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Mere Angne Mein 8th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amit getting Shivam for boxing. He asks Shivam to sign on papers and do everything as he says, as Shivam is his property now. Shivam disagrees. The man comes and says we deal with manager only, not the boxers. Amit asks Shivam to sign, else you won’t get money. Shivam signs on papers. Amit asks him to come for the fight. The people bet on Jagga. Jagga comes. Shivam gets shocked seeing Jagga.

Jagga beats up Shivam. Amit asks Shivam to beat Jagga. Shivam asks him to come and fight. Jagga beats Shivam a lot. Shivam falls down. The man tells Amit that Jagga is professional boxer, and Shivam can’t win. Shivam recalls Shanti’s taunts. He recalls everyone’s sorrow as he is jobless. Shivam angrily gets up to beat Jagga. Shivam beats Jagga. Amit gets glad and cheers

Shivam. Jagga falls down. Amit counts down. Shivam wins the fight. Amit hugs him. Amit gets too happy and says my brother won. Amit hugs that man too. He takes Shivam out of the ring.

Kaushalya waits for Shivam. Shanti asks what will he do when wife is not at home, he will be with friends. Nimmi says no, he will be gone for some work. Kaushalya says Shanti is right, no need to call him. Shanti asks her to manage her son. Kaushalya says I agree I did wrong to support Preeti, I will not be biased to Sarla. Shanti says we will know when our daughters are on same front.

The man pays 20000rs to Amit. Amit asks for more money. The man says I have commission percent also, and asks Shivam not to fly by one fight win, you played well Shivam. Amit hugs Shivam. The man asks Amit to give money to make Shivam practice here. He takes back 15000rs. Shivam takes 5000rs and divides it into half. Amit asks him to eat well and make health, its imp. Shivam asks how will I take this face home. Amit says we will see, come.

Kaushalya and Nimmi wait for Shivam. Nimmi calls Shivam. She says his phone is off. Kaushalya says I know he went to meet Riya. Nimmi says no way. Kaushalya asks do you know everything, come we will shut door now. Amit drops Shivam and asks him to take his favor. Shivam says why will I be thankful to you for favor, you just stood there and clapped when I had fought with Jagga. Amit goes home.

Rani opens the door and sees Amita. Lallan says Amita ji you came early, its good thing. Lallan flirts with Amit. Rani looks on. Lallan asks Rani to go and get water for Amita. Rani goes. Lallan says I m glad you said yes. Amit asks when did I say yes. Lallan says I promise I will make you my wife. Amit stares at Rani. Lallan asks Amita is he saying right. Amit says you are wrong, don’t make me shy. Lallan says see she got shy. Rani says she can’t bear happiness. Amit scolds Rani. Sarla prays for Amit’s respect.

Shivam asks the men to keep things at side. The man asks why, is this your father’s lane. Shivam gets angry and beats them up. Nimmi sees Shivam fighting and tells Kaushalya. Kaushalya gets shocked and calls out Shanti. Pramod scolds his men and ask them to apologize. Shanti asks whats happening, whose luggage is this, tell me. Pramod apologizes and says I will get this mess cleared, sorry for trouble. He stares at Nimmi. Shivam sees him staring at Nimmi, and sends Nimmi inside the house. He scolds Pramod. Pramod says I think they can be fooled soon. He asks his men to know everything about this house, get some Bua to get friendly with them, we need a woman to convince Shanti Devi.

Shanti asks Shivam how did you get money. Shivam gets worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sarla n pari r shown more wicked than expected.they need to b punished now very well as they deserve…

  2. Writers when are you going to make Shantidevi see that Sarla and Pari are the enemies of
    The Family. Noknecan be so stupid except Preeti

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