Mere Angne Mein 6th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 6th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam thinking of Kaushalya’s words. He says I can’t give Riya’s place to anyone and cries. Riya and Shivam think of each other. Jo bheji thi dua…..plays………. Sharmili asks Vyom and Nimmi what happened. She gets shocked seeing Mama. Vyom says I think Mama passed away. Sharmili doubts on Nimmi and Vyom for killing Mama. She scolds Vyom and says you have fell so low, you killed your Mama. Mama gets conscious. Sharmili gets relieved. Mama says I m feeling cold. Sharmili asks why are you sitting in fridge, tell me. Mama thinks to not tell truth. He says my room AC stopped, so I came here. Sharmili asks him to get up and go to room. She goes.

Vyom beats Mama and says we were getting heartattack. Sharmili asks Nimmi what was she doing in kitchen at this time.

Vyom lies that he made Nimmi dine, how did she get hungry at this time. Sharmili says fine, stop this now. Nimmi and everyone hear Sunehri’s cry. Nimmi says someone is calling. Sharmili says tv is on in my room. Vyom takes Nimmi. Sharmili says if Nimmi roams like this at night, it will be problem, I have to tell Vyom to take care.

Riya hugs Shivam’s pic and cries. Shivam comes to Riya and asks her does she love him. She says you know I love you. Shanti looks on. He asks her to prove it. She says fine, I will do what you say, give me one chance, tell me what to do. He says if you love me, then leave me and this house forever. Riya gets shocked. She says I can’t do this, I can’t leave you and this house. He goes upstairs.

Shanti says Riya is very clever, I m Shanti Devi, I will not let you stay here. Amit talks to her friend and tells about some movie. Nirmala hears him and gets some idea. Sarla talks to Shanti and says what are you saying. Kaushalya left home, how did this happen, I will come in some time, I need to get some items. Shanti asks her to come and ends call. Nirmala goes to talk to Sarla. She says I need to say something.

Nirmala tells Sarla that she can’t go to food stall today, inform Ashok, I m going to find someone for me, I have to go marriage bureau. Sarla asks why. Nirmala says since I got to know my heart has hole, I don’t want to die as widow. Sarla gets shocked. Nirmala says who will marry me, I will give all my property to him and be his wife for few days, before I die. She goes. Sarla gets thinking.

Shanti calls out Preeti. She says Kaushalya went, get food and tea for me. Preeti says I can’t make food. Shanti scolds her. Preeti says I m making excuse, I m peon’s wife, I can’t cook good food. Shanti asks her to be in her limits and cook. Chanda tells Shanti that she made Rabri for her. Shanti blesses Chanda and praises her. Chanda gives tea to Preeti. Preeti refuses and goes. Riya looks on. Shanti praises Chanda to make Riya jealous.

Nirmala comes home and tells Sarla that she has just 2 months time now, she got two proposals, they are married men and their wives are also ready. Sarla asks are you ready to marry married man. Nirmala says yes, his old wife will be there after I die, I m giving everything for two months of marriage. Sarla smiles.

Rani thinks to take Amit to Baba ji. She asks Amit to come with her, she has some work. Sarla comes and acts sweet to Amit. He asks are you fine, did you get fever. She says I was giving you pocket money. He asks her to wait. She gives him 100rs and says I wanted to say……. She asks Rani to come inside room and hear. She scolds Rani and shuts the door. Amit looks for more money.

Sarla tells Amit that she is thinking to get rich. He asks what are you selling. She says I m thinking to sell your dad. He asks what. She says I will tell you if you agree. He asks to which doctor are you selling dad, I will talk to doctor, two kidney, liver, we will get 15 lakhs. Sarla asks are you mad, we will sell Ashok, not his organs. He asks who will buy him. She asks him to support her, Nirmala wants to buy Ashok. Amit gets shocked.

Shivam calls Nandu and asks did you reach on time. Nandu says yes, Kaushalya is crying a lot, Renu took her to temple, I will make her talk to you. Shivam says fine, call back. Shivam sees Riya there. More piya……plays………… he goes.

Shivam holds Chanda’s hand and feeds her water. Riya cries seeing them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Riya cry and cry every episode. Am sure she is die of cry one day.arrant nuisance. I don’t see the value of education in riya life.

  2. makdi mama is great

  3. ramadhan Kareem to all

    1. Ramadan Moubarak

  4. I don’t want this show to end,coz I love Karam Rajpal (not Shivam though) I am nt able to watch the show coz the show is drowning in Riya’s tears,,,,Whenever I see an epi my mind is filled with negative energy…Dear writers plz show something positive…plzzzzzzzzzzz,,

  5. Saathiya is even better than this

  6. Every time when his mother says that riya has destroyed both her daughter’s life, shivam develops new hatred for riya, the moron forgets that it was preeti who was master protagonist of the ridiculous drama of running out on day of marriage. Riyal Till date has worked only for the good of the family.I wonder when shall the story writer bring back the captivating serial of earlier days, these days it is difficult to pass the half hour

  7. When will the family come to know that because of preeti, both the sisters life has been ruined. Why can’t the writer show the real reason and bring shivan and Riya together , instead of dragging the serial . The serial has lost all the charm. It’s getting boring . Please change the story.

  8. Is the director a psyched guys that he cannot potray women in a normal way. The whole aerial is getting obnoxious. PleAse add some sense to this serial

  9. Riya u re a graduate but you don’t behave like one.boring episode.sathiya is better Dan dis.

  10. i just can;t believe…star plus says it shows ” nayi soch” and it does in some serials but what about the others?
    Mere Angne Mein there’s no nayi soch in fact no soch at all…it is 21st century and no girl will live like a servant in a house even when her husband doesn’t love her…is Shivam’s love so weak and fake that he stopped loving his wife just becuz his sisters had to marry someone they didn’t liked…..uss mein bhi galati family ki hai…kya ho jata agar Preeti Mohit se shadi kar leti….and they say all our children lives have been destroyed…they can at least save Shivam’s live by accepting Riya…but no actually d family is resposible for ruining everything

  11. How can a woman sell her husband?

  12. Dear writers, please change the story. Serial is getting boring and boring. I dont feel like watching it anymore. I use to read updates to find whether serial is going on some positive track or not.


    SARLA Jaisi Aurat kuch Bhi Karsakti Hai.
    Saket You Are Absolutely RIGHT.
    Root Cause of All This SHIT IS PREETI.
    Today’a Episode Was Awesome

  14. sarla should sell her mom, son and herself first!

  15. Sarla is stupid and her mother is an idiot.

  16. Please don’t drag the story anymore, because one day nobody will watch the serial. I thought ur serial was different from other boring serials but it ended being same group

  17. Wish this ends soon…. miss silsila


    Hi Archana!
    Archana That Has Already Happened.
    Most of The People Stopped Watching This SERIAL

  19. Sarala will be on the road pretty soon, Shanthi the crook will some how make Shivam marry Chanda and this Chunda will show Shanthi her place in the house. whenever Shivam, Kousalya or Shanthi occuse Ria that she ruined both the daughter’s life she should tell them the real truth, how Preeti ran away from the Mandap. When the story writer and Director are going to make the change.

  20. Pathetic serial

  21. Rubshh!! I Quit.

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