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Mere Angne Mein 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav saying I promised you to take you Shimla on 25th anniversary. Kaushalya says its fine, we will go later. He says you have to be here to manage Shanti and Sarla. She says she will make his bag ready, they will go next time. Raghav says I love this quality of you, you are my strength, else I would have fell weak. She says she will pack his bags. Pari gets up at night, while everyone is sleeping. She packs her bag. Sarla comes to see her and Pari acts like sleeping. Sarla says I have beaten you, sorry, I m hurt too after hurting you. Sarla cries.

Sarla’s phone falls and she bends to pick it. Pari gets tensed as she has hidden her bag under the bed. Sarla picks her phone and leaves. Nimmi. Preeti and Shivam think who will convince Shanti. Shivam and Nimmi smile

and look at Preeti. Preeti refuses and gets tensed. Nimmi says I will go to Shanti, and say mummy’s Mami has died. Shivam says no, Shanti loves that Mami. Anyone else, we will lie that Mausa ji died. Nimmi says but Mausa ji will die in Jhansi, how to send parents to Shimla. Shivam says we will lie that Mausa ji went to Shimla and died there. Riya hears them and asks what are they talking. Shivam says nothing, we are just talking old things casually.

Riya says I understood you all are hiding something, but I m also part of family. Shivam says we have to tell her. He tells their plan. Riya likes it. Nimmi says we should have secrets, its not necessary that you should know. Riya says sorry. Shivam says sometimes we have to involve Riya in all matters. Nimmi argues and says surprise cancel, we won’t talk. Shivam asks Preeti to see Nimmi. Riya asks what did I say, why does Nimmi overreact always. He says nothing, we will go to room and talk.

Pari sees Rani awake and shuts the door. Rani sees Amit sleeping and cries sitting by his side. Pari waits to run. Sujeev thinks what to do now. Pari hides from Rani, and goes to take bridal dress from Rani’s trunk. She sees Sarla and says I loves you mummy…. Ashok comes home drunk and she gets tensed seeing him. Pari runs from there and Ashok does not see her. Pari hears Prabha and her husband coming. She hides from them, while Prabha doubts. Pari runs from there.

Sujeev is worried and thinks about Pari’s words. Mama comes to drop Pari to their home, and other rickshaw men argue with her. Pari sits in Mama’s rickshaw. Sujeev calls Pari. She acts to cry and says she wants to die now. She ends call and he worries. Mama asks Pari where is she going at night. Pari scolds him and asks him to just drive. Shanti dreams that Sarla and her family are selling bangles and begging, having tough time. She thinks she won’t let this happen and calls Sarla.

Shanti says she is worried for Sarla and asks shall I come there. Sarla says I will be fine, if you are so worried, name Shanti Sadan on me. Shanti gets shocked. Sarla says you can just worry, not take my problem, you sleep, I will see what I can do.

Sarla gets up and says you can’t name the house on my name, till Raghav and Kaushalya are there. Shanti says you don’t know Raghav’s love for me, he will do this work for my sake. Sarla says no, he can’t do, I was joking to make you smile, you sleep now. Shanta ends call. Sarla says Shanti just does drama. Amit says you both do drama, keep phone on silent and sleep. Pari asks Sujeev not to call him, she is going to die. He says no, this is not solution, think about your parents, there will be some way, we will talk. She ends call. Mama ji hears her lying. Sujeev says he has to leave now. Sharmili and Vyom hide seeing Sujeev leaving.

Sarla says Shanti spoiled her sleep and goes to drink water. She sees Pari’s room. Pari goes to temple and starts acting to commit suidice. She waits for Sujeev. Mama ji calls Sharmili and says he dropped Pari. Sharmili says we are reaching there, did you arrange pandit for marriage. Mama says I did not get any pandit. She scolds him. He says don’t get angry, I will do something.

Sarla goes to Pari and apologizes again. She thinks Pari is sleeping, she will apply oil to her hair tomorrow. Sujeev rushes to Pari and stops her from committing suicide. She says she got impure, no one will marry her now after Sujeev made her impure. She asks him will he marry her? Vyom gets angry and says I just want to slap her. Sharmili says you are saying as if she broke your heart. He says no, Pari did this drama with me too. Mama brings the pandit there. Pari says I will commit suicide. Sujeev says I will marry you Pari. She gets glad and hugs him.

She says he is her Lord now and holds his legs. He says maybe this is right decision of my life, we will marry tomorrow. She asks why tomorrow, I want you to marry me now. He agrees. Sharmili says we should have some proof then we will have some benefit from this marriage. Vyom calls Mama. Mama falls down the cycle and says he is getting pandit. Vyom says Sujeev left from here. Mama says I m reaching. Pari and Sujeev come to the temple. Mama ji drops pandit there. Pari tells pandit that they want to marry. Sharmili, Vyom and Mama look on. Sharmili asks did he place cameras well. Pandit asks Pari did her parents give permission. Pari says no, we have run away to marry. Pandit says I can’t get you both married this way.

Rani shows everyone that Pari has run away. Sarla worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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