Mere Angne Mein 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav asking Aarti to get sweets. Aarti cries. Raghav asks what happened, get sweets, its your first rasoi. Aarti goes and recalls Shanti’s words. FB shows Shanti teaching Aarti to make sweets by split milk. Aarti gets the sweets. Mannu tastes it and likes the barfi. She gives nek to Aarti. Aarti refuses. Raghav asks her to take it. He likes the sweets and gives nek to Aarti. Mannu says I will leave now, we will meet in office tomorrow. She goes.

Raghav gets sweets for Shanti. He asks her to taste it. She does not listen. He thinks I know your annoyance, I will not supporting Charni till everyone see her goodness, even if he fight goes long, I will win. Its morning, Aarti takes of baby. She says how will I stay here, there is none to help me, just Rani can help me.

She asks baby not to cry and goes. Pari thinks how will I stay between poor people. She sees Aarti going and runs to see baby. She sees baby alone and gets her to Shanti. She says Charni has run away by leaving baby. Kaushalya says Raghav went office without saying, he never did this before, I will purify the house. Shanti takes the baby.

A man greets the pandits and goes. Aarti is on the way and says woman’s marriage happens just once, how can I forget Ajay and accept anyone once. She collides with that man. The man asks her to see and walk, she is woman, she should learn to walk in Maryada. She apologizes to him. Lady taunts Rani. She asks Rani to accept Amit, else she will just get sorrow. Aarti comes there and hugs Rani. She cries.

Kaushalya cleans the floor and asks Nimmi to see Preeti. Nimmi says she is still sleeping. Kaushalya throws the dirty water. It falls on the spiritual man. She gets shocked.

She apologizes. He says you have failed all my dreams to get a good welcome. Kaushalya says I have seen you somewhere. Shanti sees the man and says see who came, Chandru. He says yes, Chandra. Shanti says yes, our fate got good, he is a saint now. Kaushalya says I have seen you when you were small. Shanti does his aarti and makes him enter the house. She asks for Tau ji. He says he is fine, one who comes in world has to leave some day. Shanti says yes you surprised me.

He says I came here for puja, I thought to stay in Shanti Sadan, if you have no problem. Aarti says just you can help me, you don’t know what big disaster happened with me. Rani says I know. Aarti says I did not wish to do this marriage, don’t know where did Shivam go, I will ask him to wipe the sindoor. Rani asks what are you saying, its Lord’s sign, he wants you to give some name to this relation, Shivam got your name haldi, he got mehendi for your hands, you should give him a chance. Aarti says I got married, I named my life to someone, you understand me, none wants to accept me, but Raghav is adamant and want everyone to accept me as bahu, what’s the use of this relation when I don’t want this.

Chandra says you thought that a sanyasi came to live in family life, a great Sanyasi is one who keeps his tapasya by staying with a family, will you let me stay here. Shanti says yes, I don’t have any problem, you can stay here. Kaushalya says Aarti knew good power is coming home, so she has run away. Shanti asks Kaushalya to arrange his stay. He says he should not know what we did with Aarti, else Tau ji will come here to scold me. Chandra asks her to talk in high tone, murmuring is not good for person’s heart. Shanti says I was saying about arrangements. He says why do I think your heart is restless, is there any problem, you can tell me, I will be glad to show you the way. Kaushalya says just bless me. Shanti thinks to control Kaushalya, else she will tell everything, Chandra came on wrong time. Shanti pinches Kaushalya and asks her to go. Chandra says I will do jaap and end your problem, I will stay here but I have some rules, you all have to obey it. Shanti agrees.

Aarti says fights are happening in Shanti Sadan, come and explain Raghav, I can’t accept anyone than Ajay. Rani says I did not marry Amit. Aarti asks did you marry Golu. Rani says no way, I did this to make him realize mistake, I told Amit to win my trust, then I will marry him, you are thinking of the man who left you, Shivam is very nice, start a new life with him.

Chandra asks for satvik food, tell Shivam’s wife to make food for me. Shanti looks at Aarti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Borring epi nimmi golu Singh ka koi bhi senes nhi

    1. After Riya left the show, there is no romance in this drama. Hopefully Shivam will resume his romance with Aarthi. Shanti is keep switching her position. Hopefully, she will support Aarthi soon.

  2. Revathi Anandh

    really boring

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