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Mere Angne Mein 7th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amit finding all the shirt’s button missing. He asks Sarla about it. Sarla goes to get any other shirt. Rani says I will fix the button and stitches. Sarla comes and scolds Rani. She asks her to stand away and stitch the shirt. Munshi ji comes and asks about Sujeet. Mata ji lies about Sujeet and Vyom playing cricket in this age. She asks Sujeet to go to his room. Sujeet greets Munshi ji. Vyom asks Sujeet to come along and rest. Mata gives the cheque. Munshi says one signature is missing. She says fine, I will get it done. She takes sign from Sujeet.

Riya talks to Anupam and cooks food. Kaushalya asks did Shivam tell anything. Riya says nothing. Shanti comes to talk to Anupam and call ends. Shanti says he does not want to talk to me and Riya clears the matter. Kaushalya

asks did Shivam wake up. Riya says yes. Kaushalya wonders why did Shivam not talk to Riya. Sarla asks Rani to stitch the old clothes. Ashok comes and asks for tea. Sarla refuses to gives him tea and argues.

Shanti hears radio. Preeti smiles hearing RJ Rohan and knows about detective reporter who will give local news about gossips and neighborhood matters. Shanti says we will tell about neighbor lady. Preeti says she remembers the number. Shanti questions her and Nimmi manages the situation. Shanti asks Nimmi to go and study. Mata ji gives the cheque. Munshi says thanks, you know the property is on Sujeet’s name, the money will go on trust’s name if he does not marry soon, find a girl for him.

She says fine, don’t worry, I will find a nice girl for him. Mama asks him about Sujeet’s marriage. Mama says we should get some nice girl for him. Mata says no, such girls control the home. She asks Vyom did he do the work. Amit says I m leaving for office. Ashok argues. Amit gives 100rs from his salary and says he has to invest money in business. Rani gives tea to Ashok and asks Amit for worry. Sarla asks her to ask Prabha. Rani argues with Sarla. Amit asks Rani to earn as Riya. Sarla asks Amit to go for work and gives one rupee to Rani. Rani asks Sarla to jeep it, it will be useful in Pari’s marriage.

Pari gets a call and talks. Sarla asks whats happening. Pari says Amit’s marriage video is ready. Sarla says tell the man to deliver video to Shanti Sadan, I can’t pay for video cd. Vyom tells Mata about the girl, she is very foolish and Sujeet will meet her, she is like us, she just loves money, she is perfect match for Sujeet, that parlor girl Pari. The video guy shows the video on laptop and says he has put songs in it, once they give final payment. Sarla and Pari see the video and say we will make payment. Sonal says I m going to teach my friend and goes. The man asks for water. Rani goes to get water. Ashok comes and sees video. Pari gets tensed as the moment is when she has stolen the money. Pari sees Rani bringing water. Sarla and Ashok see Pari stealing the money from envelops and look at her. Sarla asks the man to leave cd and take money from Shanti. The man says no, I can’t give cd without money and goes.

Ashok asks Pari to have some shame. Rani asks what was in the Cd. Sarla scolds Rani saying she should have shame. Shivam and Riya get ready. Kaushalya asks him to talk to Riya today. He says fine, don’t worry. Bunty comes and says she has good news for them and wants sweets. Kaushalya asks whats the good news.

Sarla tells Pari that Ashok has seen the video and they got insulted. Pari blames her for not giving her money. She asks why is Sarla scolding her. Sarla asks what when Shanti sees the cd. Pari asks her to manage her mum and blames her for teaching robbery. She leaves. Sarla cries as everyone is blaming her.

Bunty tells about her foreigner aunty liking Riya’s bridal lahenga and she asked for designer. She says I told her that Nimmi made it, she wants Nimmi to design her daughter’s lahenga. Shanti says Nimmi will not stitch other’s clothes. Bunty says aunty is ready to give 50000rs for this work. They all get glad. Shanti says money will be spent in making it. Nimmi says 15000 will be saved. Bunty asks Shanti to be happy. Shanti says fine, if Nimmi is happy. Bunty says aunty has sent advance of 15000s and gives Nimmi.

