Mere Angne Mein 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 8th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya telling about buying earrings for Pari. Nimmi says Pari was happy seeing the earrings. Pari comes. Shanti asks about gold earrings, Kaushalya was complaining. Pari asks why, Preeti’s mum in law came and asked me to buy, Kaushalya just paid money. Shanti asks when did she come. Pari tells what all she bought. Shanti gets shocked. Nimmi says I told you will regret. Pari shows photos. Shanti gets angry.

Nandu dines with his mum and Preeti. Nandu’s mum asks servant to get pickles sent by Kaushalya. Servant says pickles got fungus. Nandu’s mum creates a scene. She says its big abshagun. Nandu asks what is she saying. She says they will always insult us, do they think you are still a clerk. Preeti says no, I will explain them. She thinks I will see this old

lady. She says I will talk to my mum and goes.

Pari says I m not feeling good, I will get saree and earrings. Shanti says let it be, Kaushalya would have thought well. Pari thinks there is no drama here. Kaushalya says yes, I gave this happily, what could I do. Shanti says just tell me how much money did you ruin. Kaushalya says 35000rs. Shanti gets shocked. She asks how did you pay it. Kaushalya says I just gave 10000rs. Shanti says now I understand, you did this shooting this to get money, you felt I will not know this, I took all money, how will you pay money now, you had to make Pari and Nandu’s mum happy, get money from your brother. Kaushalya says I did mistake, but what could I do.

Kavita comes for training in modern dress. Shivam asks her to run. She thinks how will I run in this dress. She says you are foolish. He asks her to say it again. She says I can just do ramp walk in this dress, not run. He asks her to run, where did your jewelry go. She says I did not get time, give me time tomorrow, I will get ready well. He says I take care of my players. He ties a weigh nut in cloth and asks her to wear it as anklet. He says I think something is missing, your necklace. He gets the chain. She asks are you mad. He asks you guys wear kamarbandh too. He ties the weights to her and makes her run.

Mannu and Sinha come to Raghav. Mannu asks for sweets. Raghav greets Sinha and says Shivam is training your daughter. He apologizes if Shivam did something wrong. Mannu says no, he is happy with Shivam, his daughter was praising him. Raghav says its good. Sinha says I m happy, someone is managing my daughter, all coaches used to run away, your son has won my daughter’s heart. Raghav says I m glad. Mannu asks for laddoos. Raghav says great. She asks him not to make any reason now.

Preeti comes home and thinks Shanti will take money from me, I will start drama. She comes there and throws pickle barni. She gets angry and argues. Shanti scolds Preeti. Kaushalya says I gave the pickles to her. Preeti says yes, it was rotten. Pari smiles and thinks I was missing this drama. Preeti says my mum in law has taunted me so much. Shanti checks pickles and asks Kaushalya why is she sending pickles to them, tell me what else did you send. Kaushalya says nothing, I just gave pickles. Shanti scolds her.

Nandu’s mum Surekha welcomes her relatives. The lady says you have become hero’s mum, so you are showing attitude. Surekha says no, I m still the same. The lady asks where is the celebrations. Surekha says I called bhajan mandli, Nandu comes. Aunty compliments him. Producer comes and sees the house messy. Nandu sends him to his room. Nandu asks Surekha to clean the place. He takes blessings from relatives. Shanti checks the pickles and sees fungus. She throws the barni and asks Kaushalya to see fungus, what shall I do of you. Kaushalya gets shocked. Shanti asks what shall I do now, go from here, don’t show me your face. Shanti calms down and says salaries will come today, I got happy, you get accounts book.

Shanti asks Kaushalya did she save money. Kaushalya says I don’t have anything saved.

Update Credit to: Amena

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