Mere Angne Mein 6th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 6th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya joking on Shivam’s anger. He asks her to help him but not joke. Kaushalya comes and tells him about the house tax. She asks him to find job soon. He says I m looking for job, I m trying to fulfill my dreams too. She asks him to see the tough time, he can work now and earn money, then he can fulfill his dreams. He says fine, and gives her 1000rs saying I played cricket match, and got this as prize. Kaushalya cries and says fine. She goes.

Nimmi sees Sarla sleeping on the bed and does her sleeping arrangements on the ground. Sarla dreams that Nirmala took her place at home and family is asking her to leave. She wakes up and says no, I won’t let this happen. Amit goes to sleep. Ashok comes and lies on the ground near Amit’s bed. Amit laughs and calls him

scared of Sarla. Ashok says no, Sarla did not think of me and went. Nirmala asks Ashok to come and sleep in room. Ashok says I won’t come, you go and sleep.

Ashok rests to sleep. Someone knocks the door. Sarla comes home and slaps Amit. She says all are bad to not identify me. Ashok asks whats the matter. Sarla says I have seen a bad dream. Nirmala says I won’t bear anyone coming at this time. Sarla asks who are you to tell me. She asks Ashok to come and see Kaushalya’s brother, he got heart attack. She asks Pari to get gift for Kaushalya, she has to attend some engagement tomorrow. She makes Ashok pay money. Nirmala says I will come along. Sarla says no, everyone will get heart attack then. She leaves with Ashok and asks him to be away with Nirmala. She tells Ashok that she lied to Nirmala to keep him away. Ashok says understood, Jai ho. Sarla says that’s why you love me. They go to Shanti Sadan.

its morning, Kaushalya talks to her friend and says I will come today if Riya and Nimmi is coming there. Her friend asks her to come. Kaushalya tells about the good kachori of that sweetshop. Sarla looks on and thinks I m Amma’s daughter and will spoil the fun. Ashok sees Sarla smiling and prays that Lord keeps Kaushalya saved from Sarla.

Kaushalya asks Riya to get ready. Riya says what will I do there. Kaushalya asks them to come, they are invited there, how will I go alone, food will get wasted there. Preeti asks them to take tiffin and get food. Riya says it will look strange. Kaushalya says it happens in all marriages, if I don’t take tiffin, my friend will look bad, get ready well, so that everyone gets proud of me having such a bahu. Sarla gets jealous.

A guy flirts with Pari. Pari scolds him and calls him poor. She asks him to do her work. Rani looks on. Pari asks the guy to give this gift to Sarla at Shanti Sadan. Rani thinks Pari is very advanced. Pari asks him to tell Sarla not to write name on the gift. Rani says why did Pari trap a rickshaw man, she should have trapped a rich man. Nirmala asks Rani where is Ashok. Rani says he did not come home since night. Nirmala gets worried. Pari comes and asks what are you two heroines talking. Rani says Nirmala was asking about Ashok. Pari says he is with Sarla, learn to share and adjust. Nirmala laughs on Pari, who could not manage her husband.

The guy goes to Shanti Sadan and gives gift to Sarla, saying Pari asked me to give this to you, she did not write name on it. Sarla says fine, Pari is smart, if respect gets ruined, it will be theirs, not mine. Nirmala calls Ashok. Sarla disconnects. Nirmala says why is Ashok not answering. Sarla tells Ashok that its wrong number. Ashok compliments Kaushalya. Sarla says fine, make her poster and put in neck, people will see and give money. Kaushalya says I think Ashok should stay here till Sarla is here, her worry will get less, she is in pain. Sarla asks what are you saying this. Kaushalya says Nirmala is there at your house. Sarla and Ashok get shocked.

Nirmala says see what I do now. Pari asks where did Nirmala go. Rani says she went to shanti sadan. Sarla gets informed about this. Sarla worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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