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Mere Angne Mein 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti asking Shivam to take her home. Kaushalya calls him. Shanti asks him not to take call of Riya and says Riya made you a cat. She asks him not to stop bike. Kaushalya wishes he takes the call. Shivam is at the signal. Shanti sees Riya and Raghav. Raghav is calling for help. Shanti thinks Riya is again limiting herself. She thinks whats happening. Rani and Sonal were going on scooty, and now Riya and Raghav, is my family playing vehicle game.

Sarla cries and Amit consoles her. Raghav and Riya reach there. Raghav asks is this any way to deal with people. Sarla smiles seeing him. inspector says we got order and we are doing our work. Raghav says Ashok gave so many years to railway, have some manners. Sharma says we got order, this house seal will not break. Raghav

says seal will break, I will not let any wrong thing happen. Sharma asks him why is he taking law in his hands. Raghav says don’t teach me, check me record in office, you can’t stand infront of me after seeing my record. Sarla says we are paying for my mistake, we came on road. Raghav asks her to move back. Sarla says you have not taken my call.

Raghav recalls he did not talk to Sarla when he was worried for Shanti. Sarla asks where will I go with my children. Raghav tells Sharma that whoever works in railway, every employee has right to claim house on his name, I have not claimed on my name, I will claim this house. Sharma asks him to give application and then house will be allotted. Raghav says I have given application in house allotment office, I m senior and will get house. Sharma says this does not mean you will get this house, where is allotment letter, it will take a month to get house.

Riya says we knew this will happen, its technology world, we applied online and allotment will also be online, check this. She shows her phone and says its written that house is allotted to Raghav. They all get shocked by Riya’s smartness. Riya smiles and says she will file Sharma’s complaint online. She shows the complaint to Raghav. Raghav asks her to send it in hindi. Sarla gets glad. Riya files complaint online. Sharma gets the message and gets angry.

Shivam and Shanti reach home. Shivam gets call. Shanti says your wife has got mad. He says no, its my friend. His friend tells about Shobit’s mum’s accident, who needs blood. Shivam tells Shanti and rushes. Kaushalya tells Shanti that railway people are vacating Sarla’s house, Riya and Raghav have gone there. Sarla says don’t worry, Sarla will see, its her house. Kaushalya goes. Shanti worries.

Sharma says this does not help, you get me official papers, till then this house will be sealed. Riya says fine, but you show the notice of sealing this house. Sharma says our work is to send notice, we have sent it. Riya asks when did he send it, notice should be sent 2 months before, canteen did not shut 2 months before. She asks Raghav to call senior officer. Raghav calls the officer and talks about Ashok’s house. He says he has sent online application for house allotment. The officer says I will check papers and do that allotment. Raghav says Sharma has sealed house, and he gave time for one day only. Officer says oh, give phone to Sharma. Senior scolds Sharma and says Raghav got that quarter allotted, come to office and meet me, I will show papers. Senior tells Raghav that you can take your sister at home, don’t worry about Sharma. Raghav thanks him. Sarla gets glad. Raghav asks Sharma to break seal and open the door. He asks Sharma to give keys to Ashok. Ashok gets relieved.

Raghav asks Ashok to go inside home with children, he will come, he has to make a call. Riya says I will get printout and come. Sarla tells Amit that you told you will make Shanti Sadan as Sarla Sadan, but even our house has become Shanti Sadan. Amit says I did not know this will happen, I promise to get back canteen and this house back on our name.

Shanti worries and cries. Shanti tells Kaushalya that Sarla has bad fate, I m just saying, I ended relations with her. Kaushalya asks her not to worry, Raghav will help Sarla. Raghav sees Riya helping in taking suitcases. Sarla stops Riya at the door. Ashok asks Sarla to move from Riya’s way. Sarla says no, this way is closed for her now. She apologizes to Riya and says you have snatched my Maayka from me, go from here, I don’t want to lose anything. Sarla sees Raghav and cries. She says I m mad to love my Maayka family, since Riya came in your house, my value is not even of dust, Shanti ended relation with me, you did not do anything. She says you always took my side. Kaushalya did not do this ever, which Riya did. Raghav says you did not let Shanti Sadan get mortgaged before, you did mistake so relation broke. Sarla says yes, I did mistake to save my son.

