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Mere Angne Mein 6th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandu calling Mohit and ending call from Preeti’s phone. Riya comes home and tells Kaushalya that she did all the work. Shanti asks videographer to take Riya in video as she is the main person. She gets annoyed and asks everyone to go to Sharmili’s house. Raghav asks what, are you not coming. She says I can’t come in family functions. He says we won’t do any function without you. She says I m unwell, I will rest, I will see arrangements that everything happens well. He says fine, be at home. He asks Sarla about Amit. Sarla says I told Amit, but he is busy. Raghav asks did Amit get job in the whole world, will he not come, even Shivam works in office and is managing all work here. Sarla says Amit will come on time.

Sarla goes and calls Bansi. She says Mohit

should not be seen around there. Bansi asks her not to worry. Sarla smiles and thinks I failed Shanti’s fruit basket plan. Shanti thinks I will tell Sarla my plan after reaching Sharmili’s house. Sarla asks what are you thinking Amma. Shanti says same what you are thinking. Sarla gets shocked.

Pari argues with Sujeev and asks for same things which he got for Preeti, I know Sharmili did this intentionally. He asks her not to say anything against Sharmili. Shivam tells Sarla to come soon. Nimmi collides with Sarla and all the things fall. Nimmi says sorry. Shanti asks Nimmi to pick the things and sends Nimmi fast, before Sarla can check bags. Shanti thinks Sarla will know my plan after reaching there.

Sharmili sees Vyom happy and talks to him about Preeti. Pari comes and Vyom’s smile goes. Sharmili asks what happened and sees Pari. Pari argues with Sharmili and gets angry. Sharmili asks her to get lost, Vyom is ready, he will come. Pari goes. Amit gets worried seeing a constable as customer, and goes to ask his needs. Constable hears song and asks where is this playing. Amit makes excuse and hides the gambling place. Constable gets inside agency and checks. He gets a call and says I will come later, I have to go. He leaves. Amit gets relieved.

Shivam and family arrive at Sinha house. Sujeev and Nimmi give each other angry stare. Nimmi and Pari argue. Sharmili greets everyone. Sujeev says I will go and bring Vyom. Sharmili tells Raghav that she is glad to meet him. Mama says I m glad meeting Sarla. Sarla worries and calls Pari. She asks Pari to meet everyone, its Preeti’s marriage too. Sharmili says I told her to help you, but Pari loves comforts here and does not go out of home.

Mohit tries calling Preeti. He says I won’t lose, you are just mine. Sharmili asks pandit to start the puja. Everyone sit in the puja. Pandit asks Shivam to tilak to Vyom. He asks them to keep all the fruits and gifts ahead and touch this coconut. Sharmili takes Sarla aside to talk. She asks about tilak plate, I think it got changed. Sarla says no, we got tilak plate with 1 lakh rupees. Sharmili says what, just one lakh. Sarla starts acting like she got unwell, and says you said you will not ask for dowry. Sharmili says this does not mean the rate of tilak these days, what will I give to relatives, I will lose my name. Sarla cries and says I will talk to Amma, accept this money as nek. Sharmili says fine, but give me money later. Sarla says I will give rest of the money soon. Sharmili agrees. Sarla says Riya is very strict, she said she will sent your family to jail if she hears about dowry, her mother was a big lawyer, Riya knows all lows, what shall we do, we are caught. Sharmili gets tensed, and says I understand, come. She goes.

Pari gets call from Shanti. She tells Shanti that everything is going on fine. Shanti says this is what I wanted. Pari asks hows will we dos dramas. Shanti says stop this hows, just be alert. Pari says fine and ends call. Shanti thinks I have sent black saree for Sharmili and Riya will not be able to bear this blame. Sharmili tells Mama that I don’t trust them and this Riya, don’t know what they got. She asks Mama to come with the gifts. She tells Sarla and Pari to be here, and threatens Pari to do as she says. Sharmili goes with Mama. Sarla gets a call and goes. Sharmili sees black saree and says black color as shagun.

Pari blames Riya for insulting her inlaws and doing this abshagun. She cancels the marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Waste of time

  2. Seriously when Riya will become intelligent. She was shown different in advertisement before this show started like riding bullet n giving the power to kausalya and I don’t think this is going to happen. Its all crap. If nandu gets succeed in his cheap tricks, this show will go down for sure. I stopped watching, its really boring now. I’m just reading the updates.

  3. Really the writer wants Riya to completely get abused at the will ofShanti none fine day they will show one revolution. Till then Star Plus team would hv decided to end the show untimely. Writers will be responsible for the show ratings going down.

  4. This show has no sense a educated bold girl has become idot afer knowing nature of sarla n shanti she is not actng smart she uses everything from her husband instead of sharing her problems I can’t bear to see ugly Nandu n pari

  5. Usually the hero/heroine of a serial is a strong dorminating character and carries the show on his/her shoulder. But in MAM the negative or insigficant characters like Sarla , Shanti are given more prominence. Consequently the show loses interest or lacks lustre. Nevertheless, there’s still time for the writers to make the show interesting and entertaining ! Hope Riya, Shivam and Ragho wake up! Reduce character-less Pari’s role-she displays immoral behaviour which demoralises the respect of the Indian female gender.

  6. Shanti is a shameless character. We have some very respectable dadis in star plus. Dadi from “yeh rishta kya ..”is so admirable but Shanti does not even meet a quarter percent of Akshara’s dadi! Shanti over-acts her evil role! Pity the younger generation!!

  7. Thanks for reducing the time of telecast to half an hour of the boring serial mere agne main


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