Mere Angne Mein 7th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 7th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharmili asking what is this joke, all sarees are black. She says I told Sarla that there should be no hurdle in marriage. She asks Mama to call Sarla. Mama gets glad and says I will hold her hand and bring her. Sharmili says don’t do any drama. Pari smiles and says now it will be fun, Nanis is great, she has done this.

Prabha and Bindu come to Shanti and congratulate her. They taunt on Preeti. Kaushalya and Renu look on. Shanti gets angry and taunts Bindu and Prabha. She scares them and says if you do any drama in marriage, I will not leave both of you. Renu gets snacks for them and gives them. Prabha eats snacks and gives to Bindu. Shanti takes their class. Kaushalya smiles. Shanti says I m Preeti’s Dadi and reminds them not to do anything. She waits

for Sarla’s call. She asks them to leave now. Bindu and Prabha leave.

Shanti sends Kaushalya to do the work. She goes to room and calls Sarla. She asks whats happening, did Sharmili like sarees. Sarla says Sharmili has gone upstairs, she will check sarees. Mama comes there and says Sharmili is calling you, come fast. Sarla goes with Mama. She tells Shanti that I m scared, Sharmili is calling me to room. She ends call. Shanty recalls how she took the good sarees and got black sarees from a man. She gives him colorful clothes and asks him to keep it safe, we will get it back if we want.

Sarla goes to Sharmili. Sharmili shows black sarees and asks whats all this. Sarla gets shocked. Riya comes there and gets shocked. Sharmili shows all the black sarees to Riya and asks her to see all boxes. She throws the box. Riya says I got the sarees, I did not get black sarees. Pari gets all relatives and guests there. She screams black sarees, its abshagun and creates big scene. The ladies taunt on shagun. Pari says Riya did this intentionally to insult my inlaws. Pari says this marriage can’t happen, its cancels. Sarla asks Pari not to do this acting, else I will slap you. Pari says black saree is abshagun and asks the ladies about it. The lady says its really abshagun. Pari cries. Sarla gets Shanti’s call and tells her that Riya got black sarees to give, Pari created a scene and saying she won’t let this marriage happen, what shall I do. Shanti asks her to give phone to Pari. Pari tells Shanti that this marriage will get cancels. Shanti gets worried. Pari sits there and cries. Sharmili asks Pari to be quiet. Pari says its big insult, I will tell Sujeev that Riya did big abshagun. Sarla asks Riya to explain Pari. Riya says trust me Pari, its confusion, I did not get these sarees, understand this. Sharmili asks Pari to stop it now, listen to Riya. Pari says you look clever, but you are simple, can’t you see this abshagun.

Shanti tells Kaushalya that Riya has taken black sarees, I told Riya many times to check the boxes again, what to do now, I will go there with new sarees and apologize to them. Kaushalya says I will come along. Shanti says I will go alone. She thinks why did Pari do such big drama to stop marriage. She calls the man and asks him to get color sarees fast. Sarla thinks Shanti did all this, it means she is hiding things from me now.

Sharmili asks Sarla whats all this, I told you this should not happen. Pari is doing such big drama. Riya says I did not buy these sarees, there is some confusion. Sharmili says if you all are doing such mistakes in beginning, what else will you do till marriage happens. Sharmili asks Mama to go downstairs and manage things. Preeti gets Mohit’s call and worries. Kaushalya prays to Lord. Renu says I have seen all the sarees. Kaushalya says Riya always does mistakes. She scolds Preeti for the calls. Preeti says nothing. Renu says Kaushalya always blamed Riya, learn to trust, we got sarees from good shop.

Renu and Kaushalya have a talk about the black saree. Renu says I m sure Riya did not do this, I was with Riya and we did not buy any black saree. She asks who else can do this. Preeti looks on. pandit does the puja. Shivam and Nimmi talk about the matter. Shivam asks Nimmi to sit quiet. Raghav asks Nimmi to go and see whats happening. Pari throws all the sarees and creates scene. Sharmili asks Pari to stop it. Pari argues with Sharmili.

Sarla begs to Pari to stop it. The ladies take Pari’s side and call the black saree a big abshagun. Pari blames riya. Riya says believe me, I did not get this saree. Pari says is there any magic here. Sharmili asks Pari to stop it, I m Vyom’s mother and I will decide. Pari says its about my Maayka and inlaws respect. Sarla says Riya loves you, she is like your mother, you are disrespecting her. Pari says great, I will commit suicide if Riya does not accept the blame. Pari starts hitting her head to the wall. Sarla understands that Shanti has done all this. Sujeev sends servants. Shanti looks around the house. Sujeev welcomes her. Raghav asks Shanti how did she come here. Shanti says Riya did mistake, she got black sarees. Raghav and Shivam get shocked. Nandu smiles.

Pari says I will burn all these sarees and throws sarees. Shanti scolds Pari for burning shagun sarees which Riya got.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wat nonsense…. No body checks the saree’s before going to Shagun ? Seriously does it happens like this ?

  2. As I previously suggested, Pari’s role should be reduced! She irritates us and bores us to death! In reality Pari looks ugly and is a typical devil’s child like her Nani Shanti! We have enough of Pari Anand her extremely abhorrent acting!

  3. Sorry I meant and her acting not Anand !

  4. y cant u guys show good thing about women on womens day , today also showing the same thing that womens are enemy to womens ego clashes every thing . pls use common sense to brinv up u r trp y are writting thos and all disgusting

  5. full of pari drama.2 much irritating.

  6. Going good but I wish there is a lil change y do u guys wanna show that evil keeps winning all the time and plz riya is so lifeless plz change her and bring in some positivity in the serial and pari is cheesing ppl off

  7. FGS pari – too much today. I hope Renu takes Riya’s side tomorrow. Why showing people like shanti and pari doing planning and plotting every time? Why didn’t Riya say call Renu and ask her? Tooooo much pari today.

  8. Absolute non sense is shown. Sarees were seen by everyone. Renu specially mentioned she did not buy any black sarees infront of kauslayla… the sarees were purchased by renu and not by riya. They were packed by sarla. Are we fools to waste time to see this non sense.


  10. Its all negative negative n negative!!
    What do they want to show , that all MILs/in-laws are bad??

  11. I agree himani. Renu even said to sarla that she didn’t buy any sari for house members, all were for preeti in-laws. Kushiya, sarla saw the sari’s so how can they blame Riya. That’s why I said hope Renu sides with Riya when everyone shouts at her tomorrow.

  12. Guys check out new ff “music sheet” by bella.hope you will like it

  13. I find the mother Kushiya’s acting quite annoying always blaming her daughter in law and believing everything she hears. She only knows how to shout without reasons. Even Pari over acting to the extreme. When packing the saress dont they see the clothes for the groom’s side and pack them together..How can Riya always be in the wrong? I know there are people out there loving this show my sincere apologies to comment but it does get pretty annoying that only 1 person is always to be blame when its take 2 to clap.

  14. India has beautiful female actors . Why do the directors and writers select ugly ducklings like Pari, Shanti and Sarla ? Hope we see positive things in MAM in future!

  15. with one saree drama they finish one episode might be go forward for some more episode

  16. I very fortunate ,to have good dadi,
    not like in the show
    god pl help the writers .it seems something going vth the writers

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