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Mere Angne Mein 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti asking Sarla to record everything to show Raghav. Riya and Shanti dance on bolo radhe radhe……… Nimmi is shocked and asks ladies not to record anything. Riya crazily dances and whistles. Nimmi holds her head. Shivam brings Amit out and makes him sit on the bike. He holds Amit and takes him on the bike. He asks him to not fall down. Nimmi asks Riya to stop it, mummy is not at home. Riya says let me dance, leave me, Dadi also permitted. Shanti asks Nimmi not to stop Riya, do as I say. Nimmi says I will take her to room, I think she ate something wrong, come.

Riya says no, I don’t want to go. A lady gets hurt and Riya says sorry. Nimmi asks Riya to come with her. Riya asks Shanti to come for dance. She teaches dance steps to Shanti. Nimmi thinks to click

pic and send Shivam, he will understand whats happening here. Rani thinks where is Sarla and Amit. Shivam brings Amit home. Rani asks what happened to him. Shivam says let me make him sit first. Rani asks how did he faint. Shivam says his shop shutter damaged, Riya and Amit were working, Riya came out and he fainted by fear, I showed him to doctor, let him rest. Amit gets conscious.

He argues with Shivam and asks why did he take so much time to open shutter, and scolds Shivam. Shivam says leave my collar then talk, I saved your life. Rani says Amit is your elder brother, don’t talk like this, thanks for bringing him home, you can leave now. Shivam gets shocked seeing Riya’s pics and thinks what happened to her, she was fine when she left for home. He runs.

Shanti says I had to dance to save Riya’s name, I will not forget this day, what will my husband think seeing this from heaven. Riya asks Shanti to dance more. Shanti says I m feeling dizzy, leave me. Sarla sits recording. Shanti calls Riya shameless and says don’t know what she did outside. The lady says I got hurt. Nimmi asks the ladies to leave. Shanti gives them 501rs and sends them. Nimmi stops Riya. Riya falls on the sofa and laughs. Shanti and Sarla smile as this news will spread in locality. Shanti asks Nimmi to see, I think she drunk wine outside, I had to see this, Riya will teach you drinking too. Nimmi says no. Riya says Dadi looks cute when she is angry and does her acting.

Shivam comes home. Nimmi runs to Shivam, and brings him to see. Shivam gets shocked. Riya hugs him. He asks what are you doing Riya. Riya says Shanti and I danced a lot, you also dance with us. Sarla laughs. Riya dances. Nimmi says I think Riya ate something. Sarla thinks to be part of the video and keeps phone there. Shivam asks Riya to stop, Dadi is seeing. He says I have sent her home from Amit’s office, she was fine, don’t know what happened to her after coming here. Shanti says can’t you see, she got drunk and insulted me, she made me dance, she wanted to prove I dance on her fingers. He asks Riya why is she behaving like this. He says there is no wine smell from her, she can’t do this, I trust her, someone made her eat or drink something. Shanti asks you mean Sarla or I made her drink? I knew Riya will blame Sarla again.

Sarla cries and says why did Amma call me back, see Riya is blaming me again, I will break my head. She goes to hit her head to the wall. Shanti says no one got drunk and came in Shanti Sadan, its so shameful, she made house impure, we have to put gangajal in the house, we did not make her drink anything, Nimmi made the tea.

Nimmi says I did not make tea, why will I add anything in it. Shanti says we will call Anupam, maybe Riya has drinking habit. Shivam lifts Riya and takes her to room. Shanti calls Anupam and asks him to come fast, Riya has become ghost. Anupam asks whats happening. Shanti says come fast. Riya takes the call and asks him not to come, all is well. Shanti says I will send video, you will understand, Riya is spoilt girl, take her from here, we are good people, she insulted us. Anupam says I will come and worries. Shivam says don’t do this, something wrong happened with Riya. Sarla says I came today and she is doing this. Preeti comes and looks on. Shivam says Riya told me to help Sarla. Nimmi says yes, Riya told me to get Sarla inside. Shanti says see Riya is blaming Sarla now, she is dual faced. Riya says don’t bore Dadi ji. Shivam asks Riya to be quiet.

