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Mere Angne Mein 7th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimmi coming home. Kaushalya asks did you give tiffin to Preeti. Shanti comes and asks tiffin for whom. Nimmi lies that Kaushalya was sending tiffin for Sarla. Shanti checks tiffin and asks do two person stay in Sarla’s house. She scolds Nimmi for lying. She makes Kaushalya out of the house and ask her to go to Preeti. Kaushalya says I wanted to send food for Preeti. Shanti says Preeti has snatched our happiness. Kaushalya cries saying I have a mother’s heart. She comes inside the house. Nimmi says Sarla has snatched our house happiness and used Preeti. Shanti slaps Nimmi and asks can’t you bear Sarla. Nimmi says no, she has done wrong with us. Shanti scolds her. Nimmi says its wrong, you are taking Sarla’s side, listen to me. Shanti says this will happen, whoever

can’t see Sarla coming here can leave from this house. Kaushalya apologizes to Shanti. Nimmi cries.

Nandu sees Preeti still being stubborn. He gives the water. She does not take it. He feeds her water and goes away. She cries. He gets the food and feeds the food for her. She thinks he is not old Nandu now, how to leave from here. She takes the food plate from his hand and eats food. He looks on.

Amit and Shivam meet Amit’s friends. Amit tells them that he got a new boxer. The man says Shivam can’t stay in ring for 5 mins. Shivam angrily holds his neck. Amit stops Shivam. His friends leave. Sarla asks Rani where did she go. Rani says I was saving Amit. Lallan asks Rani did you meet Amit. He tells Sarla how Amit has got him beaten up. Rani says no, I went to meet Amita. Lallan says I forget about her, she would be upset. He asks why, did she say something. Rani says I went to ask her if she likes you or not.

Lallan thanks Rani and asks her to fix his and Amita’s meet. Lallan happily goes. Rani tells Sarla that Amit troubled them, now it does not matter if they fix Amita with Lallan. Sarla scolds her. Amit gets Shivam to the boxing club. He asks the man to fix the fight. The man says fine, I will get Jagga for the fight. Amit says no, he is big fighter, he did not lose any fight. The man says then leave from here. Amit says Shivam is new, he is fighting for the first time, make him fight with someone else. Shivam says I don’t care, I will fight with Jagga. Amit asks him to be quiet. The man says fine then, I will see Shivam’s power, Amit keep my money ready. Shivam says if we win, we will share the money. Amit says no, if you lose, will you pay the money. Shivam is confident and agrees. Amit asks him not to stare at ring, come home and practice, you will either go hospital or win by miracle. Shiam says I have to win and earn money. Amit says I m your manager, do as I say. Shovam promises. Amit says I don’t trust you, I will get you sign legal papers. Shivam agrees.

Lallan asks Rani when will Amita come. Rani says she called and said she went to stay at her Mausi’s place. He asks why, call her, I will talk to her. Sarla says no need, I don’t like her Mausi. Lallan asks why. Sarla says Rani has done theft at Mausi’s house, so she got angry. Lallan says its so bad, I can’t meet Amita now. Rani says Amita is coming tomorrow. Sarla says no, she will come after 4-5months. Rani says no, she will come, she likes to stay here. She asks Lallan does he remember his promise. He says yes, I will forgive Amit. Babloo says fine, but stay here till he accepts he is my dad. Lallan agrees. Rani says why. Lallan says I love Babloo and will agree to him.

Kaushalya is angry on Nimmi and scolds her for telling Shanti about tiffin. Nimmi says no, I went to give the tiffin, Nandu took Preeti out and told me on phone, so I came back with tiffin, then I went to give tomatoes to Sarla. Kaushalya gets glad and says I misunderstood you, I thought you did not give tiffin to Preeti and told Shanti. She hugs Nimmi and the grains fall on peace plant. Shanti scolds Nimmi. Nimmi says nothing will happen. Shanti asks Kaushalya not to come between her and Nimmi. She scolds Nimmi and goes.

Shivam fights and gets beaten up by boxer Jagga. Amit looks on worried. Shivam gets much injured and falls down. Amit holds his head.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shivam should get beat up for following his stupid cousin. also that part where Shanti toss kaushal ya out because she send food for preeti….well shanties does the same thing for Sarla and shanti knows how wicked Sarla can be. So that’s being bias on Shanti part. fair is fair. director please show that Sarla and her daughter gets punish for their bad deeds. also get rid of rani and amit and the son and his uncle. they don’t make sense.

  2. where is this damn ria?

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