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Mere Angne Mein 8th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya getting late for office. Shanti gives her enough work. Riya’s boss calls her and asks her to come office soon for the imp presentation. Riya worries. Sujeev and Pari come to Sujeev’s home. Sharmili tells Munshi that Sujeev has got married within 9 days and did simple marriage with pandit and rituals, I will send the pics. Mama says they have come home, what to do now. Sarla is worried.

Riya gets Anupam’s call and tells about the office and household work. Anupam says your mum has balanced work well. He says Suman and Bua always end work on time. Riya says she will meet him tomorrow and inform at home. Pari smiles and thinks Sharmili has no choice than accepting me. Sharmili brings the aarti plate and throws it. She scolds Pari and asks them to kick Pari


Pari holds her legs and says Sujeev is great to accept me, I had no option. Sujeev says I did what I felt right. Sharmili taunts Pari on her status. Sujeev asks Sharmili to accept Pari. Sharmili asks Sujeev to choose between her and Pari. Mama and Vyom talk why is Sharmili acting so much. Pari gets worried. Sujeev tries to convince Sharmili.

Sarla gets angry seeing Rani smiling. Amit takes Rani to talk to her. Rani asks why did Amit bring her holding her hand, they can file missing report and police will get Pari. Amit asks Rani does she love him. Rani says yes, tell me, I can kill anyone. She hugs him. He asks Rani not to tell Pari’s matter to anyone. Rani says how will we find Pari if we don’t tell anyone. He insists. She agrees and hugs him. She says she won’t tell anyone. He says he will give her divorce if she tells anyone. Amit tells Sarla that now Rani will not tell anyone.

Mama asks Sharmili to accept Pari. Sharmili cries and says Pari has trapped my innocent son. Shivam asks Preeti did she not get ready. He asks them why did they not get ready. I know our plan failed, this time even I did not like dad leaving. He says there is still time. Pari tells Sharmili that she will stay and be as Sharmili wants. Sujeev says I did mistake that I did not tell mummy. Sharmili says its good you insulted me infront of Pari, I will die.

Sujeev stops Sharmili and says Pari and I will leave this house. Pari gets shocked. Pari asks did he go mad, mum’s feet have heaven. Sujeev asks Sharmili to agree. Sharmili says fine, Pari can stay here, but explain the rules of this house. Pari says she is ready to sign on any paper. Sharmili says I will show the papers, I want Pari to write that she will not trouble you, she will always be with you, she will support you in everything.

Sharmili says she is making her sign papers being worried for Sujeev. Sujeev hugs her and says I love you. Vyom gets papers. He asks Pari to sign papers. Rani gets Shanti’s call on Sarla’s phone. Shanti says Sarla did not answer call, where is she. Rani thinks she can tell Shanti, as she is family. Rani says Pari has run away with all her bags. Sarla hears this and runs out saying Amma. Prabha thinks where is she running, she has gone mad. Amit, Rani run after her. Prabha says she knows everything, Pari has run away. Prabha says jai ho Sunehri Mata.

Shanti sits on the floor. Kaushalya asks why is she sitting here, what happened. Shanti worries for Sarla. She cries and everyone calm her. Kaushalya asks what did Rani say. Shanti says Pari has run away from home. They ask what. Nimmi says Shanti will get a big shock and know Pari’s reality. Prabha says don’t make any issue, else we may know Pari has been kidnapped. Her husband asks her not to do any drama. Sarla comes running to Shanti, and thinks how she has no way rather than falling in mum’s feet. Preeti says I will never run away, I will tell Mohit I can’t run.

Sarla says Pari is kidnapped. Nimmi asks Sarla is she sure. Sarla asks what does Nimmi mean Pari has run away. Shivam hears this. Shivam gets a bat. Nimmi asks where is he doing. Shivam asks Amit to come, they will find who has kidnapped their sister. Amit says we will wait. Shivam asks why, I will go alone, I will find out. Amit asks him to use mind. Sarla asks will they fight. Shivam says so many people are getting kidnapped. Sarla says Pari will lose name. Kaushalya says the goons will have weapons. Shivam says I will manage, I will not leave the goons. He asks Amit is he coming or not.

Shanti asks Shivam and Amit to go and find Pari. Shanti asks Sarla to find Pari. Sarla says they will lose name, Kaushalya goes with them, asking girls to be at home. Prabha and Bindu come there. Preeti says Pari is kidnapped. Shanti takes a rickshaw. Shivam and Amit come to the pandit to ask. Shivam asks whose marriage did he do yesterday. The pandit says I don’t know. Shivam shows the pic. The pandit says yes, she was the girl, I m sure. Shivam asks who was the guy. The pandit says Sinha’s son.

Amit says its all nonsense. Shivam says let us know. He gives money to pandit and leaves. Pari signs the papers. She thinks now everything is hers. Sharmili thinks Pari will cry soon. Sharmili asks Sujeev and Pari to take rest. Pari asks Sujeev to come. Sujeev gets attack and asks why will she come with me to my room, why did she hold my hand. Pari asks what happened. She thinks Sujeev is scared of his mum and doing this.

Sujeev asks Mama whats happening here. Vyom asks Sharmili to manage. Pari gets worried. Shanti meets some stall vendor. The man tells her about Sinha’s son kidnapping some girl. The man says the girl’s brothers are finding her. Shanti asks is this true. The man says yes, everyone comes to get news from me. Shanti says fine, it’s the girl’s family problem. She gives some money and leaves to go Sinha haveli. Kaushalya thinks.

Shivam beats Mama and Sujeev. Shanti, Kaushalya and Sarla come there and see Sujeev beating Shivam.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. very slow serial……………none of the reality of shanti, sarla and her children came out in front of raghav and riya……….boring serial

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