Mere Angne Mein 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 7th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya asking Nimmi to go and keep an eye on Raghav. She asks him to go by window. Pandit says I will leave. Shanti asks him to have tea. Pandit says I think something is going on. Aarti goes to see if tea is made. She sees Kaushalya sending Nimmi. She says pandit is asking for tea. Kaushalya says you don’t need to command me, whatever you have seen now, no need to tell anyone. She thinks Charni can tell Shanti everything. Pandit asks Shanti for Dakshina to buy puja items. Shanti gives him 10rs. He asks what’s this 10rs. She gives more 10rs. He keeps it. Aarti gets tea.

Shanti stops her and says pandit ji is getting late for temple. She sends Aarti and asks him to have tea on the way. She calls Nimmi. She asks Kaushalya to call Nimmi. Kaushalya says she is not

at home, she went out. Shanti asks when, I have seen her going to kitchen. Kausshalya lie to her. Shanti says my eyes are sharp, I see even if stone moves, what are you doing. Aarti says Nimmi went out by window. Kaushalya stares at her.

Nimmi sees Raghav meeting Mannu, and thinks they are romancing, Raghav says I think I should buy a saree for Kaushalya. He praises Kaushalya. Mannu laughs and teases him. She says I m glad to see love between you two. Nimmi records them. He says now it happened which did not happen in 25 years, I m thinking to buy gift for anniversary. Mannu asks is there any big thing. He says no, its about Aarti, I saved her life and got her home, Kaushalya thinks Aarti will do big harm to family. Mannu says so you want to end this tension by giving gift, come we will buy something for her. He says so I called you so that I can buy something good.

Shanti asks you made Nimmi by window, what’s going on. Kaushalya says nothing. She asks Aarti to go with pandit and get the thread. They leave. Shanti scolds Kaushalya. Aarti gets hurt on the way. Pandit asks her to see and walk carefully. Aarti hears some men talking and dressing in sarees, saying that drama and reality are always different. Amit asks Rani to come with him. Rani refuses. He says its not easy for a single woman to stay alone, what’s this divorce papers, woman has respect because of husband.

Rani scolds him. Sarla and Pari look on. Rani says you never loved me, why are you saying about relation. Sarla says we gave you enough love. Rani asks her not to interfere when she does not know meaning of love. She asks Pari to just shut up. Sarla says Rani got mad. Rani says you all got mad, ask Amit to apologize to me publicly, he insulted me. Pari says we will not apologize, we will find a girl for Amit. Amit leaves.

Raghav and Mannu go to the saree shop and shop for Kaushalya. Nimmi gets angry and records. Mannu tries sarees and selects. Raghav says I will get one for Shanti too. Nimmi thinks Raghav got two sarees for her. The man says bill amount is 7000rs. Raghav pays bill.

Mannu says you bought saree, don’t give it now, give it on anniversary. The man gives him discount. Raghav says I was also thinking the same, you just tell me how to calm Kaushalya’s angry. She calls him innocent. She asks him to stop talking, when you gift saree, then see how she showers love. He says I will try. They leave. Nimmi hides.

Rani comes to temple and prays to get strength, to teach a lesson to Amit and Sarla. Pandit gives the thread for Raghav to Aarti. Aarti holds Rani’s plate and saves it from falling. Rani thanks her. She asks are you new here. Aarti says yes. Rani asks is this Raghav from Shanti Sadan. Aarti says yes. They hear Pandit talking about a woman needed to clean the temple. Rani says he is my Mama Sasur, who are you, how do you know Shanti Sadan, tell me, does Sarla come there. Aarti asks her to come to Shanti Sadan, I will talk, let me go now. Aarti goes after pandit. He leaves on the bike. She runs after him. Amit come to temple and sees Aarti. He says she stays in Shanti’s house.

Rani meets Amit and asks what happened, I went to pray for your destruction. Amit says you should be ashamed. He eats prasad. She goes. He says see how I make you value me. Aarti runs after pandit and stops him. He asks what’s the matter. She says I m ready to clean temple and do work. He says Shanti will get angry. She says I will convince her, you don’t know what I m going through, Shanti is letting me stay in house, I m like a burden, I want to give her money. He says fine, come from tomorrow, talk to Shanti. She agrees. She asks will I get 50rs per day. He says fine. She thanks him.

The men dress as kinners and come home to ask Shanti for money. Shanti gives 50rs. The man says we won’t take less than 5000rs. The man threatens to curse the child. Shanti gets shocked.

Shanti asks Nimmi where did she go. Aarti gets water. Nimmi throws the water. Shanti asks her to pick glass and apologize.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kaushaliya and nimmi are mad. Thinking raghav ‘s having an affair. Read in spoiler that kaushaliya will end ties with raghav and burn the sarees.

  2. If that happens then the story is going to go from bad to worse I used to like kaushalya but now she just gets on my nerves she can speak out against people who respect her otherwise she’s stupid I thought they were going to end this serial but it seems the writers are going to torture the viewers some more now it’s gone completely off the original story track it’s just a mish mash of everything

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