Mere Angne Mein 6th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 6th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya making the diya batti. She says I called bhajan mandli too, they will sing devotional songs. Sarla says I will do this work. Kaushalya says no, Maharaj did not ask anyone to do work. The man says its rule of Maharaj, and asks Sarla to just be quiet, puja should not be khandit, else everything will be ruined, you will not get this Rudraksh. Kaushalya says its enough that we have blessings. Sarla says this Rudraksh will bring happiness and prosperity. The man says Maharaj will give Rudraksh to anyone by his wish, if puja gets khandit, Kaushalya will not get this. Sarla thinks then puja will really get khandit/spoiled.

Kaushalya goes to attend call. Sarla sings the bhajan and tries to spoil the Diya battis, while Nimmi and Preeti pray closing eyes. Nandu calls

Kaushalya and asks did aarti start. She says yes, come soon. Kaushalya comes in hall and sees the diya battis spoiled. She says I made this and went, how did this happen. Sarla asks Kaushalya how did she do this, puja is khandit. The man says Maharaj will do aarti in 5mins. Kaushalya says I don’t know how did this happen, and cries. Maharaj opens his eyes and says aarti time should not be delayed, aarti will happen, you make mud diyas. The man says but Maharaj this never happened. Kaushalya says no, I will make this again and I promise aarti will happen on time. She starts making diyas again. Kaushalya makes good diyas, and Sarla gets angry.

Riya calls Shivam and tells him that she is away, and Nimmi got Anupam at home. He says its good, Kaushalya can take care of him. Riya says Kaushalya is doing all work alone, Preeti is unwell too, and Sadhu Maharaj has come on Shanti’s invitation. He says I did not know this.

Kaushalua makes the 51 diyas and arranges it in the plates. Maharaj comes for aarti. Kaushalya sings aarti and everyone smile. Amit gets shocked as agency owner is coming and calls Raju to clear everything. He talks to Riya’s boss, and asks him to sit. Boss asks him to show the inspector reports. Amit shows the papers. Boss says good, keep it up. He leaves. Amit talks to the man who lost money in gambling. The man says the day ended and Kaushalya did all the work well, tomorrow will be tough day, Shanti should come on time. Kaushalya says I called them, Shanti will come. The man says we will leave after tomorrow morning aarti. She asks why. He says Maharaj says he wants to go on shubh mahurat, you have to make Maha Prasad. She notes down the items and says I will make it. Nimmi asks her how will you make all this alone. Kaushalya says I will first go and get these items. She goes to room, and asks Anupam is he fine. He says I m fine, you are serving me a lot. She says its your house. She takes some money and thinks what to write in accounts book. She goes.

Its night, Sarla gets up and looks for Rudraksh. Maharaj ji wakes up and looks at Sarla. His assistant also wakes up and sees Sarla. Sarla gets tensed. Kaushalya says its luck to do Maharaj ji’s work, see our problem ended. Kaushalya calls Shanti and tells about Maharaj ji staying at Shanti Sadan. Shanti gets shocked and glad. She says we are leaving from here soon. Sarla starts acting mad. Maharaj asks her what is she doing here at night. She acts like she is sleepwalking and goes. She thinks where did Maharaj ji hide Rudraksh. Amit comes home and asks for Sarla. Rani says she has gone to Shanti Sadan. Rani checks the saree Amit got. She says Amit has got saree for me, its good Sarla is not at home, but Ashok is here, what to do, I will change in room and come. Rani changes her saree and comes to Amit. She dances and sings Aao na gale lagao na…………… she hugs Amit. Amit makes her away and asks why did you wear this saree, I got it for mummy. She says now I have worn it, I won’t give. He says do whatever you want and goes. She says its first love of love from Amit, and smiles.

Sarla comes to Shanti’s room to steal money and sees Anupam sleeping. Anupam wakes up and asks what were you finding. She makes excuse and goes. Sarla changes few things while Kaushalya is making the food for Maharaj. She tells Kaushalya that she came to have tea. Mama asks Pari to help him, and shows two gold sets. Pari agrees to make him meet the girl. He takes the sets back and asks her to find girl first. Pari says no, give me these sets, the girl will be impressed. Mama agrees and goes.

Kaushalya brings the food and gives to Maharaj ji. Sarla looks on while itching her hands. Kaushalya asks what happened. Kaushalya says I have allergy. Maharaj ji eats the food. Sarla thinks Maharaj ji will get cough and give curse to Kaushalya, then I will get Rudraksh.

Sarla greets Maharaj ji, and asks is it not itching to him by food. He says no, making this Arvi/colocasia dish is an art. Kaushalya gives parachute oil to Sarla to apply to her hands. Maharaj ji finishes food and Kaushalya makes him wash hands. The man asks Kaushalya to put leaf garlands and make ghee diya for aarti.

Maharaj says we did not know Shanti is coming or not, if she does not come tomorrow, it won’t be good. Kaushalya takes bath with cold water and then brings river water for Maharaj ji. Nimmi and Preeti worry for her. Kaushalya apologizes for getting late. Maharaj ji says its fine. Sarla says Amma would have done better things. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to call Shanti and ask where is she. Nimmi calls Shivam and asks him where did they reach. Nimmi tells Kaushalya that they are coming in half an hour. Kaushalya goes to get ready. Sarla calls Bansi and asks him to do the work she told him. Sarla asks Nandu to help Nimmi and Preeti. Nandu goes to help Preeti and she scolds him, asking him to be as guest only. Sarla sends Nandu to go out. Kaushalya talks to the man. He asks her to call Shanti fast, as Maharaj will open eyes now, the one he sees first will get Rudraksh. He asks everyone to close eyes. Sarla gets a call from Shanti. Shanti says I m on the way, tell Kaushalya. Sarla says fine, don’t worry. She calls Rajendra and asks him to inform her about Shanti, she will send Bansi. She has important work, and warns him. she thinks she won’t let Shanti come before aarti and get this Rudraksh.

Nimmi worries that Shanti will be shocked seeing Anupam in her room. Shanti gets shocked seeing Anupam.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. When will sarla get exposed. When will Rani start thinking more like Riya especially in the case of amit and his gambling habit. This soap is deterring from the original storyline.

  3. stupid &irritating drama.sarla act make mee irritated 2 much.Where is mohit???plzz get him back & unite with preeti.I don’t like this nandu &his over drama.

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