Mere Angne Mein 8th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 8th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amit lying to Shanti that Riya wanted to spend time with him. Sarla signs him. Shanta says I can’t believe this. Rani tries to hear and could not hear anything. Shanti says I will not leave her and opens the door. Rani falls. Shanti scolds her and asks Rani to be in kitchen. She shuts the door and says I understand what Amit is saying, but we gave that medicine to Riya at home, how did you faint. Amit says I fainted as shutter got down, Shivam did not open shutter for 2 hours, he was enjoying when I was locked.

Sarla says Shivam lied to us, Riya is very clever. Shanti says yes, she saved today, I will kick her out soon. They laugh. Ashok comes and asks did Amma come. Rani says yes, Shanti is inside the room. Ashok says I wish Sarla gave time to home. Shanti comes

and taunts Ashok. Shanti asks him about the stall. Ashok signs Rani not to say. Rani says its running well, Nirmala and he are good pair, I think Lord made their pairing. Shanti asks Ashok to have some shame and change. She leaves. Rani worries and asks Ashok shall I make tea for you. He refuses.

Kaushalya calls Preeti and Nimmi. She asks about bhajan mandli program, did it go well, did anything happen. Nimmi tells everything what happened. Kaushalya gets shocked. Nimmi says it was not Riya’s mistake in this. Kaushalya says I will come home soon.

Its morning, Rani thinks to arrange Amit’s clothes in Sonal’s cupboard, and then Amit will come to room to take his clothes. She reads news about rats troubling people in Moghalsarai. She gets an idea and damages Sarla’s clothes to put blame on rats.

Shanti gets angry on Nimmi. She asks about Preeti. Nimmi says she is in room, she is fine. Shanti calls Sarla and tells about Preeti’s problem, how will Preeti get married, Nimmi and Sonal’s marriage can have problem. Sarla says yes, you are right, Mohit is mad to come there drunk, don’t worry, I will fit Preeti and Nimmi at right place. She ends call and thinks to call Mohit’s mum.

Sarla calls Mohit’s mum and tells about Mohit was beaten, when he went drunk to meet Preeti, explain him, I understand your pain. His mum thanks Sarla. She scolds Mohit for getting beaten up. Mohit says nothing such happened mom. She asks him not to lie to her. She says she got the call, and came to know all this. He asks who called you. Mohit calls Sarla and asks who is she. She says I m Preeti’s Bua. He asks is this way to talk. She says I speak to misbehaving people like this. He says nonsense and leaves.

Sarla sees her sarees torn and asks what happened to my sarees. She goes and asks Rani. Rani tells about the rat going in the cupboard. Sarla checks Ashok’s clothes are fine. She says check Amit’s clothes and asks why are Sonal’s clothes here in Amit’s cupboard. She gets Amit’s clothes in Sonal’s cupboard. Rani says rat has come, so I swapped clothes, he is doing business now, he has to wear good clothes. Sarla says I knew you did all this. Rani says see Amit’s shirt which you liked it, its also torn. Sarla says I understand everything, you did this, forget it, Amit’s and your clothes won’t be together, Amit will not enter your room.

Sonal comes and Rani asks about her photo printed tshirt. She asks Sonal to get her and Amit’s pic printed on the shirt. She hugs Sonal. Sarla hears them and thinks to fail Rani’s plan. Shivam wakes up Riya by putting her finger in hot tea. She wakes up and says you burnt my finger. She asks how did she get drunk, you came home from Amit’s office.

He asks what are you saying, I came home, Nimmi gave me tea and I just had it, what happened. Did I do anything, tell me. He says you did great thing, you made Dadi dance. She asks what, did Dadi not say anything. He says yes, she told you and your dad too. She asks did Papa come? She says what would be Papa thinking. He says don’t worry, he was worried thinking why are you behaving like this, tell me what did you eat or drink, even Amit fainted in office, what was you saying in sleep about challenge. She says nothing, I tell boss that I challenge you that I will work well, maybe I was saying that, my work stress.

