Mere Angne Mein 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya asking Amit about visiting her college. Amit lies about NGO work. He asks Riya to help him. Riya says I m not Riya now, I have no documents. Shanti says yes, she has no certificates. Amit says you can take help from me also. Amit says I will leave now, I have much work, I will publicize your campaign and get votes for you. Shanti asks him to explain Sarla to take her name back, else I will die. Amit says don’t say this, my heart gets hurt, I will stop Sarla. He leaves.

Party members come to Sarla’s house. The lady says we have to distribute this items to public. Sarla asks why so much. The lady says if you give this to them, they will give you votes by taking the gifts. Sarla laughs and says you mean bribe. The lady says its a gift, public will be happy.

They leave. Sarla and Pari get shocked seeing sarees and cookers. Sarla asks Pari to keep sarees and cookers aside. She says we will sell this. Pari says I don’t like cheating, I m simple. Sarla laughs on her words. She says Shanti will not give anything, she is poor. She calls Bansi and asks about Amit. He says Amit left, I m keeping an eye here, I want some money. She ends call. Pari takes a saree.

Nimmi asks Preeti where was she, I was waiting. Prreeti asks did I ask you to wait, you should have told me. Nimmi says Dadi called you to campaign for her. Preeti says why, I m with Sarla. Nimmi says Sarla has to move back. Preeti says Shanti has to move back, Sarla is not less, she is Shanti’s shadow, you support Shanti, I will support Sarla, you all use Sarla. Nimmi says you changed. Preeti says your sister changed, you and Shanti go to hell. Nandu scolds Preeti. Nimmi cries and leaves. Nandu asks her to listen.

Shanti campaigns for her party and gets pics clicked. Riya recalls Amit’s words and thinks maybe Amit was saying true, shall I doubt on him, will they agree if I say. Shanti asks Riya to get tea. Riya gets tea. Shanti makes excuse and does not drink the tea. The man says you does not look like you are on hunger strike, you look healthy. Shanti asks do you think I m lying, ask Kaushalya, I did not have food and water. The man says I m praising you. Shanti says yes, I m healthy. Minister asks Riya to tell her family to vote them.

Shanti says keep Riya away, she will make us lose, her kundli is bad, we want her existence proof, court is saying Riya is not alive, all documents got stolen. Minister says so what ration card will have name. She says that’s also stolen. He says we will make new one made, we can take ration card copy. Riya smiles and thanks him for solving their problem. Riya asks shall I go and give application. Shanti asks when will you go then. Bansi hears this and calls Sarla.

He informs Sarla. Sarla says Riya always troubles, I will send Pari there. Riya collides with Bansi and apologizes. Riya says I have seen you somewhere. Sarla hears them. He acts and leaves. Nimmi comes there. Riya says I m going for some work, go home. Sarla says Riya might know about him. She runs to Pari and asks her to go fast. Pari says I don’t understand. Sarla asks her to manage ration card office people. Pari says fine, focus on elections, tell them about Rani torturing you, get vote by every bahu and saas. Sarla says fine, I know Shanti can’t stay hungry in this age. Pari leaves.

Shanti thinks does Sarla know about me or not, its good if she agrees, else I will be left hungry. Kaushalya asks Nimmi why did she make extra food. Shanti says what to do of this great woman. She asks Kaushalya to make extra food as some people will come. She thinks to make Sarla agree. She acts to faint. She does drama. Kaushalya and Nimmi make her lie on bed. Shanti asks Nimmi not to call doctor, call party members. Nimmi goes and asks party members to come fast, Shanti got unwell.

Shanti asks Nimmi to get phone. She records her message and does Tawa party campaign. Minister says we can play with emotional cards. Shanti says give me message to everyone and make our party win, I don’t want our party to lose to Sarla. They all cheer for Shanti. Kaushalya says I will go and sing bhajan till you win, I will start your election campaign. Shanti asks Nimmi to go, I m fine now. Nimmi says I will go later and be with you. Shanti orders Nimmi to go and campaign. Nimmi goes. Shanti says now see Sarla what happens, I have played politics all my life. She smiles.

Pari and Bansi tell ration card guy to remove Riya’s name. Riya gets shocked when man tells her that her name is removed from ration card, her dad and sister in law came just now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This is such a bad show only morons can watch it

    1. Yet u come here and complain about it

    2. Agree completely. It is nauseating just to read the writen update. Absolute nonsense. Forget about watching the show

    3. Very true.

  2. Oh my word. What the hell is going on in tis serial. How can you declare someone dead without a death certificate. How can Riya have doubts regarding Amit. Please stop this stupidity. Is it so easy to walk into any government Dept. And get info without proof of identification.

  3. I think writers need to do research for a track to check what needs to be shown before telecasting it.

  4. Maybe its the lawyer in me talking, but the drama is nonsense. If the state make the allegation they killed Riya then it is for them to prove it, not Riya to prove she’s alive. Although I like watching serials this is just silly now as its no longer realistic!

  5. It is very bad show. Total waste of time. In this serial only one person has mind. All people are blind and fool.

  6. I hate all negative character in the show they all keep on winning and the positive character are loser .The whole show revolve around sarla I hate when she keep winning and anyone else lose
    Why she tying get her mother cheat shant is clever can’t she her daughter is cheater and liyer I don’t watch I only read written update

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