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Mere Angne Mein 7th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharmili asking Pari for pickles. Pari is tensed as Vyom and Sujeev are not leaving her hands. Pari kicks Mama. Mama asks Sharmili why is she kicking him, he does not have pickle. Sharmili says she did not kick him, and sees Pari. She makes spoon fall to see whats happening. Vyom leaves Pari’s hand. Sharmili sees Sujeev holding Pari’s hand.

Rani is pampering Prabha and asks can Amit and I stay here. Prabha says fine, but I have a condition, that Amit begs to me infront of Sarla, then I will permit you to stay here. Rani argues and says I m alive, my Amit will not beg to you. Sarla sees Rani in Prabha’s house and scolds her. Sarla thinks Amit has come.

Nimmi tells Preeti that Mohit should clear things at his home, before anyone here knows about him,

else your love story will end. Nimmi asks Preeti to call and talk to Mohit. Preeti talks to Mohit and asks him to talk to his parents if he wants to marry her. He says yes, I will talk, first I will convince them about my profession, then I will try about us. She asks does he want to marry him. He says yes, ofcourse. She says she is not that type of girl to just date and change guys. She ends call.

Sarla sees railway officer at the door. The men come inside to vacate the house. The officer Sharma asks Ashok to vacate the house soon. Sarla argues with him. Rani worries as they will lose home now.

Sharma tells Ashok that he does not care for Ashok, as Ashok broke the laws. He has not done the work better. Ashok says you are cursing an innocent man, and argues with him. Sarla cries. Rani tells Sonal to go to Raghav, just Raghav can save our home. Preeti gets Mohit’s call. Nimmi says I will talk if you don’t want to. Preeti stops Nimmi from taking the call. Nimmi says fine. Preeti says you can talk if you want and is confused. Nimmi says fine, I will call.

Nimmi calls Mohit and makes Preeti talk to him. Mohit says he is in tension, as he is not getting home being bachelor, they can marry and get a home. Kaushalya asks Shivam to call Preeti. Shivam comes to them. Preeti talks to Mohit and smiles. Mohit says I will find home in your locality. Preeti asks him not to think so. Mohit says I will come your home. Preeti asks him not to call him again. Shivam hears her and says Preeti… Preeti and Nimmi get shocked. Shivam asks who is troubling you and takes her phone. Preeti says wrong number. Shivam scolds Mohit and asks him not to trouble his sisters, else he will beat his legs. Shivam asks them not to pick the guy’s call. He tells Nimmi that once Nandu comes, they will see his behavior and decide on him. Shanti calls him. He tells Nimmi that he is taking Dadi out.

Vyom comes to Pari and asks her why did she let Sujeev hold her hand, when he asked her not to let Sujeev touch her. She says she loves him and was away from Sujeev, she has slept on couch. He smiles and hugs her. He sends Pari as Sharmili is coming. Vyom gets glad. Sarla asks the men to stop. Prabha gives cold water to Sarla and taunts her. Sarla hopes Raghav comes. Prabha says Raghav won’t come and asks her to help herself. Sarla says she won’t lose her home and throws things. Shivam and Shanti are outside. Shanti says she does not want to see Sarla’s face. Shivam asks her to not see Sarla.

Shanti says she will close eyes. He takes Shanti by shortcut. Sarla scolds the officer and asks how dare he come in her house. She scares all the men. She runs after men and police comes there. Inspector asks Sarla not to take law in her hand. Shanti sees Rani and Sonal going and says see them, they are showing attitude, I will not go from this side. Shivam says fine, we will take right from there. Sarla asks everyone to go out. The media covers this news. Reporter asks Ashok why is your wife doing all this. Ashok scolds reporter. Amit comes there and asks Sarla what is she doing. Sarla asks where was he till now and scolds him.

Raghav looks for Kaushalya. He takes tiffin and is leaving. Rani and Sonal come there. They cry. Rani tells Raghav that railway officers are vacating the house, please come. Raghav asks Sonal is Sarla doing any drama again, I don’t trust her. Sonal says no, I m scared. Kaushalya asks Raghav to go and see, Sarla will need help. Raghav asks them to go, he will come. Riya says she will take Raghav on scooty. They leave. Kaushalya prays everything gets fine.

Amit calls his boss to seek his help. The boss says he will not help him and asks Amit to talk in low tone. Amit asks him to help them and send someone. The boss asks him to think and manage his home, what will he manage his work, this is his test now, show how to save home, else I will see to keep you on work or not. Amit stops inspector and gets slapped. Ashok apologizes. Sarla worries and asks inspector to leave her son. Police frees Amit. The police goes to seal house. Sarla cries. Riya tells Raghav that Sarla will get notice. Raghav says yes. Riya says we will talk to section manager. Raghav says nothing will help.

She asks about notice period, they can give application and take stay. He says I know what to do, you drive well. She says sorry. Servant complains about Pari to Sharmili. Sharmili gives her money and asks him to take leave, Pari will do all the work. Pari looks on and thinks I will make Sharmili do the work. Raghav talks to some seniors to ask about Ashok’s house. The man says I knew you will call, but its part of process. Raghav is worried. Riya says don’t worry, they will be some way.

Sharmili calls Pari. Pari thinks she has to make Sharmili see real Pari, daughter of Sarla. Sharmili asks Pari to wash utensils. Pari sees Sujeev and Vyom coming, and wishes they save their love. She starts screaming saying she has stomach ache. Sujeev and Vyom worry for Pari. Sharmili says you were fine, when I asked you to wash utensils, you are acting. Sharmili gets angry seeing Vyom caring for her. Mama comes and asks them to call doctor. He says he will inform Sarla also and asks Pari for Sarla’s number. Sharmili stares at him and beats him. Sujeev asks Sharmili to get hot water bag for Pari. Sharmili says Pari is making me work, drama queen.

Nimmi and Preeti calm down Kaushalya. Nimmi says she doubts that Sarla is doing this acting to come to stay in Shanti Sadan. Sharmili cuts the hot water bag and says now Pari will get lesson, call doctor to see her. Kaushalya asks Nimmi not to think so, they are joint family. She worries.

The officer tells Sharma that Raghav is allotted that quarter. Sarla gets the home back and does not let Riya enter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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