She asks Nimmi to start work and take Riya’s measurements. Shivam says he will get Riya to office. Bunty says let me spend time with her. Riya asks shall I go with Bunty today and asks Preeti to go with Shivam. Sarla says Bansi and tells about the cd. She says she will come in Ramleela ground and asks him to do as she says. She says she has to steal a cd from the videography shop.

Mata ji, Mama, Sujeet and Vyom do the puja in the temple. Vyom gets Pari’s call. He says he can’t come to meet her now, and he is at temple right now. She thinks to see him at temple. Riya leaves with Shivam. Kaushalya thinks what to do now. Shanti asks Nimmi to give her money. Nimmi says she has to buy material. Shanti says I will come along to shop the material and asks Kaushalya to talk to Shivam. She asks Nimmi to go and make material list. She threatens Kaushalya and scares her.

Pari comes to temple and gets glad seeing expensive cars. Mata asks Mama why did he give so much money to Sujeet to donate. They see Pari. Pari gets shocked seeing Sujeet giving away money bundles. She hides and sees them. Vyom smiles. Mata ji says she is trapped. Pari hears about crores and gets glad. Pari takes a beggar’s blanket and runs. The beggar asks who took my blanket.

Shivam tries talking to Riya. Bunty asks boss to give salaries early this month for Shivam and Riya. The boss asks Riya to talk to client. Shivam goes. Riya thinks what Shivam wanted to tell her. Mata ji and Makdi argue to stop Sujeet. Mama stops seeing a woman and follows her. Mata ji scolds him and sends him to stop Sujeet. Mama sees the money in beggar’s plate and tries taking. The blind beggar lady sees him and says she is not blind. The beggars beat Mama.

Pari hides in the blanket and sits with the beggars to take money. Vyom sees her and asks Sujeet for money. Sujeet says he won’t give him. Vyom says fine, its your money, you give it. Sujeet asks can’t I scold you, now you donate money. Pari thinks Vyom is like a rat infront of his elder brother. Pari thinks she will take Sarla along and sit in temples where Sujeet does charity. Shanti asks Kaushalya to call Anupam. She says we will ask him to send Riya’s scooty. Kaushalya says Raghav will not leave me. Shanti says If you don’t call, I will not leave you, think over.

Shanti scolds Kaushalya. Kaushalya calls Shivam and asks did he talk to Riya. Shivam says I did not talk yet. Kaushalya insists and worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pari on her own trap n

  2. That sarla what kind of mom she is!!! Shameless greedy woman!!

  3. Go to hell all the cast and creators of this serial hate you kaushalya she is such a dumb fellow
    If shanti asks go and jump in Ganga she will do it Amma ji ne kaha shayad sahi hi kaha hoga
    And raghav I would like to throw him in the steps he doesn’t knw the diff btw gd and bad
    Nd shivam ur respect increased fr ur father . For Wt reason yr respect increased?
    Ur also a dumb fellow
    Ur dad is nothing he doesn’t knw anything blindly follows his mom
    Waste serial

  4. sorry to say that this serial is made for morons and stupid people by the most stupid production team ever. if i have to rate out of 10,its only 3.what moral it is teaching,god wonder people say pakistani soaps are far much better.wake up india.

    1. I totally agree with u about Pak dramas. They are better directed and do not stray from the main story.

  5. This type of families are there in India. Mother want her sons to work for her daughter’s family only and not to care their own family.

    1. Not only in India. Most mothers favours daughters’ families more than sons. Just look around u and you will see. Normally it is seen by outsiders and the sons wives and sons children.

  6. Hate u Amma ji n sarla u r such an idiotic mom I hav never ever seen in any of the daily soaps …

  7. Kausi I think has a gene problem which she has passed on to Preethi. She is dumb. Shanthi is a typical clever woman who has brought up the family from a one room house to a big house with her financial management. To this both Raghav and Kausi must be grateful. If Raghav gave money to Kausi they will still be in a one room house.

  8. Please change the story little

  9. Lost interest in watching. After 4 days the same story line. Stupid people can’t dey fight for what dey need. kausalya is really dumb listening to everything her saas says
    She shld have some min comn sense right

  10. i wnt to tell the makers and channel dont fool people.enough of kidnapping drama.god knows when riya will know the truth and when she ll take stand for shivam family going noware now.some many stupid characters to drag the story.i hate it nw lost intrest.

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