Mere Angne Mein 8th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with jeweler coming to Shanti Sadan. He shows the new designs to Shanti and asks are you really getting Shivam remarried. Shanti says yes, our first bahu was not good, this time I will test the girl well. She praises Chanda. He asks Shanti to buy jewelry for Preeti too, she could not buy anything in her marriage. Preeti comes and says I was forced to marry a clerk, if Riya did not come in this house, my life would be something else. Riya says don’t say anything. Preeti asks why should I say and takes Anupam’s name, which angers Riya a lot.

Vyom and everyone dine. Pari comes and asks Nimmi to sit anywhere else. Sharmili asks why, is this your place. Vyom pretends to be good to Nimmi. Pari kicks Mama. Nimmi gets hurt by some soup falling over her hand. Vyom cares for Nimmi.

Nimmi says I can’t do this acting. Vyom says you have to do this love drama. Shanti asks jeweler to see Riya, she is Shivam’s first wife, she feels she can rule on everyone. She says just I have right to stare here, be here for few days and then leave. Riya says if anyone talks to me badly, I will talk same way. Shanti says I will make you count each day.

Chanda hides her face and is going somewhere. She sees Preeti and rushes. Jeweler tells Shanti that he has to go now. Chanda comes home. Shanti asks why did she much time to come home from temple. Shanti says she is Chanda, show her jewelry designs. Chanda looks at Riya. Riya asks her why is she looking, she got good chance to loot everything. Shanti asks jeweler to tell the amount and time of making. He says he will get jewelry in one week. He goes. Chanda asks Shanti to permit her to go and rest. Shanti asks her to go, why is she taking permission. She smiles being impressed with Chanda.

Nirmala tries a saree and asks Rani which saree is good. Rani says you will look same wearing any saree. Nirmala gives her 10000rs and asks her to buy anything of her choice. Rani asks what work do you have. Nirmala says I m giving you thinking you as my daughter, tell me which saree is good, I will wear on my marriage. Rani asks what, are you doing second marriage, with whom. Nirmala says no one, I can’t tell you. Rani asks her to say. Nirmala says I promised Sarla, I can’t say anything. She goes. Rani says what does Sarla has to do with Nirmala’s marriage. She recalls Nirmala with Amit and doubts. She says I felt Nirmala is after Ashok, but Sarla is not worried, is Nirmala after my Amit, I will not leave her today.

Riya calls Nandu and asks about Kaushalya. He says she is fine. She asks what happened that Kaushalya left home. He says Kaushalya is upset and crying. Riya says I will try to get Kaushalya back, but I need your help. Shanti thinks what to do, Kaushalya is not at home and cooking work is left. Shanti hears Riya talking on phone and laughs. She says ask anyone for help, but no one can stop Shivam’s marriage. Riya says fine, you do all preparations. Shanti jokes on Riya and says I will get a lahenga for you also, you do Chanda’s grahpravesh and then we will do your bidaai from this house. Riya ignores her. Shanti goes to cook food.

Riya goes to help Shanti. Shanti does not take her help and cooks. Riya thinks let Shanti do what she wants, I will go. Shanti laughs. Rani goes to Nirmala and keeps knife on her neck. She says I want to make you my mum and you want to become my Sautan, you are eyeing my husband. Nirmala scolds her and asks her to return 10000rs. Rani asks her to say whom is she marrying. Nirmala says trust me, you will regret to get enmity with me. Shanti calls a shopkeeper and asks for tailor’s number. She goes to see Chanda. Chanda rests in her room and in her true roadside girl avatar. She calls her boyfriend and asks will he make her wait, just come running to me, I m sitting here because of you, else I would have dealt with them and left. Shanti enters her room. Chanda sees Shanti and gets shocked. Chanda tries to pretend again. Shanti asks what happened, why did your face turn pale, with whom were you talking. Chanda says no one, I was feeling hot, fan is not working, so I was sitting free way. Shanti says my ears don’t cheat me, I have heard you talking.Chanda worries.

Shivam asks Riya to sit on his bike. Riya asks by which right, you reminded me that we signed divorce papers. He asks by what right are you staying in my house, wipe this sindoor. She holds his hand and stops him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Is Rani mad or what!..still fighting for that stupid Amit…and as usual dragging,,,Chanda will cook up any new story

    1. R u kidding? Everyone in this serial is mad? senseless show

      1. You areRight

      2. Oops Dolly I forgot !! hehe

  2. Now Shanti will kick Chanda out without informing anyone, and start blaming Riya ,,, nd again drama,,,:(, when Riya proved Sarla wrong, even Shivam didnt supported her, nd said dont break relations bla bla,,, nd they are blaming Riya 4 everything now, its too much

  3. I hate that chanda and her true face will completely reveal

  4. A welcome change after being tested for our patience, if saaya is correct and Chanda cooks up a new story, it would be very disappointing. Riya is so much refreshing to watch when she sheds her crying genre.

    1. MAM is well known for dragging story line,,so I think ,they won’t kick out Chanda so easily!

  5. They all gonna blame on riya if loot them another crap talking that she riya brought Chandra home riya should have back up plan no slow go fast think something otherwise it gonna be lot blaming on riya I hope Chandra should everything from clever dadi she always she my angne mein I think she loot this mad house shanti shadan one for all and teach lessons to dadi not trust on strangers I know at end riya will blame by everyone poor riya I feel sad for her .

  6. i have started hating this serial …….y riya is silent and not revealing the truth ,,,,,that she has not done anything wrong during the marriage …..its all pretti’s fault………i am waiting for that day……………

  7. What crap serial..started well but now its rubbish..tell me in this day and age dies any self respecting girl dress like Shanti to prove her shady actions.NO..Riya you are are educated so why don’t you do something different..i mean stop talking back at the moron dadi.You also need to tell the truth that Prity is at fault ..why you protecting her and Nimmi and getting insulted..why…they don’t care for you or their brother’slife…such selfish sisters.Shivam is blind to the how you gona gain his trust and love…please we are fed up fo something or call mohit to tell the truth..stop playing a dutiful bahu..for whom and why?????

  8. shivam is the biggst stupid charctr in this serial.. he does nothing … only show his angry eye thats it … bullshit

  9. For all the stupidity in this serial, blame the story writers. They have no clue how to make this serial entertaining.

  10. The biggest crap of this serial are Preeti kauhslya and shivam..senseless,spineless and blind follower..they don’t have guts to tk incharge of their wrong deeds..idiot nd frustrating storyline..nd madam x nd her goons nd shanti how could they play so safe that noone can see their cunningness..I am from mughalsarai nd it really disappoints me that they r ruining my town’s name..hate this serial..

  11. In that big city none can identify the goons behind madam x.Hw long sarala goes on telling lies ?god only knows. The head of the family of shanthi sadan did not care abt the chaos going inside the this possible to alliow a stranger to stay at house n this modern age?(all r having mobiles.).

  12. i dont like this chanda at all

  13. I think mohit has sent Chanda to Shanti sadan. Director pls bring Mohit Back and love to see that Sarla will be soon in problems, yesssssssssssssssssssss. She has caused a lot of misunderstandings, and Shivam be mature ok.

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