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The Episode starts with Shanti waiting for Riya. The ladies comment on Riya who works and come home so late. Shanti says its new generation girl, we have to let her work. Amit takes kerchief and Riya gets a call. Shivam comes there and gets shocked seeing shutter falling. Riya says I will leave and Shivam holds the shutter from falling. Riya comes out and shutter falls. Riya tells Shivam that Amit is inside. Shivam asks what, how did shutter get down, they don’t keep maintenance. Amit gets stuck in the shop.

Preeti cries seeing the cards and ring from Mohit. Nimmi comes and tells about Shanti asking for Riya. Preeti talks about Mohit, and says his plans after their marriage. She says Mohit got us insulted, I don’t know this Mohit. He should have not come drunk, I want to beat him, there

is no hope now, return this ring to him, I won’t meet him, its not easy, go to Dadi now. Nimmi says I won’t leave you alone. Preeti says I can’t go down, don’t know what the people will think. Nimmi asks her to take care and goes.

The bhajan mandli sings. Sarla signs Shanti. Shanti says I don’t want children to do anything that shames Raghav. Amit says I m stuck when I was trapping Riya. He asks Shivam to open the shutter. Shivam says I m here, I m trying to open the shutter, I m unable to. Amit asks him to take help. Sarla says I want to give good news to Raghav. She calls him and asks him to come home, they kept bhajan at home, we all are here. He asks what, are you in Shanti Sadan. She says yes, Amma called me. He says Amma accepted you, fine I will come, I will get sweets. She says fine, come soon and ends call. He says I want leave. The senior says you have to stay back, there is work. Raghav says I will come later, I have to go home, I always stay back for work. He asks peon to buy some sweets and gives him money. He leaves.

Shivam says I will bring you out Amit, don’t worry. Amit asks him to get mechanic. Riya says I will inform Kaushalya. Shivam says no, everyone is happy at home, they will worry, you go home please. Riya says fine. Shivam says don’t tell anyone, I will manage here. She says fine, take care and leaves. He tries to open shutter. Amit huts the shutter and Shivam’s hand gets hurt.

Sarla does not let the women go and asks them to have food. Nimmi feels Sarla is mad. They sing. Riya comes home and goes to freshen up. Shanti asks Sarla to keep Riya away from Amit’s agency. Sarla says don’t worry, I kept everything ready.

Sarla says I will mix something in tea for Riya, see then Riya will do drama, I will bring tea for you too. Shanti asks her to keep that cup away. Sarla says don’t worry, I will keep spoon in Riya’s cup. She goes. Shanti smiles. Shivam says its not opening. Amit argues. Shivam calls mechanic and says my elder brother is stuck inside. Amit says I will die here and wipes sweat. He faints by the chloroform. Shivam says you open shutter, Amit does drama, his voice stopped coming.

Nimmi asks Shanti why is she worried, they will call bhajan mandli again. Shanti scolds her and says let them go, then I will show you. Sarla makes tea and adds some powder in Riya’s tea cup. Nimmi goes there and says I will take tea, you don’t look good in kitchen Bua. Sarla says no, I made tea after many days. Nimmi says give the tray to me, I will take it. She takes tea and removes spoon. She asks whom to give tea. Sarla says I will give, Riya came home tired. She sees spoon is not in the cup she kept for marking. Nimmi says first we will give Dadi, Riya can wait. Sarla gets confused and stops Nimmi. Nimmi gives the tea cup to Shanti. Shanti refuses. Sarla says you have to drink it. Nimmi says yes, Bua made by love. Shanti asks Sarla to give cup. Sarla worries and gives one cup. She asks her to take Lord’s name and drink. Shanti says no. Sarla says its all set, take it Amma. Nimmi gets puzzled seeing their drama. Shanti takes a sip and coughs. Nimmi says nothing will happen, Bua made it by love, drink it.

