Mere Angne Mein 8th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 8th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani asking Aarti to make a new start with Shivam, everyone will accept you, you are very good, you will win everyone’s heart. Aarti says I just know, a woman names her life to just one person, I don’t want to do a sin. Rani says its your mu dikhai today, I can just bless you, touch my feet, I m your Jethani. Aarti says I thought you will understand me. Rani says I do understand, take care of Shivam and baby. Aarti takes her blessings. Aarti thinks I can’t bear all this now. Rani asks Aarti to go home. She sends Aarti.

Shanti introduces Pari and baby to Chandra. Kaushalya says room is set. Chandra says I heard about this baby, her mum died after giving her birth. Shanti says what to do, its a rule of world, person takes birth and dies. He asks about Shivam. She

says he went on work. He says I can understand, his life is work now, did you not think of his marriage, everyone needs partner, I will tell you if I see any nice girl. Aarti comes home and sees him.

Aarti takes baby. Chandra asks Shanti who is she, I met her on the way. Pari says she is Charni, she is Shivam’s second wife. Shanti gets angry. Pari says don’t ask how marriage happened, it was surprise for all. Chandra says but Shanti said… Shanti says I did not say anything, you do bhakti and dhyaan. Chandra says your heart looks restless, do you have any problem. Shanti says leave it, go to your room, stay there, do puja. Chandra says I want satvik food made by bahu, not daughter, tell Shivam’s wife to make food for me, according to rules, its good to make younger ones work.

Nimmi puts clothes for drying. Golu sees her and smiles. He thinks to make a start. He calls her out. She turns. He hides and says I m much scared of her, she will refuse to me if I ask her to get friendly, I have to do something special.

Shanti asks Aarti to stay in some corner till Chandra is here. Pari says make her leave from here. Shanti says let Shivam come, she will send her. She asks Kaushalya to get tea. She asks Nimmi to do work faster. Amit gets baraat for Rani and announces that he loves Rani. He asks Rani to come downstairs. Rani asks Prabha to see, Amit is dancing on my fingers. Prabha says fine, you go and stay happy with him.

Rani refuses to go with Amit. Amit asks her to listen. Amit asks band people to go and scolds the man. He asks them to take money from Ashok. Kaushalya thinks I don’t like Charni, Shivam will find some way. Ladies come and congratulate. They all gossip about Shivam and Charni. Kaushalya gets angry. The ladies ask her to get Aarti for mu dikhai. Lady says I will go and get her. Nimmi and Preeti ask lady to stop. Aarti plays with baby. Lady asks her to come for mu dikhai. Aarti refuses. Lady says ladies will give you shagun. She takes Aarti downstairs. They do her mu dikhai. Shanti comes and looks on angrily. Aarti gets tensed.

Chandra says my Dada ji gave this silver coin and asked me to give this to baby, I will give her something else, you keep this as mu dikhai. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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