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Mere Angne Mein 6th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimmi confronting Sarla and Pari. Sarla denies of saying anything wrong. She asks Nimmi what did I say. Nimmi says I heard what you said about Preeti, you ruined her life, and did not think of Shanti and Raghav. Sarla stops her. Nimmi says don’t think I m Preeti, leave me. Sarla says I have supported Preeti, she was already ruining herself, I was helping her, why did you not tell about Nandu to her. Nimmi says I knew Preeti will be happy with Nandu. Sarla starts crying and signs Pari. She acts and apologizes to Nimmi. Pari asks why are you apologizing to Nimmi. Sarla asks Pari to apologize too. Pari says sorry. Nimmi says I m not a kid, Pari has ruined Preeti’s life, Shanti has sent me here to give tomatoes, now she will herself come here. She leaves. Sarla asks Pari

why did she scold Nimmi. Pari argues.

Lallan runs after Amit. Shivam pulls Amit and hides. Sarla says I will talk to Amma and calls Shanti. Shanti asks why are you crying. Sarla lies that Nimmi insulted me. Shanti asks what happened, tell me clearly. Sarla says Nimmi has blamed bad things on me.

Sarla says all wrong things to fill Shanti’s ears. Shanti asks what, Nimmi said this, I will see her when she comes. Sarla says Nimmi said you want to make Riya sit on swing, if Preeti is removed from home, I have no right to come in Shanti Sadan. She cries and ends call. Shanti says this family is troubling me. Sarla thinks now Shanti will not leave Nimmi.

Shivam asks Amit what happened now, why is that man running after you. Amit says nothing, I took some money. Shivam asks why, tell me, else I will tell Shanti. Amit says I lost money in gambling and now he is after me. Shivam asks whats his problem when money was yours. Amit thinks to lie and says I took money loan from that man, I will return it when I have money. Shivam says fine, then repay the money. Amit says I will give it when I win in gambling, you will not understand this betting and being a bookie things. Shivam asks if I say yes that I m ready to become your boxer, what will I get. Amit says you can’t tell anyone or come back if you join it, your family is honest and will get you back, you can’t do this.

Amit wishes that Shivam agrees. Shivam stops him and says I m ready to do boxing, but I want 50% of the earnings. Amit agrees. Lallan comes and scolds Amit. He goes to beat Amit. Shivam beats Lallan. Rani and Babloo come. They see Lallan getting beaten up. Babloo says Shivam Chacha and Papa will regret a lot. Shivam gets shocked and says this boy called me Chacha and called you Papa. Amit denies it. He makes a story and asks Shivam to come. Babloo bites Rani’s hand and says Amit is bad, you all will be punished. Rani scolds him. Babloo tries to wake up Lallan. Lallan asks where am I, Amit has run away again.

A minister Shanti Prasad is welcomes by the people. He asks them to chant his son Pramod’s name. The man asks when is Pramod coming, he will break the peace. Shanti Prasad says no, he will do good things in Sammelan, have some party work now. He sends them and removes the garlands. He asks the man to use mind and not say nonsense. He calls someone to ask about Pramod. He says its game of politics, we will use this thing for the party. Varun Sinha talks about the Sammelan. Shanti Prasad says Pramod will do in Varun’s place in Shanti Sammelan. Pramod comes to Varun to kidnap him. Shanti Prasad says we will win elections this time. Pramod introduces himself. Nimmi collides with someone and the man’s phone falls. She asks him to see and walk. He says sorry and sees Shanti Sadan. He calls Shanti Prasad and says I liked the house for rent.

Pramod asks Varun to give his name and rest, I will go as Varun in Shanti Sammelan. They kidnap Varun. Shanti recalls Sarla’s words. She thinks Preeti has gone, Lord don’t do anything that our house peace ends.

Shanti asks Nimmi where did she go, to give tiffin to whom. She makes Kaushalya away and asks her to go to Preeti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode.

  2. . There is always one or other conspiracy by Shanti Devi’s evil progeny. So predictable. No socially redeeming message or something of moral value for younger generation. Pure bakvas !!

  3. When will the grandmother realise how evil her daughter and her granddaughter are…it is so predictable, the evil get away with it and the nice people get punished, Riya is a lovely person… The story really needs to move along….. Losing interest rapidly…

  4. This show is all about how good has small victories over evil but only abruptly. Evil gets back into power straight away. These writers are loosing the plot very quickly. Time to put this show in the recycle bin,

  5. Serial was really good in the beginning but now getting bored with dirty tricks of Sarla and daughter, will they ever be corrected by grandmother or will always support for their wrong doings. Also Kaushalya needs to be more appropriate in her thoughts, always changing her colours with Sarla. No mind of her own. Dadi should open her eyes to see what is right and wrong.

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