Mere Angne Mein 7th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 7th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bansi coming to meet Maharaj and talking to Nandu. He says I have come to meet him, if you get his curse, I don’t know. Nandu says fine, I will come with you to get the items. Bansi sends him and sees everyone praying. Sarla signs Bansi and he leaves a goat inside the house. Kaushalya stops the goat and asks goat to go out, don’t trouble us, come out with me. Maharaj says what is this house, goat, birds, many things are happening here, I did not get peace here. Kaushalya says I will leave the goat out. He says no, I can’t make any animal leave the food, let it be here. Kaushalya makes the goat sit, and caresses the goat to calm.

Rajendra sees Raghav’s car and goes to stop Shanti. He tries making them late. Maharaj does the aarti. Kaushalya worries that Shanti

has to come soon. Rajendra calls someone asking him to do as per plan. The man blocks the road and Shivam goes to see. Bansi acts and says I m hurt, take me to hospital. Shanti says we are getting late to meet Maharaj. Shivam asks Bansi to take rickshaw on side and does it himself. Rajendra says now they will get late and flattens the car tyre. Shanti catches Rajendra and beats him. She asks Shivam to see him, and he runs away. She says we will go by walk and get rickshaw, we can’t taste time… Shivam laughs and says we can’t waste time. She says its same.

Rani smiles seeing Amit and stops him. She acts sweet. He asks for breakfast. She says I will make it soon and goes. Maharaj ends aarti. The man asks Kaushalya about Shanti, call her fast, else this puja will be khandit. Sarla prays Shanti does not come on time. The puja gets over. Maharaj turns and Sarla stands infront to get blessings. Shanti comes there. She apologizes and says I did not welcome you. He says yes, it was your duty to serve me, I did not wish to come here, your bahu was done all the work, she served me, there were many hurdles in my puja in this house, whatever, I m happy with Kaushalya’s hardwork, she did all tasks and obeyed my all rules, her daughters supported her, my blessings are for this family. Raghav, Shivam and Shanti get happy.

Sarla asks for Rudraksh as she has stood infront of him when I opened eyes. He asks what can any sadhu give than blessings and knowledge, this Rudraksh is just a symbol, I will give this for sure. He says I want to give this to Shanti’s bahu by my heart, I m very happy by her devotion and her service. He gives the Rudraksh to Shanti, and says you are very lucky Shanti Devi, as you have really Devi like bahu in your house, what can I give you. Kaushalya greets Maharaj. He says she did not had any greed, and asks Sarla to eradicate greed to know happiness, I wish Lord gives sense to Sarla. He blesses everyone and leaves from there.

Raghav asks about Riya. Preeti says she did not come till now. He says what does this mean, call her. Shivam says I spoke to Riya, she went to meet client. Raghav asks when will she come. Sarla gets upset and tells Shanti that she did not do right with her, Shanti changed, Maharaj came and give Rudraksh to Kaushalya, Shanti did not say anything. Raghav asks Sarla are you mad to cry like kids, Kaushalya deserved it and got. Sarla says its my bad fate and cries. She says I thought Maharaj will come to my home, I did not get Rudraksh, he just gave blessings and went.

Raghav asks Sarla to understand, no one gets more than fate and before time, have patience. Sarla says I was sitting near Maharaj’s feet. Shivam tells Nimmi and Preeti that he got gifts for them. They get glad. Sarla says I served Maharaj well, I helped Kaushalya and told her everything. Raghav asks Shanti what to do now of Sarla. Kaushalya consoles Sarla and gives her Rudraksh, its same in any house it stays. Shanti says its not jewelry to give anyone, its blessings from a sadhu, keep it. Sarla gives it back to Kaushalya. Raghav asks Sarla to stop taking things by crying, she is very greedy. Kaushalya asks Preeti to keep it safe. She goes to make tea. Sarla says I m going home. She goes.

Raghav says I don’t like all this. He gets a call and says we will meet now. He says I m going to meet Gupta, and goes. Nimmi says Bua has gone, im glad that nothing happened, that Maharaj was such angry type, you made him glad. Kaushalya says yes, all this is by Maharaj’s steps. Nimmi tells about next problem. Kaushalya asks what. Shanti looks for something. Nimmi says Shanti loves her bed, if she sees Anupam resting on her bed, what will she say.

Kaushalya gets tensed. Nimmi says we did not ask Dadi. Kaushalya says its our mistake, what will we do now. Shanti goes to her room and gets shocked seeing Anupam there. Shivam comes and asks Kaushalya about Raghav. Kaushalya signs him to stop talking. She says Anupam is unwell, he is resting here. Shanti says he is in my room, and scolds Shivam for getting his father in law here in her room.