Riya comes there. Shanti smiles and drinks tea. Nimmi gives tea to Riya. Riya drinks its and smiles. Sarla says I got ghungroo in this, its sound is good. Riya says great bua ji. Sarla says I know dancing with ghungroos. Nimmi asks Shanti why is she drinking tea slowly. Shanti scolds her. Nimmi says I was just asking. Shanti sends her. Shanti checks her vision and Sarla worries. Riya looks dizzy and Sarla smiles. The ladies say bhajan program ended. Riya laughs. Shanti and Sarla see her. Shanti thanks the ladies. The lady ask for 501rs. Shanti asks why. The lady says for bhajan kirtan, we won’t go without 501rs. Riya asks Shanti to give 5001rs, Shanti’s face was such sad, now everything is fine, Shanti and Sarla are happy now. Sarla says yes, and hugs Riya. Sarla asks Shanti to give 501rs. She asks ladies to do aarti. Shanti says but nothing happened till now and looks at Riya. She asks Sarla to do something big.

Sarla says don’t know what to do. Riya smiles having that drugged tea. The mechanic opens the shutter. Shivam sees Amit fallen on the ground and asks him to wake up. He puts water on Amit. The man says make him smell shoes, or slap him hard. Shivam asks how can I slap him, he is my elder brother. He asks Amit to wake up and takes him. He sends the man to get doctor. He gets that kerchief from Amit’s hands and it stinks. Shivam looks at it..

The ladies start leaving. They ask Shanti about money. Riya asks them not to go, party just started, Shanti and Sarla united, we should dance. She says till they united, they troubled everyone, I mean now its all fine. She laughs and asks Dadi to say she is not angry on Riya now. She hugs Shanti and falls on the swing. Nimmi gets shocked. Riya says I love Shanti a lot. Shanti signs Nimmi. Nimmi says enough Bhabhi, come with me. Riya says leave me, no one will stop me, my mum in law is not here, else she would have stopped me. Since I came in this house, I did not get happiness any day. Nimmi is surprised seeing Riya. Riya says now everything is fine, Bua and Dadi are one now. Sarla says I m very happy. Riya says everyone will be happy now, Shivam and I will be happy, then it’s a good happy family. I want to dance, we can’t celebrate without dance, so I will dance today.

Shivam makes Amit lie down. Shivam asks him to get up. The man brings doctor. The doctor checks Amit. He says someone people faint by fear, nothing to worry, you can take him home. Shivam thanks and gives him money.

The peon brings sweets and gives Raghav. The senior asks Raghav to come soon, he has duty, sorry. Raghav says I understand, I will come. The ladies say we will see some drama, Riya will dance, and laugh. Nimmi says no, go home, we will send money by Kaushalya. Shanti says Riya will dance is she wants. Sarla gives her ghungroos. Riya sits and wears ghungroos. Riya starts dancing. Bolo radhe radhe…………..plays………….. Everyone get shocked. The ladies laugh.

Riya stops and asks Shanti to dance with her. Sarla shows another ghungroo. Riya takes it and asks Shanti to wear ghungroo. Nimmi looks on shocked. Riya says it will be fun to dance, now it will be double fun. Nimmi stops Riya. Shanti says let it be Nimmi, I will listen what Riya wants. Nimmi says no, I think she ate something. Shanti says she came home and behaving such, what did she eat, she is happy that Sarla and I united, we all will dance. Riya thanks and says I love you Dadi. The lady says Riya has made Shanti dance. Shanti says its kalyug. Sarla tells Shanti that Raghav did not come till now.

Riya and Shanti dance. Sarla records this. Riya whistles. Nimmi is shocked and beats her head.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Chai dete waqt maa beti ki shakal dekhne layek thi..amit jo dusron k liye gadha khodte hai o khud he gir jate hai jaise k tum….riya u r looking cute in nashe me..bura b lag raha hai tumari is halat par ab age kya hoga tumare 7….aj no pari

  2. Shivam,,,slap Amit hard and leave the house,,,thats better for u and riya

  3. How to make ff

  4. Riya did a fabulous job, she proved that she can do any type of role , when riya was dancing my whole family was laughing too much and shanti’s expression was s nice , seeing her dancing

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