Kaushalya comes home. Shanti says you might have known what Riya did. Kaushalya says I don’t think Riya will drink. Riya comes there and Shanti looks at her. Shivam, Nimmi and Preeti look on from upstairs. Shivam signs Riya to say sorry. He tells Nimmi that Shanti will forgive Riya, or maybe not, I m in tension. Riya does situps. She says I m fine now, I did not know what I did, Shivam told me, I don’t remember anything, forgive me Dadi ji.

Shanti says its good to know your frustration. Nimmi pities on Shivam. Shanti scolds Riya and gets a stick. She asks Riya to beat her with stick. Raghav comes home and asks whats happening. Kaushalya says nothing, someone made Riya and Amit eat anything, Riya fainted here and Amit fainted in office. Raghav asks what did anyone fed them. Shanti says tell clearly or shall I say. Sarla scolds the kids for spoiling her wall. Rani gets Sonal’s call. Sonal says I gave the pic and items, you will get it today. Rani thanks her and dances.

Sarla asks Rani what happened. Rani says my parcel will come. Rani gets the parcel and opens it. she gets tshirt and mug with Sarla’s pic. Sarla laughs. Rani says you did not do this right. Sarla asks her to keep all this back in box, I will give this to Amit, he will get blessings by my pic. Rani gets upset. The kids come and ask for ball that fell in balcony. Rani gets an idea and calls them. She gives them color pens and gives them tshirt with Sarla’s pic to spoil. Sarla comes and asks what are these kids doing here. She sees the tshirt and mug spoiled. She scolds and beats them. The kids run. Rani laughs and says you look horrible. Sarla says you made them do this. Rani says they are small kids, they did this. Sarla cries. Rani says we will give this in Amit’s agency to shoo off bad sight. Sarla beats her.

Nimmi tells Raghav that Riya made everyone dance, Bua got ghungroos and gave to Riya, Riya and Shanti danced as Shanti and Sarla united, we had fun. Shanti says yes, she was so happy that…. Raghav says its good that you celebrated, Sarla was asking why did we not do Preeti’s visarjan, she did much drama on road, now she is back in home. I m very tired, I will rest, give me tea. He goes to his room. Shanti says take rest, we will talk later. Shanti thinks Riya got army here who is saving her one by one.

Riya gets boss’ call and attends it. She says I have to go Allahabad urgently. Kaushalya asks her to go. Riya says but how to arrange taxi. Shivam says I will arrange. They all go. Shanti asks Nimmi to stop. Shanti takes stick and scares Nimmi for taking Riya’s side. She runs to beat Nimmi.

Sarla asks Amit nott o do anything wrong to fall in trouble. Amit says I will do right, your plans got old, I will do plannings now. She says I have a good plan. He says I will manage, we have to kick out Riya, then Shanti Sadan will become Sarla Sadan.

He gets a call and says fine, I will come. He smiles and tells Sarla that I have to go Allahabad for training, Riya is coming along. Sarla thinks and calls Shanti. She tells her that Amit and Riya are going Allahabad together, this time Riya will not come back home. Shanti asks why, what will you do. Sarla says I will tell later.

Riya gives tea to Shanti and Kaushalya. Riya gets a call and boss asks her to leave immediately. Shanti asks Riya is she going with Amit. Riya says yes, I took his guarantee, so I have to go with him. Kaushalya asks Riya to pack her bags and go. Riya does her packing. Shivam comes and she asks why are you worried. He says you are going with Amit, that’s why I m worried. She says I m not a kid, don’t worry.

He says yes, but Amit is stupid, I don’t trust him. she says trust me, I handle such people well, if any problem comes in agency, blame will be on me, don’t worry. They hug.

Shanti tells Sarla that Riya is going Allahabad. Sarla says let her go, Riya will forget everything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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