Mere Angne Mein 8th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 8th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti coming to Riya’s house. Bua thinks Shanti has sent her to spy and sends her. The baraat leaves. Raghav asks Kaushalya to come out and dance in the baraat. She says she has safe with her and sends him. Preeti comes to Nimmi and says she could not find anything. Nimmi asks about Riya and Priya. Preeti says she heard name and could not see face. Nimmi says you did not become smart being with me. They laugh. Nimmi asks Shivam to come, as his heroine will be waiting. Sarla sees them and calls her helper. He comes dressed as bear. She asks him to dance.

Shanti asks Kaushalya did she keep everything in safe. Kaushalya says yes, I gave you the keys. Shanti asks her is she not happy in Amit’s marriage and asks her to dance, she will sit with the safe. The ladies

take Shanti. Raghav asks Ashok why did he call this animal costume men. Everyone dance. Rani gets her aunty’s call and says she is here and will celebrate Diwali by attaching crackers to the horse. The horse man hears this and asks her to come. She runs. The horseman tells Raghav about it. Raghav says my children are here, they can’t do this. Sarla tells Amit that Shivam will go from here, don’t worry.

Shanti and Pari have a talk. Bua says Shanti has come on time this time. Anupam gets emotional seeing Riya. Sarla sees Bunty and thinks if she sees him, her plan will flop, she has to send Shivam. She asks Shivam to bring change. Bua welcomes baraat an asks Shanti to give nek. Sarla sends Bunty to get bride soon, she can’t miss mahurat. Sarla scolds the men and asks them to kidnap Shivam. She stops Anupam. He says he will just see guests. Sarla gets shocked seeing Shivam and calls the men to kidnap Shivam, he is at the door. Anupam sees Shivam and smiles.

Anupam says you work with Riya. Shivam says I m groom’s brother. Anupam says no, you are her to be devar, I m not worried for Riya now. Shivam says but marriage is of Priya. Anupam asks Priya? Sarla gets shocked and takes Anupam. Sarla thinks where are the men and signs them to take Shivam. Shivam calls someone. Bua and Shanti argue again. Pari talks to Vyom. Vyom says he can come in her brother’s marriage. She says no, my family is here.

She gets Shivam’s call on Riya’s phone. The men bring chloroform kerchief. Shivam leaves from there and they follow him. Raghav and Kaushalya ask Sarla not to take tension. Sarla tells Amit that Shivam came to know everything. Shivam goes to meet Riya. Sarla asks the men to kidnap Shivam. Sarla hears there is some fuse problem and tells them that power will go in 2m,ins, then do the work. Sarla comes to Pari and scolds her. She says she is going to switch off the main switch and asks her to be with Amit. Nimmi looks for Preeti. Nimmi says I think he has gone to meet his problem, we will catch them red handed.

Shivam comes to Riya and sees her. She sees him and pinches herself. She smiles realizing he is really there. She opens the door and asks him did he come here hiding. She says she liked his style. He asks whats all this happening Riya. She keeps hand on his mouth and stops him from saying. She shows her mehendi with his name. He sees his name in her mehendi, and ….. The power goes. Sarla removes the switch and waits for the men’s call. She leaves.

Riya tells Shivam that she took lift from him, she did not think their fate will make them meet like this. She turns away and says about their meetings, she knew he is made for her, and sees he has gone. She looks for him. The power comes. She smiles thinking he has gone to the mandap. The men kidnap Shivam and hide. Preeti and Nimmi look for Shivam.

The men tie Shivam and put him in the car. The man tells Sarla that he has kidnapped Shivam. Sarla asks him to leave him sometime far. The men see their car parking stuck behind another car and try to leave from there. Bunty comes to Riya. Riya tells her that Shivam came to meet me. Bunty asks what. Riya says I was so happy. Bunty says so it was dark that he meets you and goes back in mandap, so romantic. Riya says I know him.

Sarla asks Amit to sit quiet. Nimmi says Shivam is not taking call. Preeti says is Shivam with Riya. Nimmi says then he would know something, I will meet Riya and come. Shivam’s phone rings. The men start the car and leave. Pari sees her ex BF and thinks he changed his style after I left him, anyways I have Vyom, better than him. She meets the guy and have a talk. Pari flirts with him knowing he has become rich. Sarla looks on and twists her ear, scolding her. She asks her to go in Riya’s room and do Riya and Priya’s drama, she has got Shivam kidnapped. Pari asks for money? Sarla stares her and Pari goes.

Anupam gives shgaun money envelops. Shanti takes it happily. Sarla and her sister in law Bindu look on. Bindu asks Shanti her envelop. Shanti asks her is she jealous about Amit’s marriage in good home and says she will give letter later. Sarla smiles. Ashok asks Preeti for Shivam.

The pandit asks Anupam to get bride. Shivam frees himself and tries leaving.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This marriage is very interesting.i hope on next episode shivam will come in mandap and tells everyone the truth and plzz confess your love for riya

  2. OMG how long more do we have to wait for shivam and riya to get united ??????? Getting really annoyed now

  3. what a crap

  4. please make quality shows and not quantities,shame on the production team

  5. OMG! Wat a longggggggg waiting fr the marriage of Shivam nd riya…fed up of this drama and the show …….hero character z just like wastefellow…doing nothing to know the truth…

  6. OMG!!!!!! What’s going to happen next”????? Oh,and by the way id laugh my head off when sarla’s plan fails.

  7. Director of this serial thinks that the audience is foolish. Worst directed show and screenplay…… Good acting by actors though! This should be taken off air.

  8. Stop dragging yar can’t wait for sarla’s plan failure

  9. Why r u ppl watching when it’s boring to u all…. Riya and shivam such a nice couple we can watch the serial bcoz of them…

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