Riya says I will tell today. Shanti says you mean I m wrong Shivam, I will not tell anything. Shivam says we will talk to Riya after she gets to senses. Shanti asks Nimmi was Riya fine or not when she came home. Nimmi says yes, she was fine. Shanti asks her to note it down and sign. Nimmi thinks Dadi started drama. Sarla smiles. Shanti says we did not do anything, we don’t know how she got drunk, you decide it now Shivam, Anupam is coming, send Riya to her Maayka, she will stay there for 2-3 days, Riya will get senses. She asks Nimmi to pack her bags.

Anupam comes home. Shanti removes ghunroos and Riya blesses her. Anupam gets shocked seeing Riya. Shanti asks Anupam to come and see. Shanti says Riya insulted us, she made me dance infront of bhajan mandli. Anupam apologizes and says its shocking for me, I don’t know why did this happen. Riya says don’t apologize, I did not do any mistake.

Shanti says she will spoil my girls, she always troubles everyone. She married Shivam, I did not say anything, take her now, else I will go and stay at my daughter’s house. Sarla thinks whats Shanti saying, don’t come to my house. She says I will pack my bag. Shivam stops Shanti and says I know Riya well, she can’t think bad about family, something went wrong.

Shanti says I should have not brought Sarla home, you are free to decide, I can’t bear this insult. Anupam says I will take Riya with me. Shanti gets glad. Shivam stops Anupam. Anupam takes Riya and her bags. Riya says I won’t go. Anupam drags her. Riya stops at the door and recalls Shanti’s words and her challenge. Anupam says come. Riya tells Shanti that this house is mine, I will not leave this house. She holds her head and faints. Shivam and Anupam hold her. Shanti tells Sarla to see Riya will not go easily. Sarla says we have to make her leave anyhow, this is right chance, kick her out.

Riya says this is not any challenge. Shanti worries and asks Shivam to take her to room. Shivam says does everyone has to faint today, Amit there and Riya here. Sarla worries and asks what happened to Amit. Shivam tells everything about shutter falling and Amit fainting by fear. Sarla says see them, my son fainted and Shivam told now. Shivam says Amit is fine now, don’t worry, I dropped him home. Nimmi asks Shivam to scare Sarla so that they forget about Riya. Riya says I won’t go from here, this challenge…. Shanti worries and sends Riya to room. She thinks if Riya tells about challenge, my plan will fail. Sarla calls Sonal and asks about Amit. Sonal says Amit is not fine, he got conscious, Rani gave him medicines. Sarla shouts and asks Sonal to take care of Amit, keep Rani away. Shanti says I will come to see Amit. Shanti asks Anupam to see, you did not give good values to her, I will not forgive her, next time if she does this, I will return your daughter. Shanti and Sarla leave.

Shivam comes and asks Anupam are you fine. Anupam says forgive me, Riya is not like this. Shivam says calm down, I trust Riya. Anupam says I will take Riya with me. Shivam says this is her house, I m standing with her. Anupam says I trust you. Shivam says sorry from Dadi’s side. Anupam says no, its Riya’s mistake. Shivam says I will explain her. Anupam says she is lucky to get husband like you and such family. Nimmi asks him to have food. Anupam says next time, its late now. He leaves.

Amit is irritated as his plan failed. He argues with Rani. Shanti and Sarla come home and scold Rani. Sarla takes Amit to room. Rani thinks Shanti, Amit and Sarla are upto some plan. Riya recalls Anupam taking her and says I m happy in my house, no… she cries in sleep. Shivam hears her and asks her to calm down. He holds her hand and says you did not do anything. She opens her eyes and cries seeing him. She says I love you. He smiles and kisses on her forehead, saying I love you too. Nimmi tells Preeti that Riya did big drama today, she brought all her frustration out on Shanti. She sits on the swing. Preeti says I m tensed, how will Raghav react, get up from the swing. Shivam comes and sees them. Preeti asks did Riya sleep. He says yes. Nimmi says let her sleep, she will be target tomorrow morning, we know Dadi will not leave Riya. Nandu comes and asks did I come on wrong time. Nimmi asks do you come on right time ever. He says I got vegetables. Nimmi asks why does he impress Shanti, so that she compares us with him. Shivam asks Nimmi why is she saying this. Nimmi takes Nandu’s class and asks him to find a home. Shivam says don’t feel bad of Nimmi’s words. Nandu says no, I did not feel bad and goes. Nimmi says we will do something of Nandu. Shivam says leave him, think about Riya.

Riya asks what did I do yesterday. Shivam says you made Shanti dance. Riya says what, did Dadi not say anything. Shivam says she told me and your dad too. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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