Mere Angne Mein 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 8th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya asking Kaushalya about much expenses. Kaushalya says we get clothes for festivals, I got it from sale, Shanti gets every year. Riya says I understand, I want to say we should save money. She asks what is this, I don’t understand, it means so much money got spent in 5 days. Nimmi scolds Riya and says you should be ashamed, Kaushalya did not spent money on herself. Riya says I m just saying… Nimmi says Dadi never did this, how can you ask accounts from money, what is Kaushalya’s mistake if Maharaj ji came, and medicines were for uncle, its my mistake, I should have written Anupam’s name. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to stop it. Nimmi says I will give accounts. She says Anupam’s medicines 500rs, fruits 300rs, doctor fees, Kaushalya did not let me write this in diary.

Riya asks why are you angry, I just asked as medicines are written twice here, so I have asked.

Nimmi says there are expenses, we have big family. Riya apologizes to Kaushalya, and says I was worried as we have just 12000rs now and still 15 days to go, I did not wish to hurt you. She goes. Shanti hears them and taunts Kaushalya that if you make children head, then children will question parents. Kaushalya swears that she did not do any spending. Shanti says Riya is asking accounts for the salary/money Raghav and Shivam got home. She thinks it just started, I have to write Riya’s chapter.

Sarla comes to Amit and scolds him. She beats him and says I want good for you, how could you give new saree to Rani. He says no, I got that saree for you, she has stolen it. She asks who are laughing here, and goes to see. She gets shocked seeing gambling going on there. Amit says she is my mother. Sarla says it means Rani said right, how does she know more than me. He says don’t know, she came as ladies james bond. She says Ashok said right, why are you doing this.

Sarla asks about money. Amit tells the risk he takes. She agrees. She asks him to make her partner. He says he can’t risk her. She says if anything happens, I will not leave you, I want half profit. He agrees to give her money, and gives writes it on chit. She takes the chit with assurance and goes. Nandu sees a bangle seller. He dreams of Preeti and makes her wear bangles. Tu meri prem ki bhasha……….plays…….. They both smile. Nandu buys bangles for Preeti and imagines Preeti wearing the bangles.

Riya goes to Kaushalya and apologizes to her. She says I m in tension and told all that. Kaushalya says its fine, you have right. Riya says I did not wish to hurt you, forgive me. Kaushalya says its okay, don’t cry. She says I m also wrong to get annoyed always. They hug. Shanti looks on and thinks to do something to divide Kaushalya and Riya.

Nirmala talks to Ashok at the food stall. She says I will leave now, and asks him to manage the stall. He asks her to go. She goes. Sarla lights matchstick and ignites stove. She is about to burn saree, and Rani stops her. They both argue. Pari comes and takes Sarla’s side. Rani taunts her. Pari asks Sarla to come, to talk to her. Rani asks Pari to take Sarla, and argues. Sarla and Rani argue more over the saree. Sarla asks Rani to make tea and goes with Pari.

Nandu goes and looks inside Preeti’s room. Shivam comes there looking for Nimmi. Mohit gets tensed and hides inside the room. Shivam goes. Nandu gets relieved and keeps the bangles for Preeti there. Preeti comes to the room and shuts the door. He silently goes to balcony and hides. Preeti stands seeing the sky and goes. Shivam sees Nandu there and asks what are you doing here. Nandu says I went to do pushups and leaves.

Pari asks Sarla about the plan, Sharmili will make Vyom marry somewhere else, hurry up. Sarla says its fine, you don’t care for us. Pari argues and says I just want to get Vyom married to Preeti. Sarla says I have spent 10000rs till now, I will get 8000rs atleast. Pari says just say you want moneys. Sarla says yes, give me money. Pari says I don’t have. Sarla takes Pari’s ring and says its diamond ring. Pari says its fake. Sarla says no, it looks real. Pari says its real, don’t take. Sarla laughs and asks why are you getting Vyom married to Preeti, there is something I don’t know. Pari says my mummys is just one piece in world. Sarla says what happens if I take this ring, and goes.

