Mere Angne Mein 7th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 7th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nimi is about to get hit by a car but nandu saves her.Nimi says why did you save me ,i should have died.nandu asks what happened and she tells him everything.Daadiji and kushiya are practicing for the competition and ria helps them.Ria says its difficult to play this in saree and shes asks them to wear salwar both of them refuse.Daadiji and kushiya practice for the round where they have to lift each other and run.Daadiji keeps complaining that kushiya is so heavy .They have a fun chat.Nirmala asks rani to help her get married to ashok.she says i will give you jewellery but rani asks her for a plot.Rani agrees to help her to hugs her happily .

Sarla gets pari and comes to shaanti sadan.Both of them start crying.sarla says see what nimi did to pari.She got pari throwed out of her house saying she had affair with vyom.Everyone get shocked listening that and say there must be some misunderstanding ,shivam says lets go and find out but daadiji stops him,Sarla keeps crying ,pari complains about nimi to daadiji.Daadiji says lets go and solve the whole matter.

nimi and nandu come home.Everyone get shocked seeing them.Nimi starts crying and hugs kushiya.kushiya slaps her and starts scolding her.Nandu asks kushiya not to scold her and tells everyone about what happened.Everyone get shocked,pari says this cant happen and she starts crying .Kushiya says after one problem another starts and she faints,nimi sees this and leaves house .Ria goes after her,nimi says she has to die only then all the problems will solve.Ria says everything will become alright and gets her back home.Naniji consoles everyone.

precap:daadiji says girls look good in their in laws house only not here,just then one lady comes there and says one son in law died,other became mad and their mother locked the house and ran away.Everyone look shocked.

Update Credit to: Deepali

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  1. I think again Riya will be in trouble. Shanti will tell that this has happened all because of Riya. The story will again drag on. But some how or the other Sarla and Pari should get caught red handed.

  2. Plz don’t end the episode of sinha family,today at this stage the main attraction of mere agne mein is the story of sinha family,how can they end the story without showing who was the sujiv mother and all other suspence.

  3. First part of episode was funny..but overall sad ? episode..poor nimmi hate u Pari and sarla..she was making sound pollution by screaming..

  4. Pehle mujhe laga Ki ye sab sharmi vyom mama ka dram hoga..agar sujeev ,vyom Ki murder Mein jail gayi tho saare property/paisa sharmii ko milegi …par I heard that sinha track is ending ..very bad

  5. CVs ended sinha track ubruptly. There was a locked suspense room in sinha house, wht abt that? Sharmili’s mother by whom sharmili was always in fear. Makdi alwys used to to create fear to sharmili by mother’s name, what bout that? Sujeev’s mother? Sujeev’s reality? Pari’s black deeds, makdi ki shadi, sinha house property quarell.. Everythng has to be revealed yet, still they ended? It seems, all sinha house members quitted show parallely…

  6. Snena family is soul of the serial.I know kusiya is believe sarla & blame Nimmi.She know sarla is big liar & pari is not good girl.but she alwz support them.Felling bad for Nimmi she alwz get punishment without any reason.I hate sarla She spoil preeti life now she want to ruin Nimmi life.Now Nandu is great in Nimmi eyes also.hatana thaa thoo Nandu ko hatate vyom ko kyuu hataya.

  7. I wonder when shall the writer ever bring about an iota of truth about pari, when would she get caught. Nimi should emphatically let everyone know that pari is a loose character women and all that has happened at Sinha house is her doing

  8. One of the worst serial in starplus. I watched so many serials from kumkum to till now but never watched such a kind of serial which has negativity in all the episodes. Except ashok Riya n raghav no body is pure hearted in this serial. All are bad n everything is bad. This show shud stop for good. I feel personally. Evil is winner always here.

  9. now we wants shivam to support Rita when everybody will blame her for nimmi condition we wants to see strong shivam carrying supportive to his wife and sisters

  10. Is the mad mother still locked up in the locked house? Weird writer who does not think but just writes anything.

  11. I hate parri another lie to cover her up her wrong deeds and sarla know pari is lying but she support her daughter on the other hand nimmi because of pretty her life ruined I hate preeti she was jealous of her own sister who supported her in her huge mistake which preeti doesn’t accept by running from. Marriage she ruined nimmi life only two episodes was good and now same old crap blaming Riya again feel sorry for her I hope she will be strong and managed everything good luck to her

  12. plz don’t close the chapter of sinha family bcz we wanna knw tht who is she mother of sujeev nd how vyom”ll accept the nimmi..

  13. Why Hindus are so negative as one can see in this drama , writer , director n viewers who still watch it

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