Raghav asks Sarla to do what she wants, he will not say anything. Riya gives scooty keys to Sonal. Raghav signs Sonal to keep it. Riya leaves. Raghav asks Sarla to try to change. Sarla asks what shall I change, see from my perspective, I m not wrong. He says don’t talk on road, else many things will come out, your son was kidnapped, you did not tell us, when you always come to us for small things. Riya tells Bunty that Sarla is angry after I saved her home. Bunty says she will agree, don’t worry. She jokes and says I know you will say I will manage. Riya says yes and ends call. Raghav tells Riya to leave, he has some work. Riya leaves. Kaushalya asks Shanti why did she stand outside house, its cold. Shanti asks her to go. Kaushalya gets call and asks Raghav what happened there. Raghav says he has taken house on his name, so there is no problem, they can stay there. Shanti hears this. Kaushalya says I m proud of you. Shanti is relieved and thanks Lord. Kaushalya says I will give this good news to Shanti. Kaushalya tells the good news that Sarla got home back, Raghav got house on his name. Shanti asks why are you dancing, what was need for Raghav to do house on his name, this will become big thing, your children and bahu will say see what Papa did for Bua. Kaushalya says no, we all will be happy, its cold here, come and sit inside.

Sujeev takes care of Pari. Pari screams and acts of stomach ache. She says Sharmili did not get hot waters till now. Sharmili gets the hot water bag. Sujeev keeps it on Pari’s stomach. Pari asks Sharmili to sit and acts sweet. She asks her to hold her legs, her pain will go. Sujeev says yes, mummy’s hand has magic. The hot water falls on Pari and she screams. She stands up and tells Sharmili that hot water bag is leaking. Sujeev asks Sharmili why is this open. Sharmili says it was fine, maybe it bursted by hot water. She asks Pari to rest, thank Lord nothing happened to Pari. She says she called doctor, doctor will give injection, Pari will be fine. Pari says no injections, I m fine now, I don’t need doctors. Sharmili says no, till I get you treated, I won’t agree. Sujeev says yes, mummy is right. Pari gets worried and says I m getting dizzy. Sharmili smiles.

Anupam calls Shanti and takes her permission to take Riya for one day so that he can get a new house registered on Riya’s name. Shanti acts sweet and asks him to take Riya. She ends call and gets angry. Shanti says Sarla’s fate is bad, Riya will taunt her now, those who bad will be punished, you all see Kaushalya. Kaushalya worries. Anupam calls Shanti. He gives the good news of naming house to Riya. Riya says this is not needed. He insists. She says fine, I will come. Riya calls Kaushalya and tells about meeting Anupam. Kaushalya asks her why is she asking now, go. Riya ends call.

Sarla scolds Rani to stay in balcony or at Prabha’s house. Rani defends. Sonal says I told you mummy, that guys are troubling Rani. Amit hears this. Sarla asks Rani to go with those guys. Amit says what, I will break those guy’s legs. Sarla says let Rani go, I will get a new bride. Amit gets angry. Rani smiles.

Riya comes to meet Anupam. He gets glad seeing her. She hugs him. Sarla asks Rani to stay in Sonal’s room. Sarla asks Sonal not to help Rani. She tells Rani to finish work first. She goes to Amit and says I m angry, don’t know whom Rani sees by balcony. Rani argues and cries. She says she did not see anyone except Amit, I m not like your daughter Pari. Amit supports Rani and Sarla worries.

Riya tells Anupam that she does not want any property and asks him to name the house to Sahil. He says he has already kept property for Sahil and now wants her to take this house. She agrees and tells what all happened there. He says even I would have reacted like Raghav and asks her to adjust as those people are not hurting her. Anupam pacifies her. Shanti tells Kaushalya about Riya and expects things to go wrong.

Shanti scolds Riya and asks what if the glass pieces in veg dish get consumed by Raghav. Riya defends and argues.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. please, Zindagi channel ke shows k written episodes bhi dalo na portal mein.Bhaage re Mann, and Aadhe Adhure ke written episodes bhi dalo.It’s my request…. plz plz plzzzz

  2. Why can’t Shanti go to Sarala’s place and live there if she really really loves her rather than creating problems everyday at Shanti Sadhan.

    1. Because Shanti wants Shanti Sadhan to be in her daughter’s name even though Raghav built it with his own money and hardwork. She will do anything until her daughter gets everything that Raghav owns.

    2. How can Shanthi leave Shanthi Sadan when money earners are residing in it. If she goes to Sarala where will she get the money to control everyone. I think that and the old custom of staying with the son.

  3. riya please win on shanti ji now . raghv ji dimag lagao, shivam is really playing well but shown dumb, shivam please do something gud in ur character, tell the writer ,
    rani gud but behaving like a mad start talking strictly to sarla

  4. If Riya leaves I wish Shivam also joins her. Then Shanti will not get their salaries. This Shanthi would not like.

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