about CD. Kaushalya says she has seen few moments in it and man said he will get Cd later. Sarla and Shanti scold Kaushalya. Shanti asks Kaushalya to call Shivam. Sarla says I will leave, Rani is alone. Kaushalya says Cd guy said he will get Cd today itself. Sarla thinks to stay back and asks for tea. Shivam gets to know Riya’s meeting was over and she left after waiting for him. He gets Riya’s note that she is going for field work. Kaushalya calls Shivam and asks him to talk to Riya. Shivam says its time for salary to come. She insists and ends call. Shivam thinks how to ask Riya for her salary, what will she do.

Shivam tells Riya that they all give salary to Dadi, and even she has to give her salary to Dadi, does she have any problem. She says yes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ?????? this was too long!! ?????️ please make it half hour episode and six days a week was enough

  2. Why do you have a problem such a good drama and you begging I would say make it longer you silly person why watch it if I don’t like it

  3. I meant if u don’t like it der

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