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Mere Angne Mein 8th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav talking to Shanti. She asks him not to make worried face, I will manage everything. Sujeev asks is everything fine. Shanti says yes, I got some items, where is Sharmili. Sujeev says she is in her room, and sends Shanti. Renu asks Kaushalya is Shanti doing this. Kaushalya asks Renu not to blame Shanti, why will she do this in Preeti’s marriage, she is most worried, she has gone now to manage things, stop breaking my family. She scolds Renu. Preeti says Maa…. Renu gets sad and apologizes to Kaushalya. She says sorry, I will stay as guest only and cries. Kaushalya holds her head and says what did I do.

Pari says I will burn all sarees, and Riya stops her. Shanti comes and scolds Pari for burning shagun sarees got by Riya. Sarla asks what are you saying, its

Pari’s inlaws. Sharmili says sorry, if my daughter was creating such scene like this, I would have slapped her. Shanti says I know the guests, they came to see free drama here, all are clever and want to break marriage.

She says mangalsutra is also black, its not abshagun, why this black saree abshagun song is going on then. Sharmili agrees with Shanti. Shanti asks Pari why did she not tell them, why did she create so much drama. Shanti says I got all new sarees, you check that once. Sharmili says its okay. Pari says no Nani, abshagun has happened, this can’t happen now. Shanti fumes.

Kaushalya cries and apologizes to Renu. Preeti gets Mohit’s call again. Kaushalya asks Renu to forgive her. Riya cries and tells Shanti that she is not responsible for this, the sarees got changed. Shanti starts acting and says who will change sarees, did I change. Riya says we will ask shopkeeper, he would know it. Shanti sends everyone outside and scolds Pari for dragging the drama in her favor.

Preeti answers Mohit’s call and asks him not to call her again. He shouts Preeti ji… He says she called me and now insulting me. His mum says that girl is just playing with your emotions, leave her, forget her forever, you divert your mind in your dad’s business, we will find a nice girl for you. He says I just love Preeti ji. His mum slaps him many times and goes. He says I will just marry Preeti. She locks him. He goes out by the window.

Sarla tells Raghav that Riya got black sarees and it was big scene there, Pari is foolish and taking her inlaws side, she is saying she will break marriage, everyone is breaking my dreams, I mean my family’s dreams. Renu calls Sarla and asks is everything fine there. Sarla says Riya spoiled everything, and scolds her. She ends call. Kaushalya asks Renu what did Sarla say. Renu says Sarla said nothing is fine there. Kaushalya cries and starts worrying.

Shanti makes Pari apologize to Sharmili. Pari says sorry, I was swimmings in emotions. Nimmi tells Shivam that I m scared Preeti is marrying in wrong house. Shivam says I also feel so, what will we do now. Nimmi says send me here in dowry. He smiles and says then all family members will be out of home next day. She laughs.

Sujeev asks Sharmili what happened. Sharmili does not tell him. She thanks Shanti for managing everything so well. Shanti asks her not to take tension, I will see everything, there won’t be any problem in marriage, if children do mistake, forgive them. Sharmili says it happens in marriage, I forgot it, don’t worry and prepare for marriage, we will meet in marriage now. She asks Raghav not to worry. Raghav greets her and leaves with his family.

They all come back to Shanti Sadan. Kaushalya asks what happened. Shanti says everything is fine, no need to worry. Raghav asks them to be happy and not have upset faces. Raghav thanks Shanti for managing everything. He says I felt very bad that Pari created such big thing. Shanti says yes, Pari changed a lot, she got spoilt. She asks Preeti not to change after going there, is this way to treat Maayka. Sarla stares at her. Shanti asks Riya why did she do mistake again. She blames Riya and says I had to beg to Sharmili because of you. Kaushalya scolds Riya and asks her not to do anything, else Preeti’s marriage will break. Raghav shouts on Kaushalya and asks her to think and talk, Riya is their bahu…. Shanti stares at Raghav.

Riya asks Shanti how to change address of venue now, we have got it written on cards. Shanti makes Riya sit on the swing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what daadi we have in this serial trying to break relations of grand son and grand daughter ; Baalika vadhu surekha sikhri was dominant but such a great respect she carried due to her maturity and writers have written her character with respect who changes gradually – Here shanti devi is not aged ; no morality ; no maturedness in character or behaviour writer is responsible to most part cant the actors feel the regressive story line and protest character assanination

  2. Thanks raghavu iam tired of khaushalya she is so stupid she doesnt understand that riya is not her daughter that she can order her around and when she make mistake she can shout to her like she want she is her daughter in law and that khaushalya should stay in limit

  3. I think Renu still thinks that shanti was behind the sarees changing but she kept quiet. But she should’ve spoke up. Does raghav have suspicions the way he spoke to kushiya, he didn’t say anything to Riya. Hope Renu speaks to Riya about the sarees being changed.

  4. This show is getting worse and worse each day. I have already reduced watching this from daily to once a week. Nothing changes really though. This show is destined to imbibe the victory of evil over good. Shanti over Riya. As an audience I would like to see swings every other day if not daily, whats the point is showing evil rule 30 episodes and 1 episode for disclosing the conspiracies. Writer Sir if you are bored please hand over to someone else.

    1. Good comment!

  5. Shanti Devi is not a Devi but a Devil, vicious and dangerous, and we all know that. But, please let Riya be firm and unapologetic, and let her never say “Mujhe Maaf Kar Dijiye”. Apologizing for a crime that she has not committed does not show her strength of character. Please show that besides natural grace and exceptional beauty Riya also possess a strong backbone.

  6. this is getting boring

  7. This show is stupid. Stop telecasting. Which century are we the Bhuj is stupid, irritating ‘there should memorial ins tortes, always melodrama. I today’s world no daughter in law will listen to her mil leave alone mil’s mil

  8. Why are serial writers bent on showing ladies as either foolish or too clever with no moral standards? It is difficult to imagine a grandmother creating problems one after the other at the time of her granddaughter’s wedding.

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