Riya goes to Shivam and hugs him. He smiles and asks her to say something. She says you are not understanding my problem. He pacifies her. She says I don’t know expenses here and asking Kaushalya about it. He asks her not to limit Kaushalya and Nimmi, as I have seen Dadi doing this. I m sure you will find some midway, and hugs her asking her to forget all this.

Shanti calls Sarla at night. She tells Sarla everything about many expenses happening, and how Riya fought with Kaushalya, Riya will not be able to manage now. Sarla says this is great new, what is your plan now. Shanti asks Sarla to come fast, I have imp work. She keeps gangajal bottle and checks money in box. She says Riya, see what happens tomorrow. She sprinkles gangajal in her room and bed to purify it. Kaushalya wakes up and sees some smoke outside the house. She calls out Raghav and asks him to come fast and see, something is burning there.
Everyone come there. Raghav says its Amma’s bed, how did this burn. Shanti goes to get food. Nimmi tells Preeti that Dadi did this. Preeti disagrees.

Shanti comes and says see my bed is burnt, you all should know who did this, ask Riya and Kaushalya. Raghav says why will Riya burn this. An old man comes and asks whats this drama, this is ancestor’s bed… Shanti drops the mud pot hearing him. The man says this is not a good sign. He comes to them. Shanti and everyone get shocked. Shanti hides her face in ghunghat. He asks her why did you take this avatar. Raghav welcomes Tau ji. Tau ji asks why are they playing holi with this bed. Pari thinks to do something before Sharmili comes back. Tau ji/Dadda ji blesses Riya. He gets angry on Shanti and says I don’t like all this, why is that bed burning. Raghav says actually.. Dadda ji says answer me when I ask you. Nimmi laughs as Shanti is speechless. Shanti tells about her sanyaas by giving her family to Riya. Raghav says I tried explaining, but Shanti did not listen. Dadda ji says you are my bahu and have to do this duty to serve me and keep relations.

Dadda ji tells Raghav that he wants everything fine. Raghav says we will make bed ready tomorrow. Riya says carpenter will take much money if we say we want bed soon. Shivam signs Riya to not speak up.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Namita aur Preeti ki jubaan is Riya ke saamne bahut chalti hain do thapad Marne chahiye dadi ki tarif kar rhi thi pagal dadi ne to bhikhari se badhtar halat kar di thi usi ke layak ho

  3. l like Dada ji hope he will change shanti sadan

  4. Good.Dadda ji plz kuch din Devil sarla & shanti Ki band bazao.I want to see their black face.plz plz plz.inn dono Ki dadagiri todi dinki liye band toh hoga.

  5. I hope daddaji change shanti sadan like Riya is changing and not let shanti and sarla’s evil deeds happen and also show sarla that she can’t always get her way, put her and amit in their place. What’s going to happen when Riya finds out about the gambling den?

  6. nice.aaj Nimmi lee eakdam sahi bola riya ko.kavi kavi overacting karti hai riya.I don’t like this chamelika tail.Why r u focusing Nandu 2 much???plzzz get back mohit & unite with preeti.We want Mohpree together.

  7. Dada ji WELCOME in the serial. Ap hi ka intezar tha and Plz don’t go away. There has to be some one who is right and show the bad one the straight and right way. Yeh bure logon ko seeddha kardo! Give that witch Sarla a tight slap, and also her husband who is wearing churiaaan. Sarla is a bad mother and saas. She has to give her son and bahu some space . Why is she always asking money to Pari and Amit? This is not done. Let her work then she will know the value of money. Let Amit be a man. Maa ka afraid chamcha. It’s not nice to see he is sooooo grown up and always calling MUMMY …..
    Be brave and give your love and support to Raani. Your Mother has to spend more time for god.

  8. Namita ki bolti dadi aur bua ke age khulti hain par woh Dono usko naked kar deti hain woh usi ke layak dadi ke raj mein kabhi pizza bhi nhi Khaya rakhi mein athani de rhi thi shivam ka Kya Kya nhi Sunaya kaushalya ko to bhik mangi

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