Shivam says Nimmi should have taken him to my room. Shanti says Riya would have told this. Kaushalya says talk slowly, Anupam will hear. Shanti says let him hear, I m saying about my room, Kaushalya wants me to leave from this house, you care for Anupam more. She fumes. Shanti says Riya and Anupam will dominate you, just see. Shivam asks Nimmi why did she not take Anupam upstairs. Shanti says now scold Nimmi, you can’t tell anything to Riya. Nimmi laughs. Shanti scolds Nimmi and says Riya will bring Anupam here forever, you see Kaushalya, this house will become Riya Sadan, she is very clever, she got her dad here. She asks Kaushalya to be careful now. She asks shall I leave this house, tell me. Kaushalya apologizes for making Anupam rest in Shanti’s room. Shanti says I don’t care, its Riya’s house, she can get anyone.

Shanti thinks to do something, they all have to pay for my insult. Rani makes the parathas. Amit asks for one more. Sarla comes home angry and frustrated. Amit taunts her. Sarla says my days will also change. Sarla ties cloth to make Rani quiet. Amit goes to wash hands. Rani opens the cloth and argues with Sarla. She says I have got blessings, I have devotion in heart. Sarla asks what blessing you got. Rani says I will not say now. Sarla says tell me. Rani says I m shy, ask Amit. Sarla worries.

Riya comes home and asks Shanti is everything fine. Shanti says yes, and murmurs about Anupam. Riya asks about Shanti’s journey. She asks Nimmi about Anupam. Nimmi says he is in Shanti’s room. Riya worries and sees Shanti. Raghav and Shivam talk to Anupam. Anupam says I m thankful as your family took care of me. Riya comes and hugs Anupam. Anupam says I m fine and want to go home. Raghav asks why to hurry, be here for more days, we can take care of you. Riya also insists. Anupam says I called Riya’s uncle and aunty, I will leave. Shivam says I will drop you. Anupam thanks them. Shanti looks on angrily. Shivam and Anupam leave.

Raghav comes to room. Kaushalya hugs Raghav and cries. He asks what happened, I came out for two days. She says it was tough for me. Preeti was having vomits, I felt she is pregnant. He gets shocked. He asks what are you saying. She tells him everything. He asks to say what happened next. She says the kit had positive result. He says I will not leave Preeti. She says stop, listen to me, I sent Preeti to hospital to get blood test done. The result was she is not pregnant, she cried and told me to trust her, but I did not trust her, I was so afraid. He says I would have got heart attack, you should have told me result first. She says I m saying what I went through, I was alone here. She cries. He makes her sit and is relieved.

Sarla calls Amit and asks what is Rani saying, are you madly in love with Rani. He says no, I m your son, I don’t love Rani. Sarla cries and scolds him saying don’t lie, tell me truth. He says I m not lying, don’t cry. She says nonsense, I won’t talk and ends call. She sits crying. Rani asks her not to cry. Sarla goes to pray and says Rani is not good. Rani wears the new saree and comes. Sarla gets angry as Rani says Amit got this saree for me. Sarla says I will not leave Amit, give me this saree. Rani says I won’t give. Sarla locks her and says now I will show you. Riya tells Nimmi that Shanti felt bad, she is attached to room. Nimmi says uncle was unwell, so I took him to Dadi’s room, so I took this risk. Shanti hears them. Nimmi smiles seeing Shanti. Riya checks the expenses account and money in the box. She says just 12000rs are remaining, I think Kaushalya did much shopping. Riya checks and says Kaushalya has spent a lot. Kaushalya hears this and gets shocked seeing Riya. Shanti smiles and thinks how Riya will bite Kaushalya, this is good.

Shanti goes to beg for food. She sees her bed burning there and asks everyone to come. Raghav asks who did this. An old man comes and asks what is this drama, this is not good sign for Shanti Sadan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice .Nimmi-preeti-shivam scene was nice.tomorrow shanti jheet will come then preeti wedding preparation also start.plzz preeti ki sadi chameli kaa tail yaa vyom see maat karna.We don’t want this chamelika tail aka Nandu.I want mohit.plzzz get him back & unite with preeti.plzz Mohpree ki sadi karadigee.

  2. What a boring serial. Totally childish story. Not worth wasting one hour watching this………

  3. very fantastic serial differnt story line all charectors are good and the language is good worth seeing please remove addrs from it and in hot star too remove the adds yup i agree preeti saadi with mohit

  4. I’m glad Kousalya got the Rudraksh & blessings. I read some where that some one says (new character enters into the show .probably Raghav’s uncle or something ). Raghav’s life in stake so the family has to do Thulaabar for him. They will face financial crisis for doing Thulaabar. Although Ria didn’t like it she has to give money for Raghav or Kosalya’s sake.. May be its all Shanti’s plan..

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